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Incredible Features of the Top Pay Per Head Software

If you want to be on top in online sports betting, then, you should know how to look for the best pay per head software. Starting a bookie business is easy, but maintaining it, needs patience and perseverance. Building it requires sharp lines and security as its main foundation for success. You should look for a well-developed and trusted bookmaking management solution with state-of-the-art features as your key tool. Serving your clients with a high-class pay per head software that comes with a wide range of features is the best you’ll make for yourself. In this article, you will learn the incredible features that a top pay per head software can offer you. You should not miss any of it for a fulfilling bookmaking career.


Top Pay Per Head Software: Remember the H-O-T-S

Honest with Customers

Honesty is always the best policy. This also applies to online sports betting which you should check. A top pay per head software has a good record especially when it comes to hidden charges. Customers get mad for sometimes, a pay per head software keeps on charging them almost everything without knowing where it has been used. A top pay per head software will not do this to you because they have the honesty to their customers. It is because they would not want to lose even one of their customers. Before you sign up and check the agreement, be sure to make a little research if your chosen pay per head service has hidden charges. Mostly, there are reviews you can read to back you up on your research. Choose a top pay per head software who have no hidden charges, baits, late charges, miscellaneous fees, late charges, switches and other gimmicks.


Offers Endless Options

Another incredible feature of a top pay per head software which you should check is its offers for endless options in the betting scene. This includes your own attractive website to help you attract new customers, ability to create your betting lines, ability to adjust the betting limits, set minimum limits, set up betting rules and more. When it comes to the betting options, a top pay per head software has no limit. It will not even tell you to, “Contact customer center to access this service” or ask you the additional amount of money to be able to use a certain service. A top pay per head service provides you endless options with just a click of a button. These options must also come without additional charges because you already paid it when you acquired their service for the sportsbook software.


Trusted and Marketable

Trust is something which you cannot force your customers unless you were able to get it from them through the services you offered. This also applies when it comes to a pay per head software services. A top pay per head software has this paramount virtue in ways that you can trust them your customers. A top pay per head software should not ask for names or email addresses or any contact information for your customers. Furthermore, a top pay per head software has a high marketability. It should have a very presentable website with superior design and user-friendly interface. You do not have to pay for thousands of designs, coding and customized theme only to make your website presentable and marketable. It’s because this should come along with the services of a top pay per head software.



During the betting games, you’ll get stressed by your bettors for misunderstanding is unavoidable. However, this should not come with your sportsbook software. A top pay per head software will never give you any stress for it comes with a 100% trust and discretion. Get a sportsbook software where there is an unlimited customer support any time of the day for the bettors and for you. Furthermore, the gaming experience for your bettors must also be stress-free. There should be no lagging or interruption and is available in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A good top pay per head software oftentimes offers their players and bookies incentives instead of stress. These incentives come in the form of daily bonuses and promotions.


The Triple T

Top-Level Security

Top level security is one of the most important features a top pay per head software should possess. A top pay per head software is equipped with state-of-the-art software and even hardware technologies in order to prevent any unauthorized entry into the system. Remember that hackers can take away everything in just a few minutes, more importantly, the names and passwords. On top of this, hackers can also steal the amount which you and your customers deposited in the sportsbook. A top pay per head software has the secure network with multiple data centers. This tough security performs regular checks to guarantee that the system is secured at all times to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the records.


Twenty-Four-Seven Customer and Technical Support

sports betting service

IDSCA sportsbook is a top pay per head software because of its utmost features including a 24/7 customer and technical support. A top pay per head software and a concerned company know the needs of their customers. Because of this, they always have account specialists ready to assist their questions in just a few clicks. Customer and technical support team are accessible via the Internet and phone calls. This is also one of the most important features of a top pay per head software and is very helpful for those first-time bookies and players. They can help everyone avoid the stress of gambling as well as save their time.


The Multi-Wide-Give-Live


This feature is very common in most pay per head software because all of it works in multi-platform. However, a top pay per head software works in a multi-platform that is uninterruptible or is available any time of the day. The multi-platform capability allows your customers to use the top pay per head software for any types of mobile devices. Whether it is the laptop, personal computer, tablet or any mobile device, you can freely use it to access the sportsbook anytime and anywhere. Aside from this, a top pay per head software also comes with a multi-language system. This allows other non-English speaking customers to enjoy betting in their native and more understandable language.


Wide Payment Options

Today, a top pay per head sportsbook does not only offer payment options via credit cards or bank deposits but also other payment options such as bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. A top pay per head software accommodates a wide range of popular payment options available via different payment schemes in various countries. It integrates a combination of regular banking and even electronic banking so they would not lose a customer due to unavailability of payment method. Some payment methods include SafeCharge, UseMyBank, Skrill, Credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, WalPay, Paypal, Western Union Bank Wires, Neteller, among others. Remember that a wide range of payment options will help you maintain a wide player base for your sportsbook.


Gives Competitive Pricing

Pricing is so important in acquiring a pay per head sportsbook software for you online bookie business. A top pay per head software has a pretty well-established pricing that is not so expensive and is also not so cheap. The concept of pricing should be as simple as: “You only pay for what you use.” Some top pay per head software offers pricing that starts at $10/head or sometimes higher than this price depending upon your desired number of features and other factors. These factors include player count, add-on features like live casino, and more.


Live Betting on Games

Another great feature of IDSCA sportsbook as a top pay per head software is its live betting options. Live betting allows everyone to place their wagers as the action unfolds. You and your bettors will be able to see an in-play scoreboard which displays the current match stats and result. This feature is only provided by a few pay per head companies including IDSCA giving punters a wide range of betting options. This makes betting more enjoyable, entertaining and profitable.

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