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How to Know if Pay Per Head Bookie Service Reviews are Real

Doing any type of business online comes with a huge risk. This is especially true when you’re dealing with businesses you never heard of. Unfortunately, looking at pay per head bookie service reviews isn’t enough anymore.

This is because many of these PPH bookie services will often forge their online reviews or pay unknown people to write them. As a result, it can be difficult to know which service you can trust. 

Fortunately, we’ve created a resource to help you with this. To learn more about how you can select the right bookie service, continue reading below. 

Only Look at the Pay Per Head Bookie Service Reviews with Profile Pictures

One of the best ways to distinguish real reviews from fake ones is by seeing if they contain a profile picture. While it is possible that a fake review can contain a profile picture derived from Google images, most of them don’t.

Therefore, always check to see if a review has an accompanying profile picture to avoid being swindled of your hard-earned money.

Check Sportsbook Reviews for Grammar Mistakes

Another thing you should be mindful of is if a review contains a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Granted, there are a lot of reviews created by real people that may have no commas or capitalization where it’s necessary. 

However, if you’re reading a review that looks like it hasn’t been written by a native English speaker, then you may have a problem. Many fraudulent bookie services will pay and hire foreigners to write these reviews for them. You should always be on the lookout for blatantly unreadable reviews. 

Make Sure Pay Per Head Bookie Service Reviews are in the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business (BBB) is one of the only sure-fire ways of knowing if a business is truly legitimate. Their grade rating is absolute, and it indicates which services you can rely on. Make sure you run your prospective betting service through the BBB to be sure you can place your hard-earning money with them. 

One of the best things about the BBB is that their A+ rating is the most absolute sign you’re using a great service. If the service you’re trying to use doesn’t have an A+, you should stand clear from it.

bookie service reviews

Check for Bookie Service Reviews in Online Forums

If you want to be sure you can trust a bookie service, you should dig deeper and try to find more pay per head bookie service reviews online. Forums like Quora and Reddit are great places where you can find some insider perspective about what it’s like to use a betting service.

Quota and Reddit have an outstanding reputation for being a thoughtful and honest community. If you learn that a betting service is far from ideal on these forums, then you should avoid it at all costs. 

Learn About the History of Bookie Service Reviews

One rule of thumb about doing business online is that scams don’t typically stay for business long. If you’re on the search for quality pay per head bookie service reviews, you can be confident that the businesses that have been operating the longest are your best choices.

For example, IDSCA has been in business since 1997. Since then, we have provided thousands of bookies with remarkable software and sportsbook solutions. You can trust us to be your sportsbook partner unlike most of the sportsbooks available.

Take a Look at the Website of Bookie Service Reviews

Another sure-fire way of finding out if pay per head bookie service reviews is real is by checking the website of the service. Depending on how the website looks, you can make a fair assessment about if the service forged their own reviews.

For example, if you went online to start a bank account, would you really open an account on a shady-looking website that looks like it was built by a 12-year-old? Of course not. With that said, make sure you’re looking at the website of the service before making a decision. 

Give them a Call to Verify Their Online Reviews

At the end of the day, the only way you can be sure that you’re looking at real reviews is to call and ask the bookie software service. Depending on their answer, you can move forward with your decision. 

If you’re speaking to a legitimate bookie service, they’ll understand your reluctance and provide you with additional testimonials to ease your doubt. For example, we provide a one-week free trial service so you can get familiar with our platform.

This helps our clients become comfortable with our sportsbook and see for themselves why we have quality online reviews.

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