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IDSca is the leading price per head company catering to the North American land based bookmaker since 1997. The reliability of our network and quality of service has kept us ahead of the rest, and we will always continue to search for exciting innovative ways to remain on top to help expand your business.

IDSca is a price per head service provider that offers quality customer support, hosting and software gaming solutions. We aid land based bookmakers by giving them all the tools necessary to grow their business without having to incur costly expenditures such as office rental, employees and software purchase.

We offer unique toll free numbers and websites for every customer, fully customizable packages, complete agent reporting, internet watchdog, complete call center solutions, internet and mobile sports and racebook and casino, true live betting, and much more.

Our professional lines specialists assist our clients by following critical sports information, line moves and steam plays. By monitoring all games, our clients’ risk is minimized resulting in greater opportunity for profit.

We are fully equipped with the latest in technological advances, giving us complete control and full customization capabilities to meet all of our clients’ needs. We use the most prominent software in the industry and transactions are handled with incredible speed and precision. In addition, every customer’s account balances are constantly updated, and agent reports are available immediately.

We have a combination of triple-redundant telephone and internet connections ensuring the customer’s quick and convenient access to the pay per head agent’s website and 800-toll free number at all times, with no busy signals or slow internet connections.

IDSca is the only price per head company to maintain a secondary backup office with real-time data replication. All transactions are saved to dual databases in the event of a disaster. We virtually guarantee no loss of data or information, ensuring the clients’ business is always running.

Security is of the utmost importance and we continually upgrade all of our procedures and hardware to maintain this high standard. Mitigation Solution is used to avoid online denial of service (DOS) attacks. All telephone calls are digitally recorded for accuracy and protection to avoid claims, which gives confidence and peace of mind to our clients.

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