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Improved Betting Software

Bookmakers are now experiencing greater market influx to their betting business and search for the right solutions that will lead to growth and productivity. Their will always be a better way to enhance operations and attract gamblers either in a conventional betting method or through the internet avenue. An improved betting software is a major solution that will accommodate more punters resulting to more profits and revenues to the business. Bookies turn to the pay per head betting software that provides ease and convenience to operators and their gamblers.

Managing Your Market for the Bookmakers and their Online Players


A Dynamic and Robust Betting Site

A betting business aiming for success in sales growth should take on the market by attracting new players and maintaining what it already has. Online betting companies create betting software websites that are attractive to gamblers at first glance; not so fancy yet so intriguing that bookmakers and punters would want to try it out.

A User-Friendly Interface for Bookmakers and Online Players

The user-friendly feature is essential to betting software operators to gain more followers to your online wagering entity. Look for a website that does not complicate the wagering process that even simple minded individuals can relate to. It would be preferable to have access on how-to’s in a bookie website menus that players can relate to in times of need. A complicated betting software will cause gamblers to stay away from your online wagering business.

An Array of Sports and Casino Betting Offers

Odds Masters and their punters prefer betting software that offers a wide array of wagering opportunities in online sports and casinos. The expanse of bettors all over the world would like their betting software to have basketball, American Football, Major League Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Boxing, MMA, Cycling, Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket, E-Sports, Golf, Greyhound Racing among other sports.

Major sporting events are also sought after by online sports bettors like the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, The Olympics, the Winter Olympics, Tennis Grand Slam (Australian, French, Wimbledon, and the US Opens), and other international events.

Online Casinos are popular among gamblers who want to have fun betting in these facilities from the comforts of their homes. Casino enthusiasts want their betting software to have Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, Roulette, Craps, Video Poker, Bingo, Keno, Sic Bo, Scratch Cards and other popular casino games on the internet.

Gambler Engagement

The significance of having your audience engaged in what they are doing is key to have more online players and maintain your present followers to your betting software website. In these events are where the Live Betting feature comes in. Only the best Online betting companies can afford to have this feature in their bookmaking operations. Online players prefer to place their wagers in websites who can deliver this service. The live coverage of the games you are betting with unfolds before your eyes as it happens in the field of sports. There is no tendency of cheating when a live coverage is in play in your betting site.

With the live coverage comes in-play betting which is the secondary gambler engagement derived from the live plays punters indulge with. Punters have the opportunity to bet on matches even when the games already started.There is also an option to wager by quarters, halves of the match. The excitement and fun build up when you have wagers involved in shorter spans of time. When looking for the best wagering support, opt for the sites with live betting coverage – select IDsca for your online betting enjoyment. IDsca can deliver the services needed by bookmakers and punters using their facilities.

Improved Betting Software

More Betting Options

What makes a marketable online betting website are the betting options that it offers. Here are the best and familiar betting options when bookie betting software present their options:

Match Result

The feature is the simplest way to win a bet. Just choose for the team you want to place your wager on and wait for the results. The betting site will pay for winning bets recorded on its inventory and will reflect in your account. IDSca pays on time and is one of the most trusted name in the online gambling industry.

Half Time Result

If you are a basketball aficionado, it is exciting to be betting on a halftime result. Either you opted to place your bets on the spread or the money line is a choice of yours and will win whoever you wagered for your choice.

Double Chance

This option increases your chances in winning your wager with one of your choices win or ties the match but decreases the betting odds for this betting feature..

Draw No Bet

This betting line allows the punters to have a refund if the play ends in a draw. There will be no losers if the scores are tied and your wager will reflect back in your account.

Over / Under Option

This type of bet allows punters to choose the over or under in the totals option. Both teams will end up with their final scores. The Punter bets on the total scores of both squads if it goes over or under the sum of the final scores. There will be respective odds and money lines for the choice you make. Choose wisely, having the running information of the teams will help you decide if you bet for the over or the under the totals.

Both to Score

This betting option applies to Football or Soccer wherein teams will score depending of the option you chose. If either teams manage to score then your bet wins. If the score is 3-0, you lose your bet and if the score is 1-1 0r 3-1, both sides scored, you win.

Corners Over/Under

This betting option applies to Soccer wherein the total number of corner kicks are summed up for the totals over/under option. If you placed your bet at over 7.5 corner kicks in a match and the total hits from the corners is 10, you win your wager. This option can also be applied on halftime totals of corner kicks.

Player Performance Over/Under

In the NBA, there is a betting option that offers an over/under score of individual players on halves and the full match. The Betting site will offer a player for the punters to bet if the basketball player can score over or under on a given point margin. If you bet on the over the total points and he score above it, you win the wager.

More Betting Options are offered depending on what is innovated by the bookie or the betting company to further customer engagement. For example a betting site will propose on its offer that the National Anthem would not go over two minutes when rendered by the singer. You’ll just have to click the yes or no button with the selected odds. Some singers deliver the national anthem shorter than two minutes while other want to sing it their own way and goes over the time.

Another special betting proposal is putting your bet on the first player to score in the game. The betting site presents the players of both teams in the NBA and offers odds for online players to choose from. If you bet on the player that scores the first basket, you win your wager.

There are also bet proposals that involve winning margins. If you put a wager on a team, in the NBA for instance, and opted for a winning margin from 1-5 or 6-10 points, and the final score yields 110-117, then you win on the 6-10 point difference option.

The Company Betting software is significant to your daily operations. Choosing the right one entails knowledge and patience on how they operate in the online gaming industry. IDSca delivers the services you need and will help the bookmakers manage their businesses efficiently.

The betting software is the heart of the online betting business. It provides convenience and manageability features that help bookmakers while enhancing services provided to online players. Gamblers tend to search for a better gambling site to put their wagers.

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