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How to be a Bookie in College and Make Some Real Money

College is the last phase in school where one prepares and pursues a profession in the real world. Earning a degree is awesome if you have the means to support your chosen career. Not all students are lucky enough to graduate because of financial issues. However, there’s still a way to make your dreams come true. Try IDSCA’s bookie software and learn how to be a bookie in college and make some real money!

Of course, every student wants to take home a diploma, but financial concerns are hindering them from doing so. If you’re one of them, there’s no problem. You can still graduate in college with flying colors. How? Learn how to be a bookie in college and earn some real money! 

How to be a Bookie in College: From Bettor to Bookie

You may have become a bettor once in your life. Switching from a bettor to a bookie is the best decision you’ll ever make as a college student. You’ll not only become self-sustaining collegiate but also an entrepreneur at the same time, earning an ample income. So, why not start to learn how to be a bookie in college and fulfill your dreams?

Rather than placing your bets on your favorite team or players, you’ll be the one encouraging other college students to do the same, but on your betting site. You should realize that the financial output on the side of bookmaking is profitable compared to betting where most bettors depend to win mostly by chance.

Learning how to be a bookie in college really pays off. You’ll no longer have to worry about where to get the payment for your college education or projects. Besides, you’re going to have some extra bucks to spare for the things you need or want to buy. Moreover, you can help pay for the bills at home.  

Advantages of Learning to be a Bookie

In today’s difficult life, being thrifty is not enough. You have to find ways to make both ends meet. That’s the reason why most people have more than one job. Even if you are a scholar, there are still a lot of things where you’ll need money. If you want to make some real money, you can learn how to become a bookie. You can use what you’ll earn to sustain your needs while schooling. 

In college, there are a lot of sports, players, and teams compared to high school. This is a good time to learn how to be a bookie in college. Venturing into the bookmaking business will give you a lot of advantages. You‘ll surely have extra money to pay for your college expenses. Besides, you’ll be able to buy the things that you need and want.

Since there are a lot of sports in college, it wouldn’t be hard to find prospects. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, and hockey are some of the most favorite sports in college. So, it wouldn’t be too hard to offer your betting service to them. Once you learned how to be a bookie in college, you’re guaranteed that you’ll graduate. At the same time, you’re earning a handsome amount to pay for extra expenses.

how to be a bookie in college

What’s Next After Learning to be a Bookmaker?

Assuming that you have learned how to be a bookie in college, you can now start your sportsbook business. You have to recruits some gamblers/bettors to kick start the operation. You can start with your relatives, colleagues, close friends, and classmates to place their bets on your betting website. They’ll stimulate the initial income that you’ll receive.

Your next step is to look for a capital that will finance your college bookmaking business. The generated profit will come from the 10% acceptance fee which bookies charge to bettors. This fee is also known as bookie fee, juice or vig (short for vigorish). You’ll need funds to cover the introductory betting actions on both sides. 

Once you have the funds and your bettors are ready to place their bets, you can sign up with a credible pay per head service like IDSCA. It stands for International Data Solutions and is a leading provider of bookie software services. It has been around in the sports betting industry in 1997. Any students will find it easy to learn how to be a bookie in college and have a lucrative bookmaking business with IDSCA.

When the registration has been completed, you can now start your bookmaking business. The pay per head bookie software that comes with the service will make your daily tasks as a bookie, much easier. Everything is automated and modernized so there’s no need to live in the past and traditional way of bookmaking. How to be a bookie in college will help you learn a lot about online bookmaking until you become a professional of your choice, a professional bookie, or both. 

Also, IDSCA will you and your bettors a customized website and a mobile platform with thousands of betting options every day. A couple of lines guys will be the ones to update the odds up to the last second. Everything will be graded in an instant and calculated as well as updated for both bookies and players. 

Risks You May Face as College Bookie

In every business, there is always a risk. So expect that after learning how to be a bookie in college and starting your own bookie business, you will deal with some setbacks. However, these setbacks will help you become a smarter bookie in the long with better decisions.

One good news is you never have to do it secretly since sports betting is now legal in most US states. It will now be easier to acquire bettors and most students who became bookies claim that the risk is worth it.

Most college bookies would say that the most common risk is when your bettors can’t pay anymore what they owe you. It’s too bad if these bettors are your closest friends – your money and friendship become at risk. 

Learning how to be a bookie in college is not all that easy sometimes. Some of them increase the bets on credit which is a risky business. If the bettors on credit lose more, you’ll have a hard time collecting money from them until they can no longer pay anymore what they owe you.

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