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Ivana Petrovic vs Luana Carolina 7/1/2023 Predictions, Free Picks and Odds

Ivana Petrovic vs Luana Carolina 7/1/2023 Predictions, Free Picks and Odds

At UFC on ESPN 48 on July 1, current Ares Flyweight champion Ivana Petrovic will make her UFC debut. As the UFC visits the UFC APEX for the tenth time in 2023, she will go up against seasoned striker Luana Carolina. This debutant has all the makings of a classic striker vs. grappler battle, and Petrovic’s performance in it will be tested. Carolina will be attempting to convince the UFC matchmakers that, despite weighing 125 pounds, she is still a danger and deserving of a position on the team.

The unbeaten Ivana Petrovic is being relied upon to increase the talent of the women’s Flyweight class as one of four recent recruits to the women’s roster in June. But in her first bout, she faces Luana Carolina, a former Muay Thai champion and UFC veteran, and she is being sent through the ring with fire. A victory for any fighter will undoubtedly advance them to the next level of competition as they attempt to rise through the ranks of a talented division.

Cracking the Code of Combat: Petrovic’s Exhilarating Fight Breakdown

Ivana Petrovic, who will be making her UFC debut, enters the organization with a 6-0 record and a championship she won and successfully defended in Ares FC. Petrovic, who is 28 years old, is an extremely skilled grappler. She is extremely clever in choosing her entrances for takedown attempts and regulates the tempo to save energy as the battle progresses.

She is skilled at timing her opponents’ advances to engage in striking and shooting for the hips, and she frequently secures the takedown with an outside trip. She has demonstrated the ability to shift and work for the takedown from numerous positions and angles, whether in space or on the fence, so she doesn’t panic if takedowns don’t come early. She is meticulous in adjusting to more dominant postures when fully in charge. The knee-on-belly to full-mount transition is her most significant transformation during her tenure at Ares FC. She nearly always takes mount effectively after gaining side control, giving the impression that it is simple. Her objective after she is mounted is to bash until her opponent decides whether to give up or attempt to stand up. She demonstrated strong submission techniques in her most recent battles, winning both via rear naked choke from this back position.

Petrovic will be at a disadvantage because of the strike. Although her stand-up will steadily get better as her career develops, it is clear that she does not want to stand and trade. When this fighter does strike, Petrovic primarily uses 1s and 2s with the rare hook if the other player protects. As she becomes more at ease on the feet, she has also begun to include kicks to the leg and the head, which will help establish takedowns. As she moves forward, her attacks become ponderous and predictable. Her footwork and head movement are appealing aspects of her standing game. She occasionally gets caught when concentrating on her striking defense, but she has demonstrated quick footwork and smooth head movement to get herself out of trouble when her opponent blitzes. She will set up effective takedowns with her footwork when her opponents overcommit, get closer, and collide with her.

Ivana Petrovic vs Luana Carolina 7/1/2023 Predictions, Free Picks and Odds

Unleashing Her Ferocity: Luana Carolina’s Thrilling Fight Preview

Nearly the complete opposite sort of fighter is Luana Carolina. Carolina, 30, a former Muay Thai champion, like to use her elbows and knees in her striking to win clinch battles and kicks from a distance. She will also use punches, although they will typically be erratic and looping as she seeks to deliver strong blows. When Luana hits, the champ exerts forward pressure that doesn’t let up until colliding with her adversary and causes a clinch. She displays her Muay Thai training in the clinch by controlling her opponent’s posture and delivering strong knees and elbows. Aside from the devastating knockout defeat to Molly McCann, Luana has demonstrated tenacity and resilience throughout her UFC career. She has also made progress in her main weakness, wrestling.

The striking expert enters MMA and suffers in wrestling, and their opponent’s game plan instantly concentrates on that. It’s a classic story. The tale for Carolina was this. Luana has spent 18 minutes and 36 seconds under control on the ground in her previous four fights, having been put down seven times. Her adversaries would take her down from the clinch at the start of this span because they could easily secure trips or throws. Although we have witnessed a steady improvement in her takedown defense, she has still been knocked down twice in her previous three fights. She isn’t any better at grappling while she is on the ground. She has been in charge, and opponents in the UFC have successfully attacked via submissions. Her transition and submission defense should be a priority of her training camp this time because she has yet to face someone with the same level of the ground game as Ivana Petrovic.

Ivana Petrovic vs. Luana Carolina. After analyzing the performances of both Petrovic and Carolina, it is clear that the clinching exchanges will determine the result. Both ladies perform quite well in this role while pursuing completely different objectives. While Petrovic will aim to keep the fight close so she can gradually work her way into position to grab a takedown and work her best game, Carolina will be searching for space to hit knees and elbows. Carolina should have an easy night if this fight remains at range and Petrovic cannot take Luana down; she can maintain range and land various punches and kicks while moving around and staying off the cage. It will be crucial for Luana to be constantly aware of her position and avoid dangerous areas by often backing herself into the pen to the point of being square with it and vulnerable to being grabbed and taken down along the fence. The technique is a similar drastic movement to how she comes forward.

Prediction: Petrovic to win inside the distance (+190)

Location: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Saturday, July 01, 2023

Main Card: 7:00 PM ET

Prelims: 3:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+


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