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Is it Worth Working with the Cheapest Pay per Head Software Provider

Is working with the cheapest pay per head service provider a boon or a bane for your business? The low cost of paying for using a pay per head software is not always a good deal. Bookmakers tend to prefer the cheapest pay per head program to some money. There is nothing wrong with saving precious funds for your online betting business. Be wary of the effects of the cheapest pay per head program concerning efficiency and reliability.


The benefits of Choosing the Cheapest Pay per Head Betting Software


Low Weekly Fee

There are advantages to the cheapest pay per head program, one of them is the low cost you will be paying per week. The sportsbook provider charges you a low fee for every player that logs in to the betting site you selected. There is a weekly fee collected for every player under your group using the betting platform.

The Cheap Pay per Head Business Tools

For opting for a cheap pay per head betting platform, you will be enjoying business tools available for your business like the bet alerts, weekly trackers, and the live betting feature among other attributes of the program. These facilities will give you a chance to grow your online wagering business and increase profitability.


Sports Betting Site

The pay per head provider will provide bookies with a site for punters to place their bets. The site will assist the players in their wagering activity concerns.


Call Center Accommodation

The cheapest pay per head service provider has call center agents that will receive your calls, emails and chat box messages. The company’s call center agents are professionally trained to assist bookies and online players to enjoy their betting pleasures.


Cheap is not Always Good


Opting for the cheapest pay per head site can make or break your online wagering business. If you want quality output, you must be ready to sacrifice your funds so you can recover them back in the long run.


In a cheap pay per head environment, there will be consequences you will have to take. A bookmaker will probably be looking for the services that he used to enjoy at a higher rate pay per head program.

Is it Worth Working with the Cheapest Pay per Head Software Provider

Software inferiority

The cheapest pay per head software providers will be adjusting its overhead expenses due to the payment for services that are coming into the business. The software is one of the affected parameters of the program. The funds collected from the pph services will fall short in the software development and maintenance. Cost cutting will ensue as a result of the shortage of money.

The quality of computer programmers and developers services will suffer. The result will be frequent system crashes and network failures. It is very bad for business.

Poor software development could develop errors in line and grading of wagers of players using the cheapest pay per head program. For the betting company to cover the betting activity, account managers need to monitor each account for the errors and correct them to avoid losing money. The low influx of funds cannot compensate for additional manpower which can result in poor delivery of services.


Cheap Hardware Components

The cheapest pay per head service providers will be opting for cheaper equipment.  These parts may be inferior to hardware requirements needed for the services delivered to customers. Inferior spare parts for the network infrastructure will result. Poor services could lose you money when punters leave the site to find another wagering platform that can satisfy their whims. The business will find revenues and profits going down due to inadequate software and hardware technology.


Lower Salary Scale of Staff and Employees

When funds are short, the cheapest pay per head Sportsbook Companies will have the tendency to underpay its staff, overload them with tasks, and cut the number of employees to a minimum for sustainability. The business efficiency would go down due to low employee morale resulting in dissatisfaction among the ranks. Dissatisfaction breeds inefficiency, funds will be depleted due with lesser players patronizing the betting site.


Low Quality of Employees Joining Your Online Business

With the funds absorbed by the low upkeep of the wagering site, poorer quality of employees will be working for you. The staff can cause harm by exposing the business to further risk.


Payout of Winning Bets

Shortage of funds can cause the delayed payouts of winning bets. Delays will be prevalent and could spread throughout the system. A possible bad rating review could happen which will affect the betting business.  


Online Players Leaving the Betting Site

One of the reasons why online punters leave the betting site is due to system crashes. The cheapest pay per head software providers may cut costs resulting to insufficient server capacity or frequent denial of services attack. The opportunity lost costs a lot of money and frustration among bookies and the players. The group will leave the betting site and play in another wagering platform that can serve them better.


Opportunity lost on the Mobile Market

Part of the technological neglect when the money runs low is missing out on gamblers that use their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are hot items in the online betting industry that comprise 75% of bettors in the market. The cheapest pay per head companies could neglect this niche of players when the technology they are using is inferior. The system will not have the capacity to maintain the network due to a lesser flow of income.


Limited Betting Capacity

The cheapest pay per head site could only offer its punters a limited array of betting options. At IDSca, a fully loaded sportsbook is available for punters to choose from. More betting activities can satisfy punters with more betting options that give more excitement to the players.


The Cost to Develop a Mobile Betting App


According to experts, Putting up a gambling platform can cost you from $30,000 to $35,000. The betting platform covers all the necessary tools in a pay per head software. Investors would want a return on their investments. The cheapest pay per head software companies would charge its customers appropriately for the use of their betting facility. The appropriate rates are necessary so businessmen can recover their money.


Sportsbook companies are risking their business when they charge their pay per head bookmakers a low rate. The charges will not compensate for their cost outlay of the betting app they bought. Sacrificing of the features will happen that will make the betting activity ineffective and unreliable.


Trustworthiness and Reliability: Punters’ Preferences


Take precaution when opting for the cheapest pay per head software in the market. There will be consequences when you choose a cheap betting program. Consider the following parameters in putting up a betting platform like the wide array of sporting events offered and the betting options that go with it. Defining the features and its functions are as important as any other detail in creating the app.


The betting software on your mobile device will be the method of gambling of the future. Punters placing their wagers on their mobile devices will opt for a betting platform that provides them with reliable services than play with the cheapest pay per head betting site. The risk involved could cost you more money.


IDSca cannot allow their business to compete with the cheapest pay per head providers. The company will not risk their business by charging cheap rates and delivering inadequate services to its clientele. What you pay is what you get when it comes to your playing preferences.  


At IDSca, we charge fairly and deliver results. Visit our website at


Call us at 1-866-225-5437 for a test run of our pay per head betting platform. Play better with the assurance that you are in one of the best wagering companies.

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