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Live Betting Goes Live at IDSca

Live-betting-idsLive betting has begun at price per head pioneer IDSca and although it will take some time for our players to get used to it, the in-play feature looks to be a great hit.

Slowly but surely price per head agents will see the benefits of offering this incredible new live betting service, and most accounts will be ready by the start of regular season NFL.

Currently IDSca is only offering soccer and tennis to give price per head agents a chance to see the in-play product, to watch it in action, and set limits for their players. Once the majority of our pay per head agents are set up, we will add NFL and MLB, and then NBA and NHL once available..

True live betting or in-play betting is done by making wagers in real time after the match, race, or tournament has begun.  By giving players the ability to wager during the game, the wagering volume increases, creating better profits for price per head agents as a result.

This live betting service has been a big hit in Europe at sites such as, and now IDSca price per head agents will have the same advantage, and have a leg up on their competition.

For customers at other price per head shops, we will be offering live betting packages. That way they too can offer in-play betting to their clients, without having to shift their entire package.

A site has been set up to explain the live betting feature for players and price per head agents.

Go to to see all of the great features included such as a real-time scoreboard, real-time grading, multi-language, live props throughout the game, and the ability for players to parlay in-play bets to other live games.

IDSca offers pre game sports betting, in-play betting, racebook, casino and mobile betting to all of our price per head agents. We were first pay per head sportsbook, and we are still the best in customer service and product offering.

Contact IDSca to learn more about this amazing live betting feature that is ONLY available to price per head agents using IDSca.

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