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How To Find a Top PPH For Your NBA Sports Betting Business?

The NBA sports betting industry has exploded enormously over the last few years, generating a billion dollar in gross income. A landmark decision by the U.S Supreme Court in 2018 has opened the door for legalized betting activities across the United States. The monumental ruling bolstered the booming industry by ten folds. Morgan Stanley investors are even predicting that this market is poised to rake in as much as $8 billion by 2025. That’s how huge the sportsbook business has become in just a span of years.

And because of this betting boom, a lot of people have dared to open their sports betting businesses of their own, particularly dealing with wagers concerning NBA games. Majority of these local bookies or small-time sportsbooks used to be online bettors themselves but saw the earning of potential of being a bookie.

As the 2019-20 NBA season enters the homestretch mark, expect the numbers of betting activities to skyrocket over the next three months. The NBA playoffs are within reach, and bank on it that bookies are going to capitalize every opportunity they can get during the peak season of NBA betting transactions.

But to ensure that everything is organized and their bettors are catered with up-to-date information, it is a must for bookie to get the service of a trusted Pay Per Head company. 

Here are three essential characteristics of a well-run Pay Per Head platform for NBA betting bookies and their customers.

NBA Sports Betting: User Player Friendly Interface

This is arguably the most important characteristic of a really good Pay-Per-Head service: It has easy-to-access features. Sports betting shouldn’t be complicating. Usually, top-rated Pay-Per-Head platforms only require a few clicks for a bet to be booked – a standard for any other sportsbook sites. 

For example, if a bettor would like to drop a $100 bet in a the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers game, the PPH site should right away direct him to a webpage that has all the necessary things a bettor should know: stats, latest odds, and of course, betting options. A few clicks here, quick payment verification there and voila you have now placed a bet. 

NBA sports betting

Up-to-date Reports and Analytics

A seasoned bookie always gives its clients all the right information they need to place their bets. In the case of NBA sports betting, the bookie must assure bettors that all the data, whether it’s simple team’s field goal percentage to more advanced statistical numbers like points per 100 ball possessions, are accurate and updated. 

Using the Clippers vs Lakers game as the model, a dependable PPH services should provide bookies with recommended Moneyline. Point spread and over/under odds for that particular game without restraining the bookie’s right to adjust the betting lines in his own preference. Again, traditional and advanced statistics should be readily available for the bettors, giving them a clue on which team has the edge in this contest. The Lakers are among the best defensive teams in the NBA this season thanks to their vaunted frontline anchored by LeBron James and Anthony Davis. On the other hand, the Clippers rank in the top-10 in terms of points per game and offensive efficiency. These stats and more must be present and updated preferably every minute to give clients a real time betting experience. 

Secured Cloud Base

Of course, air-tight security is a must for any PPH services since money is involved here. Bettors must be assured that the system in place is impregnable by hackers. Who might not only steal their winnings but also sensitive information that could be used for identity theft. Although several PPH platforms now require their user player to download a mobile app, a good PPH service platform is accessible in any browser. Also, it doesn’t necessitate any download. This is to prevent any circumstance of hacking that might lead to potentially more serious cyber-hacking crimes. But in the event an illicit activity would take place, a model PPH platform should address the issues right away. With solid I.T support team and call center customer specialists ready to receive calls 24/7.   

Believe it or not, all of these essential elements of a dependable and efficient PPH platform can be availed of by choosing IDSCA, the leading sports betting software engineer.

IDSCA PPH Bookie Services

IDSCA, International Data Solutions, has been at the forefront of PPH bookie services since its establishment in 1997. The company has helped thousands of local bookies in the United States grow their businesses. Providing them a strong structure for PPH services that features multilingual staff, real-time tracking. Real-time in-game wagering for all major league like the NBA, full control over lines and offerings. Professional customer service team, and other great promos. 

IDSCA allows their bookie customers to maximize their business potential by giving them full control of book management system. The luxury of choosing customized design and platform, and a cutting-edged tracking system developed to speed up transactions at an efficient rate. 

With the playoffs just around the corner, this is the time for bookies. Even those gents looking to wet their feet in the sportsbook business to really pound it hard. Every game from here on out are going to be competitive. So expect more and more bettors to drop big wager in these fixtures. 

Again, the earning potential of any sportsbook is limitless. As long as the bookie has a well-rounded PPH platform his clients can rely on. There’s a reason why IDSCA is the No.1 player in this market. It has all the right stuff the bookie and bettors need to win with less hassles. Now that’s a great NBA sports betting experience.  

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