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How to start a Bookie: All the things you need to know

Every bookmaker must bear in mind that the first to remember how to start a bookie business is that the oddsmaker is not a gambler. You, as a bookmaker, is a business operator. Your task is to attract more online gamblers to your betting site with the support of the best PPH bookmaking software.

After going through a thorough background check regarding the legitimacy of your chosen wagering software, your next step would be to begin your preparation on how to start a bookie operation.


How to start a bookie business operation

Starting right ensures the success on how to start a bookie operation. Considering the calculated risks the agent takes also determines the success or failure of the bookie business.

Check out some pointers before proceeding on how to start a bookie betting website. Ask from experienced bookmakers or do a research on how to successfully run the business.


Tips on how to start a bookie wagering website


• The best PPH betting software company will back your website on your goal on how to start a bookie betting site. A recommended betting software with the best PPH support for bookmakers is IDSCA. It is among the best PPH betting programs in the market today. The PPH software will take off your administrative, accounting, and inventory functions while you take care of the online player recruitment for your group. Your aim on how to start a bookie recruitment drive will also have the backup of the PPH booking company; being with the right PPH company is essential to the startup of your bookie operations.

• It is of utmost importance that you know each and every player in your group. You may ask referrals from reputable friends if they can vouch for an online player’s credentials when it comes to being a member of your bookie business, on your way on how to start a bookie business. Be careful not to put out money when you are unsure of the people you are dealing with unless you are receiving their bets up front.

• Study the betting behaviors of your players; this is an essential task on how to start a bookie business operations. Analyse what your online punters prefer in their wagering patterns, this will enhance your betting services towards a pleasant wagering experience in the online site. The better your services are to your group the more respected your site will be for the betting members.


The betting behavior to know of your online players


• Recognize the sporting events that your players prefer in their betting activities. There are various international and major tournaments betting sportsbook offer to the bettors registered in their site. Knowing what your online and offline players want to bet for will enhance your understanding of their placement of betting patterns.

Sportsbook Software Strategies

• Some of your online players may like other betting types like props, futures, or innovative betting lines that pop out of their monitors. Exciting out of the blue wagering offers usually appears on screen to entice the bettors of the proposal.

• A sector of your online players would want horse racing and online casinos for their wagers. Your support betting software company must have this option for the wagering section interested to play on the gambling sites. Being aware of other betting options besides sporting events is important on how to start your bookie betting platform.

• Make it a point to monitor if your members use their mobile devices to place their bets on your PPH betting software. The awareness of your players utilizing their mobile phones or tablets so you can present them with the latest technologies and software interface for their convenience. The use of portable gadgets is an essential factor on how to start a bookie online operation.


The use of iPhones and tabs in online betting dramatically attracted the new niche of online players boosting profits and revenues for PPH betting software companies. Gambling operators give due importance to this category of gamblers as it raised the online betting industry since its introduction.


The advantages of the Mobile Betting Technology


• The increase of online gamblers using mobile devices is essential on how to start your bookie online wagering platform. Online betting operators deem it necessary to upgrade their system by integrating newer technology and software to accommodate mobile punters to attract them to the PPH betting software. The onset of this feature increased more android phone users insinuating that the future of online gambling is doable via the mobile gadgets of online players. Portable devices will soon be replacing desktops for your betting convenience.

• It is more convenient to use the mobile devices. An online player can place a bet anywhere and anytime. All he needs is a fast and reliable internet connectivity for his betting activity.

• The new betting platforms offered to online players using the mobile devices are more accessible and faster to process changing the landscape in the field of online wagering. Legitimate Online Casino operators adapt to the needs of mobile devices users by providing top of the line software which is uploadable to their portable gadgets. Wagering programs are now user-friendly and more fun to navigate making gambling a value-added entertainment pleasure.

• Gambling platforms integration with social networks is one of the features delivered by online sportsbook and online casino operators. The user can use the common platform for social media as well as online betting too. Millennials want their uploaded software to satisfy their wants for a betting software like the colorful and vivid resolution on their iPhones or tablets. Online gambling operators continuously improve their programs to meet the betting public’s demand.

• Mobile betting is a new betting experience for first-time gamblers to use mobile devices. It is a new environment of wagering, away from the browser type used in desktops or laptops. Operators follow the interest of mobile bettors by providing the best software friendly to the new niche of gamblers.

• Another thing to understand on how to start a bookie operation is the fact that more money is spent by mobile online gamblers as per sturdy did in the UK by Velti presented in the Mobile Gaming and Gambling Summit, in London last year.

• Make sure that your booking collection is in the balance; collect from the loser and pay the winner. In other words, you should understand that this business needs an initial capital which is a requirement on how to start a bookie operations. Without initial funding, it will doom your startup when you fail to do the collections and payouts. An important rule to remember is to collect on time so you can pay the winners on time.

• It is advisable that you surround yourself with people who know more about how to start a bookie business operations than you. Your staff must have the adequate experience in the PPH bookmaking trade so they can contribute to the success of your business.

With all these tips in mind on how to start a bookie business, we can’t help but contemplate and foresee what is in store for us this 2018. With some issues that pulled back some major league tournaments, the top bookie software suggests some events that will happen this year.


Some events bookies will be expecting this year


• This year will be the year of Soccer. The FIFA World Cup will take place on June 14, 2018, at the Luzhniki Football Station in Moscow Russia between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Different teams representing their respective countries from all over the world will participate in this prestigious event. Countries from Africa ( Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tunisia ) and Asia (Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia). Teams from Europe are Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Here are only three teams qualified from North America, Central America and the Caribbean (Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico). Five teams qualified from South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay).


The tournament concludes its Championship game on July 15, 2018, at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia.


• The National Football League continues its inappropriate business with politics brought into the sport. The drama involving politics, race, or social injustices (so some players claim) will cascade through this year. The situation will affect the NFL business, putting it in a bad light. The infamy brought by players in the tournament will fuel interest among agents and might bring positive change in the rosters of respective teams.

• The month of March will see an event some coined as the “March Madness.” Good news for bookies and the top PPH betting software; they are expecting an increase in business with the finals in NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships.


The tips stated above will surely help agents on how to start a bookie business smartly and under the right conditions.

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