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How to Determine the Suitable Per Head Betting Service

Not all things are created equal like a per head betting service. So do bookmakers and their bettors. Determining which suitable per head betting service can either proliferate or shut down your online sportsbook business.

Most bookmakers or bookies nowadays are smart enough to use a per head betting service to help grow their business. It’s like a complete fertilizer that has all of the nutrients a plant needs to develop and bear fruits. The nutrients are the tools needed to level up the bookie business. Bookmakers on their part just to need to water their plants to make it grow bigger, just like acquiring more players to increase their customer base.

How do Bookmakers Determine Which Service Fits Them the Most?

The development in the sports betting technology enabled bookie to operate their online sportsbook business the same way as their bigger competitors. The progress of bookie software provided to bookies by per head betting services lead to better capitalism.

The per head betting service company provides the per head betting bookie software, interface, and customer service among others, which are crucial to the bookie business’ survival. With the per head betting service’s support, bookmakers can focus on more important things especially the recruitment of more bettors.   

Per Head Betting Service Fee Explained

Per head betting companies need to be reimbursed for the services they provided to the bookmakers. Bookies are charged for each graded players in a week they have. The standard fee is $10 or more based on the service a bookie wishes to have. If he has 50 active players on a specific week for a $10 fee each, the total amount to pay the per head betting service provider is $500. This is regardless of how many times each bettor placed their bets on that week. 

Determining Your Pay Per Head Service

Finding the right per head betting service for you shouldn’t be that difficult. Just follow the guidelines below and in no time, you’ll be on your way to launching your own per head betting site. 

  • Analyze What You Don’t Want

Visit some of the reputable per head betting sportsbook reviews sites and forums and gain insights about different per head betting platforms and their services. Check out their ratings and views to help you identify which sites are red-flagged.

  • Tabulate Endorsed Per Head Betting Companies

Make a list of endorsed per head betting companies as the leading per head bookie sites. Spend some time to check each service provider. You visit their website or even call them. In case you are interested in what they offer, you can try their free trial (which is usually a week or more) and find out if it really is the service that best suits you and your customers.

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  • Evaluate and Differentiate

After making your list, you need to evaluate and differentiate each company. Remember that not all are created equal so expect that there are many differences starting from the price to the features being offered. 

Think twice before committing to a per head service provider that has a low price. Usually, companies like that don’t spend the needed amount on technology, customer support, online managers, and servers. Insufficient funds will only cost bookie lots of money from websites that always experience frequent system downtime. 

  • Emphasize What is More Important

You need to emphasize what matters most to you. Are you looking for a hefty line offering or an excellent customer service? Or would you rather prioritize security and system dependability? Will you consider extra features such as live casino?  

Emphasizing on what’s more important helps you avoid accepting a proposition right away. You’ll also prevent getting deceived into paying more for features you don’t really need. It’s also not right to go with epic brand names especially when they really don’t deal with your needs.    

Most per head companies offer special sign up promotions for newbies. It’s advisable to shop around and check various promotional offers. Some of them offer free demo or trial or a reduced price for a certain period.

  • Choose a Solution

The number one reason why you’re looking for a per head betting platform is to provide the solution to your problems and not add another problem. Choosing the right per head betting company will manage all of your daily tasks and gives you the privilege to make your business go the extra mile. Becoming a bookie could be a bankable business if you have chosen the right per head service provider. 

It should have sharp lines and abundant betting options as it leads to a bigger hold percentage on your bettor’s losses and bigger gross net profits for your bookie business. 

Bookies will no longer be alone in their effort to make a lucrative bookie business. They can choose IDSCA to gain any number of bettors with a per head system. Huge bookies have the privilege of maintaining any value of bookkeeping reports safe and secure. Small-scale bookies, on the other hand, can revel in fast account setups and ease of acquiring new players. 

  • Customized Website

They can also request for a customized website and white-label betting dashboard. Bookmakers can introduce their IDSCA sportsbook as their own business. Since it’s “their own business,” they can offer what they want to their bettors.

As a bookie, you can eliminate sports, line types, or periods, and manage what you offer as you think that’s suitable. You can also limit how much players can bet on sports, games, leagues, or type of bet without the need to call. The admin group will take of that for you.

When you partner with IDSCA, you are taking your per head betting sportsbook business to the next level. Before you know it, you are already competing with the prominent sportsbook website in the sports betting industry. You’ll be thankful that you made the right decision to choose this per head service provider to help you proliferate your business and make you a successful bookie. Go ahead and visit and their website at and become one of their bountiful bookies.

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