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Jimmy Crute vs Alonzo Menifield 7/8/2023 Picks, Analysis and Previews

Jimmy Crute vs Alonzo Menifield 7/8/2023 Picks, Analysis and Previews

Jimmy Crute will take on Alonzo Menifield at UFC 290 on Saturday, July 8, 2023. The odds have Crute at -117 while Menifield is at -107.

Jimmy Crute steps into the cage holding a score of 12-3-1. The 27-year-old records weight of 205 lbs. and comes in at 6’2″. The orthodox fighter has a reach of 74″. Alonzo “Atomic” Menifield stands at 6’0″ and weighs 205 lbs. The orthodox fighter will be looking to add a win to his career record of 13-3-1. The 35-year-old has a reach of 76″. In the category of significant strikes, Jimmy Crute connects on 3.67 per minute, while Alonzo Menifield is landing 3.88 significant strikes per minute. Crute connects on 55% of the significant strikes he tries, and Menifield lands 57%. Regarding defending themselves, Crute allows 3.04 significant strikes per minute, while “Atomic” allows 3.04. Crute also stops 45% of the significant strikes thrown his way, and Menifield can defend against 52% of the shots thrown.

In the category of takedowns, Jimmy Crute is the more capable grappler, as he takes his opponents to the canvas 5.19 times per 15 minutes. Crute is scoring a takedown on 64% of his tries and is defending 60% of the takedowns his opponents have tried. Menifield is taking his opponents down on 30% of the takedowns he attempts and stuffing 75% of all takedowns attempted on him. Regarding submission attempts, Crute is the more skilled technician, trying 2.3 subs per 3 rounds, while Menifield looks to get 0.2 replacements per 15 minutes.

In his previous bout, Jimmy Crute went up against Alonzo Menifield and ended up with a draw via majority decision in round 3. Menifield landed 99 of the 127 total strikes he threw in that fight. Crude ended the night having landed 62 of 103 total strikes. Concerning significant strikes, Menifield landed 56 of 83, giving him a percentage of 67%. He ended up landing 53 of 80 significant strikes to the head.

Regarding stats for the opponent, Crute landed 50% of the significant strikes he threw, landing 31 of 62. Out of those significant strikes, he landed 27 of 58 aimed at the head. 75% of the significant strikes landed by Menifield, and 74% connected by Crute landed at a distance.

Jimmy Crute vs Alonzo Menifield 7/8/2023 Picks, Analysis and Previews

In the last Octagon appearance for Alonzo Menifield, he fought Jimmy Crute and ended up in a draw via majority decision in round 3. Crute landed 74% of his significant strikes at a distance, and Menifield landed 75% of the significant strikes he tried at a distance. Menifield landed 67% of the significant strikes he attempted, connecting on 56 of 83. He landed 53 of the 80 significant strikes aimed at the head. Crute ended up connecting on 31 of 62 significant strikes in that battle. Regarding accuracy for the significant strikes, he landed 27 of 58 on the head. Crute joined on 62 of 103 when discussing total strikes thrown, and Menifield landed 99 of 127 of all the strikes he attempted.

The initial pairing between these two was a solid representation of both men’s skill sets. Menifield is a former professional football player (Arena League), one of the best pure athletes in the division. Menifield might be the most physically impressive fighter in the UFC, with a physique that wouldn’t be out of place at a professional bodybuilding event. All of that muscle has pros and cons, and Menifield exhibits both. The biggest advantage of Menifield’s size and strength is the power it provides. Menifield often hurt Crute in their first meeting, frequently with Off-balance or glancing shots. Four of his six UFC wins came via knockout, as did six pre-UFC victories.

That strength also makes Menifield incredibly difficult to keep on the mat. Crute landed six takedowns against Menifield, but the first five amounted to less than four minutes of control time. Menifield’s takedown defense leaves something wanted, as does his technique when escaping, but the sheer force he explodes up covers many of those holes. Menifield is most dangerous in the early goings, so Crute’s best plan might be to wait out the opening barrage.

The other drawback to Menifield’s size and strength is the massive energy demands all that muscle places on him. The physicality was evident in the third round against Crute when Menifield was stuck on his back for almost four minutes after a single takedown while rarely mounting much in the way of escape attempts. In his career, he’s 1-3-1 in fights that last at least six minutes.

Jimmy Crute vs. Alonzo Menifield. Theoretically, a bout ends in a tie because of a point penalty. In that case, the fighter who committed the foul (and would have won otherwise) is better, especially if the opponent for the rematch starts as the underdog.

Menifield is 35 years old, whereas Crute is only 27. Even while it isn’t ancient by light-heavyweight standards, Crute is likely still improving, while Menifield’s finest octagon performance has already occurred. Crute has been training in martial arts his whole life. He holds black belts in both Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo.

Examining the mistakes made by each boxer that resulted in the draw is also essential. It needed to be more cardio and takedown defense for Menifield. While the latter may be all but impossible for a warrior of his stature, the former is difficult to correct quickly.

The biggest problem for Crute was his strategy, which saw him chase for submissions and give up ground position rather than concentrate on wearing down his strong opponent, since their last meeting, fixing that has become much simpler.

Crute’s recent battle was his first in over a year after knee surgery. He has regained even more athleticism and the potential that there was some ring rust in the early rounds that should have worn off.

Prediction: Jimmy Crute will win -122

Location: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Saturday, July 08, 2023

Main Card: 10:00 PM ET

Prelims: 8:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+


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