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Importance of a Pay Per Head Software Provider to Your Bookmaking Business

A bookmaker’s online sportsbook business will never be the same without partnering with a pay per head software provider. It enables bookmakers to invite in any number of customers utilizing the pay per head system. 

Why Working with a Pay Per Head Software Provider is Essential?

The best decision you can make when running a bookmaking business is to work with pay per head service provider. The pay per head software provider will serve as the deciding factor in how your online business is going to be. Choosing a fly-by-night or matter-of-fact pay per head software provider from the start could result in putting you out of business in the long run. 

The bookie software provides an innovative and efficient virtual sportsbook. The platform is totally approachable on all Internet-enabled devices. This provides bookmakers and their customers an incentive on getting actions in any sports events or games regardless of the location. Each type of bet whether it is moneyline, futures, prop bets, over and unders, halftime, or point spreads are supported. 

What to Consider When Looking for a PPH Software Provider?

Most bookmakers believe the features list has all that they need to ensure having the best software. However, they should know that a multitude of pay per head software provider offers almost the same features. This includes online casino games, racebook, and mobile betting. As a bookmaker, you need to emphasize more on the following:

  • Expert Odds Managers

Most professional bookmakers become odds managers themselves in a few months’ or year’s time. However, if you are a newbie make sure that the pay per head software provider that you’ll choose has odds managers. They’ll be the ones to handle the lines to make it steady with the market. 

  • Exceptional Service

Not a thing can surpass an exceptional service a pay per head software provider offers. If you have a concern and need some help, the Customer Service must be able to provide the right solution immediately. Not only you are entitled to great service but your customers as well. Your players will stay with you as long as they are happy and satisfied with the service your betting website provides.

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  • User-Friendly User Interface (UI)

Several user interfaces are quite similar among pay per head software providers. To stand out from the rest, some of them customized their bookie software to improve the user interface. This will make it easier for your players to place their bets on your website without any assistance in looking for their desired markets. 

  • Knowledgeable Support Team

It is paramount that a pay per head software has a powerhouse of manpower. If they do, they can cater to you and your players’ needs in an instant. Both you and your players have no longer to wait for a while to resolve the issue. A pay per head software that lacks staff is far away from developing a successful bookie business.

How Can I be Sure My Pay Per Head Software Provider Meets My Criteria?

The majority of pay per head software providers offer a free trial of the service which lasts for a week or so.  You will the opportunity to try their service at no charge and see for yourself if the service will be your money’s worth. Likewise, you’ll know if that’s the right service you’ll need for your online sportsbook business. 

Using the Right Bookie Software to Provide the Right Service

The bookie software that a pay per head software provider works as an innovative and smart virtual sportsbook. The program is totally receptive to all Internet-enabled devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. It encourages bookmakers and their players to get on actions on any game wherever they are located. Each type of traditional bet is backed – from futures, point spreads, prop bets, moneylines, and others. 

Bookmakers who use the right bookie software from the right pay per head software provider will surely have a peace of mind. It’s because they are assured that their customers can place their bets at any time of the day or night regardless of their location. Odds on games are frequently live and unwavering with the recognition of major sportsbooks and a greater public perspective worldwide. 

Work with the Right Bookie Software Provider

International Data Solutions (IDSCA) is the right pay per head software provider to work with. Since opening its doors for business in 1997, it has become one of the prominent pay per head service providers in the sports betting industry. 

As the right bookie software provider, IDSCA enables bookmakers to acquire as many players utilizing a pay per head system. Sizeable bookmakers can store any value of accounting reports secured and protected on the system itself. More modest bookmakers, on the other hand, can revel in the advantage of fast account setups and the level of convenience in recruiting more players.

Call us now at (866) 225-5437 so we can help you set up an account immediately. You can also visit our website at and take advantage of our live chat for any related inquiries. 

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