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IDSca-LiveBettingFootball betting is the most popular market in pay per head sportsbooks with spread and totals topping the list. Some of our live betting customers have played the game, whilst some are content just to watch and are not quite sure of what each position does.

The quarter back is the most important player for football betting and live betting. He calls the plays, passes to running backs and can also run the ball. He is the leader of the team and guides his team throughout the game.

Running backs run the football after getting a handoff from the quarterback. He also will run football after receiving a forward or lateral pass from any teammate. He is there to provide pass protection for the quarterback; and he also blocks opposite team. At times he must act as a decoy for one or more of his teammates who are the real ones the quarterback is targeting; and like most players he does whatever it takes to help in his team’s offense.

Live betting offers lines on field goals and that is where the kicker comes in. He is required to kick the ball through the goal posts at the end of the field. The difference from a punter is that a kicker kicks the ball from the ground while a punter drop kicks the ball.

A safety is a defensive player. His job is to help the cornerback cover the opposition as well as the linebackers and running backs. He is the last line of defense because if the other team gets past him, they will likely score making him an integral part of football betting.

The wide receiver tries to catch the pass from the quarterback and advance the yardage. The receivers will help block for a running back on running play.

A full back helps the running back by plowing into any linebackers in his way and also protects the quarterback and occasionally runs the ball.

The linebacker can play coverage on a pass play or support a run defense. He is also combination of a defensive lineman and a safety.

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