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How to Buy Pay Per Head Software

How to Buy Pay Per Head Software? Most online bookies are adopting the use of Pay Per Head (PPH) solutions due to the advantages they offer. To enjoy this service, you need to get strong and reliable software from a reputable provider. Buying a PPH solution can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the online betting industry and may make costly mistakes. In this post, we’ll give you helpful insights on how to do it.

Importance of Pay Per Head Software to Bookies

PPH emerges as a game-changing tool with a wide range of benefits of advantages that are essential to the long-term success of bookmaking companies. Let’s explore some of them.

How to Buy Pay Per Head Software – More Revenue

Increased revenue is one of the reasons why online betting companies have shifted to the use of Price per Head tools. There are several ways bookies can earn more revenue. First, most providers allow you to keep 100% of your players’ winnings.

So, if you’re your clients lose $1500 by the end of a particular week, you can keep all of it. The only thing you need to do is pay a small fee depending on how many heads you have that week. This fee normally ranges from as low as $6. In this case, if you had 10 active clients in a week, you’d pay about $60 to your provider and keep $1440, which is quite impressive.

However, not all providers allow you to keep 100% of the profit. Some of them use the revenue splitting model which allows bookies to take 60-80% of their players’ winnings. Using the example above, it means you’ll get anything between $900-$1200.

Another way that bookies can generate more revenue through Price Per Head tools is through competitive odds. Additionally, they offer access to a wide range of betting markets. Most importantly, they feature risk management tools that allow you to monitor betting patterns, identify potential liabilities, and adjust odds or betting limits accordingly.

Boosts Your Business

Reliable PPH solutions make your business appear bigger than it is. The impression of scale fosters trust among potential customers. It also creates a feeling of success around your business, encouraging them to play through your platform. This is particularly helpful to new bookies that are trying to build a strong customer base and increase their profits quickly.

Handles More of Your Work

Handling a sportsbook business involves a lot of work which can be overwhelming. Good Per Head companies make your work easier. They handle all your paperwork, customer support, and other daily activities.

This gives you more time to concentrate on other important activities like marketing your bookie and attracting more customers. Additionally, you’ll have more free time that you can use to come up with other strategies that can help your business succeed.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pay Per Head Software

Before buying PPH software from any vendor, there are several factors you should consider. Below are some of them.

Features and Functionality

Features and functionality should be at the top of your list when looking for suitable PPH program for your online betting company. Remember, the tool’s features play a crucial role in your clients’ experience and significantly determine if you can attract potential customers and keep them long-term. Some of the aspects you should consider include:

  • User Interface
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Live betting options
  • Customization options
  • Reporting tools

Pricing Structure

Different PPH vendors have different pricing structures. Before buying any tool, ensure you understand your preferred vendor’s pricing models. Look at factors such as revenue share, flat fee per player, and hybrid models.

Also, compare the pricing plans offered by different providers, and assess their value proposition. Choose a pricing model that aligns with your budget and revenue projections.

Security Measures

When playing, bettors normally share sensitive information like their personal and financial data. As a bookie, it’s important to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. This way, players will trust the credibility of your business and enhance loyalty. Additionally, when players know their information is safe, they’ll concentrate on betting increasing their chances of getting higher winnings. In turn, you’ll be able to earn more revenue.

As you shop around for Price Per Head providers, look at the security measures they’ve put in place to protect both your business and players. Ensure their tools include robust encryption protocols and secure payment gateways.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another important factor to consider. The software you choose should have an intuitive use interface that allows you and your players to navigate easily.

As a bookie, easy navigation allows you to closely monitor the activities on your platform and make the necessary adjustments. For players, it encourages more betting activities which is beneficial to both of you.


Every online betting company owner starts a business with the hope that it will expand one day and bring more revenue. Whether you’re just starting or expanding your operation, ensure the software you choose can accommodate changing needs and increased demand without stopping normal operations.

Begin by evaluating if it can accommodate your current needs and things you’d like to include in your platform in the future. After that confirm if it contains the necessary upgrade options.

Legal Compliance

All jurisdictions in the US have different regulations concerning PPH software. Before getting the services of any provider, ensure their tools comply with the gambling laws and regulations of your area. This way, you’ll avoid getting into trouble with the authorities or even losing your business at worst. Ensure you check the licensing and certification of the provider and confirm if they’re from reputable bodies.

Steps to Follow When Buying Pay per Head Software

Here is a step-by-step procedure you should follow when buying Price Per Head solutions.

Understand Your Needs

Before buying PPH software, first analyze the needs of your business and determine the essential features. Consider factors like betting options, types of sports covered, live betting capabilities, and reporting tools.

During this step, it’s important to speak to your team and ask them about the things they feel should be included in it. You can also ask your potential customers to give you suggestions.

Write a List of Potential Vendors

There are several providers who offer Price Per Head solutions. You can find them by researching on the internet or asking other people who run sportsbook businesses.

Once you identify them, pick those vendors that offer tools that suit your needs and dig out more information about them. Find out about their experience, the services they offer, their track record in the industry, and general reputation. Additionally, remember to ask them about the after-purchase services that they offer and how often they update their tools.

Demo your Software Choices

Testing is an essential step since it helps you get a clue of what you want to buy before committing your money. Reach out to the vendors you listed above and inform them that you’d like to test their services. As you do this, check the user-friendliness of their sites, and the customer support level.

You can also schedule a consultation so you can discuss your needs with them. Be sure to ask questions and seek clarification on any doubts you may have.

Fortunately, many Price Per Head vendors allow clients to test their tools through free demos. All you need to do is sign up for the free trial.

Purchase Your Best Option

After testing the tools, now you can choose the best based on your experience. Before signing a contract, negotiate with them about the pricing, contract duration, and any customizations or additional services.

Also, go through your contract carefully and pay attention to tiny details like hidden fees and cancellation policies to avoid issues in the feature. Consider using a trained lawyer during this stage to ensure things run smoothly.

Implement the Software and Monitor the Performance

Integrate the PPH program into your platform with the help of a certified specialist. This promotes a smooth transition from the previous program and ensures you don’t experience issues during operation.

During the first few days, ask for feedback from your staff and customers so you can know its effectiveness. After some time, measure its ROI based on various factors such as usability, time saved, scalability, and efficiency and determine whether it’s worth the investment.


What is Pay Per Head, and how does it work?

This is a tool that allows online betting companies to efficiently run their bookies by handling the technical aspect. However, unlike traditional software, PPH uses a pay-per-player business model in which bookies are charged a fee for each player who is actively using the site.

How do I know if my PPH provider is legally compliant?

Legally compliant Per Head providers hold licenses from reputable bodies in the US depending on the state. To verify the legality of a vendor, you can contact them directly and ask them to show their certifications or search on the relevant body’s website.

Are PPH solutions customizable?

Yes, most vendors allow you to customize the tools according to your business needs or preferences. The customization options may include permission to integrate third-party software, personalizing the user interface, and adding or removing some features. However, different providers allow different customization options. Discuss with your vendor and ensure and confirm if your customization needs can be accommodated within the tool’s framework.

What onboarding support do Pay Per Head service providers offer?

Vendors normally offer onboarding support to ease the transition. They may offer live training sessions, record instruction videos, and give you a detailed user guide. Additionally, they offer ongoing support to check how you are adapting to the systems.


Purchasing a reliable PPH software is not a walk in the park due to the several options available. However, this process can become simple if you follow the steps above. You can also save yourself the stress by researching reliable providers. Consider getting your PPH software from IDSCA for a seamless experience. Contact them today to learn about their services and determine if they suit your needs.


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