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A Bookmaker would want their pay per head sportsbook to be the difference from the usual betting platforms plying the market. What more could punters want than a sportsbook that could satisfy their needs. Improve your customer service with IDSca’s exceptional bookie software and witness the influx of new players to your betting site that will bring greater profits for your online betting business.

The bookie software provided by IDSca will help improve your customer services. The solution is the best chance you got to improve operations and lure in more gamblers. Here are some ways the PPH software will develop your betting platform.

Exceptional Bookie Software: Market Improvements for Bookmakers and their Punters

With an active betting site, The bookie software supplied by IDSca delivers a betting platform that will look attractive to visitors at first sight. What bookmakers and bettors want is not a fancy looking betting site with efficient delivery of its services.

The betting platform is user-friendly for bookies and their groups of players. Idsca‘s Bookie software does not confuse punters in their betting process, one of the top complaints of new and existing players in sportsbooks. Complications in the betting methods will make your players look for a betting site that is convenient to use.

A Wide Array of Local and International Sporting Events

The top bookie software will provide bookmakers with a wide array of international and local sporting competitions. Tournaments like the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NFL), Major League Soccer (MLS), the NCAA (Collegiate Sports Events), European Football League, Rugby, Tennis Grand Slam ( Australian Open, French Open, The Wimbledon, and The US Open), The Olympics, The Winter Olympics and other competitions covered by IDSca.

There will be players who will seek after online casinos for their betting pleasures. There will be casino table games like Baccarat, Roulette, Video Poker,  Keno, Scratch Cards, Blackjack, Slots, Craps, Bingo, Sic Bo, and other entertaining games available through the Internet.

Dynamic Player Indulgence

When players are actively involved in their betting activities in your wagering platform, it will greatly benefit your recruitment strategy of more punters joining the sportsbook. This is where the live betting feature comes in. The attribute draws players to the betting platform with the excitement it brings. Punters immerse themselves with the thrill of having something at stake rooting for their favorite teams. Only the top betting companies can afford this facility for their punters. IDSca can bring you this feature in a bundle with the provision of their bookie software. Bookmakers do not have to shell out huge amounts to avail of live betting facilities. Bookies only have to pay a weekly flat rate to avail of this feature that attracts punters worldwide.

Exceptional Bookie Software

Types of Betting

With the feature, punters can engage more by placing their bets even if the games already started. Here are some betting options enjoyed wagering in-game.

  •  Final Score Betting

This is the simplest way to win the bets. Whoever gets the higher score after regulation wins the game and the wagers.

  • Half-Time Betting

Bets are accepted before the half time break ends to resume the second half of the game. By then, bettors can place their wagers for the next half, the 3rd and 4th quarters of the match.

  • Quarterly Betting

Punters can bet for the first, second, half-time. third, fourth, and the final result of the match. The mode of betting will bring in more bets and additional revenues for your betting site.

 Players can place their wagers by quarters, halves, and for the final results. Punters can also call the betting props offered that pop up during the games.

The live coverage allows the audience to witness the matches unfolding before their eyes. It also eliminates the tendency for scheming betting platforms to cheat as the games are playing in real-time. IDSca delivers the feature in High Definition and audible audio for the bettors’ pleasure.

The Over and Under in the Totals

Players can place their bets if the odds they chose will go under or over the total score of the game. This betting option is also applicable in quarters, halves, and the final score.

In football, the number of corner kicks is also bet upon. Placing your bets at over 6.5 where the total number of corner kicks summed up to 8, you win over the totals bet.

Individual Player Performance for the over/under options is also available. If you placed an under the totals bet for SF Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the 2020 NBA Finals at 20 points, you won your bet as he only scored 12 points in that outing.

Also, a prop bet that makes players place their bet is the weather on certain areas specified in a region. If you place your bet over the proposed temperature of 24 degrees at 11 AM in Las Vegas, Nevada where the temperature drops at 23 degrees, you lose your wager.

IDSca brings you these betting options services that Improve your customer service with its exceptional bookie software. Visit us at or you can call us at (866)-225-5437.

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