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Live Betting Feature is a Must for All Sportsbooks

In order for your sportsbook to prosper in the betting industry, you must associate it with the Live Betting Feature. This feature contributes to the consistency and authenticity of your online sportsbook. The betting industry contains various sportsbooks that are competing in the market; if you want your sportsbook to stand out and thrive in the industry, you should select a betting platform that offers the live betting feature in its pay per head software. This attribute can certainly help you in your betting business, the reason why the live betting feature is a must for all sportsbooks.

Understanding the Live Betting Feature 

There were numerous innovations established by many professionals in the history of gambling. Live betting, being one of them, became extremely popular in today’s time. As technology evolves, more people immerse themselves in the Internet, many betting companies are stepping up their game by establishing online gamling sites. This became accessible to individuals who enjoy in-play wagering without leaving the comfort of their homes. In the early 1900s, live wagering was documented despite live betting being existent. During those days, many sports enthusiasts would place their bets in the stands during each inning of a baseball game.

Las Vegas bookmaker Sonny Reizner started his gambling career at Fenway Park in Boston. He was fond of the live betting activity in his sportsbook. The bookmaker offers gamblers in the bleacher section a few betting options that include the next pitch being a ball or strike, whether the batter can get on base or not, and whether the next hit will be a single, double, triple or a home run.

Significance in Today’s Sportsbooks 

In today’s time, the Live Betting Feature became simpler for bookmakers. This attribute became more refined and accessible to many individuals. Sportsbooks offer these players a wide variety of in-game betting options while the game is streamed on wide screens. NFL betting became a common platform at land-based shops especially waging in quarter and halftime results. Another popular live option that many gamblers enjoy is the team and player props.

Online bookmakers, like IDSca, consider live betting as a significant tool in their system. Bettors can place their bets anytime and anywhere on love contests. Once a major sports event is currently ongoing, in-play betting options will be available. There are a wide variety of live options in single games in NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. These options establish a more exciting atmosphere within the game.

Proposition bets are constantly being updated and add a more entertaining and thrilling ambiance to the contests. Tennis enthusiasts can place a wager on the results of each game or number of sets it will take to win the match. Meanwhile, Gold enthusiasts can place their bets on the score of a player on their next holes and their total score. Bettors are allowed to place their wagers on anything big that happens in a sports event.

Live Betting Feature

Betting Advantages and Disadvantages

The downside of live betting is that it can be really addicting, which will cause players to spend their whole money and time at a sportsbook. Live betting can cost a lot especially when you undergo a losing streak in any certain sports event. One example of this is betting on the next goal scorer in an NHL game. Once you continuously place all your bets on a player who is not fully engaged can greatly decrease the values in your bankroll. The wise thing to do is to create a live betting budget and stick to it.

On the bright side, live betting enables you to control the flow of the and allows you to set up winning wagers with hedge bets. Once the game begins, the wise thing to do is to evaluate the performances on both sides. Tom Brady shifting into “FU mode” with the New England defense was noticed by a few bettors in the crowd. Through this, they were able to cash in some money several times during the Super Bowl 51.

How Live Betting Works

When the game is on play, you are allowed to bet in a live betting feature. This feature is extremely popular with NFL bettors. In-play wagering allows bettors to take advantage of live odds while monitoring the events from the Super Bowl to a regular football game. Before every period, quarter, half, or inning, Sportsbooks always release new point spreads, moneylines, props and totals that can be accessed by any bettors. If scheduled breaks are announced, aside from commercial breaks, you will be able to see live odds.

         Reading the Odds

         Example, at your chosen sportsbook, you will see a spread like this before the commencement:

  • Chiefs -1.5
  • 49ers +1.5

Chiefs will need to win by two points before the game starts in order to cover the spread. the 49ers, on the other hand, need to lose by one point to cover. Nevertheless, the Chiefs have scored a touchdown after five minutes of the play. Meanwhile, the 49ers gained nothing.

At this point, the live point spread might look like this:
  •   Chiefs -9
  •   49ers +9

Once online bookmakers notice that a team is leading, they will alter the spread. In a situation wherein the team gets down early in the first quarter, the line will move in favor of the underdog. There are instances in live betting wherein the favored team can become the weaker party but that depends on the opening line.

Totals are some of the live odds that are adjusted during the game, which rely on the number of scoring. Once the scoring contains a small amount in the first and second quarter, then a total closed at 43 before the game started has a possibility to change into 31 since the score projected lower digits.

Moneyline is a live betting spot where you can actually earn a lot of profits. You can receive good odds in a losing team to complete a comeback. For example, the Patriots went down 28-3 against the Falcons at the Super Bowl 51 and later came back to win the game. On the live moneyline, New Englad was offered with an outstanding value around +1000 (10/1) after Atlanta went up 28-3. This resulted in many bettors in the live betting option as they placed huge amounts of cash into the sportsbook.

IDSca is one of the first online sportsbooks to offer live betting features in the gambling industry. The online sportsbook continues to provide excellent services and quality betting options for various gamblers all over the world. Visit us at or call at (866) 225-5437.

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