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How Pay Per Head Solutions Can Help Your Bookie Business Reach Its Maximum Potential

Pay Per Head Solutions – Have you been looking for a way to to make your bookie business stand out from the rest? Are you tired of losing players to bookies with other kinds of software? When it comes to sportsbooks and profits, there’s only one kind of bookie software that stands out from the rest: the IDSCA. Here, we offer more features, more services, and more reports, so that bookies can have everything they need to get the caliber of player that they want. There are many reasons that we provide a better experience than what you’ll find elsewhere.

Below, we’ll discuss exactly why a bookmaker would want to use our site, over the other pay per head sites that you might find out there. Our site offers any number of wagering options, providing any bookie who uses our site what they need to stand out from the competition.

Pay Per Head Solutions: What is Pay Per Head Exactly?

A pay per head site (or “payperhead” as many often call it) is essentially software that serves as a kind of online sports betting business. It gives a bookie everything they would need to run a sportsbook (or “sports book”) online. Their players (or bettors or customers as they are also called) bet through the site. The bookie (or agent) is able to use the pay per head service just as they would an offline sportsbook. We devised our platform to be, from the very beginning, a provider that provides a solution. With hundreds of tools at your disposal, we stand out from the platforms in a variety of ways.

Software That Helps Bookies and Players

A pay per head (or “PPH”) is run by a bookie. They use our software to set basically everything they want to here, they run their own little betting world, so to speak. No matter whether their level of betting is small, medium, or big, they have the choice to make it how they want to be.

What You Can Determine With a Sportsbook

So, with our sportsbook, you can choose the lines, you can determine the money line, the odds, what bets players can make, and so forth. A player will come to your sportsbook (often found through a site or app) and then place a bet through the site. If they win the bet, you pay them. If they lose, you make money. Really, it’s all up to you. You’re on your own, you’re independent when it comes to the wagers. We provide the pay per head services, you have the opportunity to make up the rest.

Now, you might ask: “hey, all that about bettors, clients, and the like sounds great, but what’s the price? What do all of these games cost?” That’s where the “pay per head” part of the industry comes in. See, you don’t pay us anything out of your winnings. You don’t pay us a thing out of what you’ve won, whether you’ve lost, not in money, cash, cryptocurrencies, or the like. That’s not how things work, not for pay per head companies.

How to Pay Through Pay Per Head

Instead, (and this is one of the big benefits of the model), you only pay for the number of guys, gals, players/etc. that you have on your site. You don’t pay by the bet, the scores, anything of that nature – instead, you pay for the number of people on your site. That’s maybe the single biggest advantage to the entire online pay per head sportsbook business. It’s an opportunity for bookmakers where they grow with the sportsbook software. Your revenue is yours to keep, you pay someone in the pay per head industry based on each customer, each bettor, etc.

Benefits of Pay Per Head: A Casino, Too

When it comes to a pay per head services, it’s natural to think that it’s all about one sports game or another. Horse racing, our racebook, football, hockey, baseball, gambling on one team or another, etc. Sure, that’s what a lot of these kinds of apps offer, yes. But, here, you’ll find a much wider selection than just betting on a given sport. Instead, you’ll see that we have just about everything you’d find at casinos. Yes, that’s right, our page gives you games of chance as well as all of the sports betting action that you could imagine. This is one more reason that we’re considered the best; that we stand out from all of the others.

Casino Games of Your Choice “In-Play”

When we say we offer “casino games,” we don’t just mean one game or another. Oh no, we offer the best range of these types of services on the market. Case in point: here, you’ll be able to bet on poker, you’ll be able to play blackjack, you can play baccarat, you can play roulette, you can play the slots, the list goes on and on. Additionally, we have a live dealer casino, too. This is exactly what it sounds like: you’ll play, live, with a real dealer, (yes, with actual, human dealers) through your account. You can bet on these games in the way that you want. It’s one more thing that our company offers which you may not be able to find elsewhere.

Qualified Dealers for a Better Experience

Sure, there’s plenty of places that let you bet on sporting events, that have sports betting agents trying to get you to bet on one sporting event or another. And yes, you can do that all here, however you would like. But, we also have qualified staff who can support you in playing the game that you want. It’s something else that separates our pay per head provider from the rest.

Benefits of Our Pay Per Head

We know that, when it comes to going with one system, pay per head management software or another, you have plenty of options, in the English language and others. That’s just one of the main reasons that we do everything we can to stand out from the rest, to be at the very top.

Guides to Learn the Games

For starters, we have guides. These guides can tell your players (as well as you) just about everything to know about a given game. These resources server to provide you with all of the factors that could influence a game, all of the pertinent information, so that you and your users know what’s important before betting any amount on a game (or forming the basis of you setting your line). We’ve found this type of addition provides not just an example of what to know about a sport, but, from the reviews and testimonials we’ve received, it’s a simple fact it helps bettors and players alike.

Customer Service for Your Players

Another important addition: we have a call center. Moreover, by deciding to do your bookmaking with us, you’ll have your own call center, down in Costa Rica, that can provide each and every client you have with the kind of customer support they deserve. If they have questions, if they have needs which are going unmet, they can chat from anywhere with our staff and learn what it is that they need to know. Yes, we have a FAQ, but we’ve found that even the best form of that kind doesn’t provide the sort of care that most (or at least some) of players and bookies value.

When You See Our Logo, You’re Getting the Very Best

We don’t hire just anyone for our customer service, either. You’ll only get true, genuinely trained experts who can provide actual, hand crafted (for lack of a better phrase) assistance. This can be a real important factor when a player is determining whether or not they’ll return to one kind of pay per head service or another again, just as much as any props, any limits, pricing, and more. This shows up in review after review of our site. You’ll have your own dedicated phone line that your players can access when they have questions.

Pay Per Head that Lets You Pay and Play How You Want

When you wager, you take the risk, you make the payments. So, we believe that you should be able to bet (or order, etc.) how you want to. To that end, we do everything in our power to make our sports books more accessible to more people. So, if you want to bet the horses with bitcoin, we’ve got you covered. Want to bet on the big game with credit cards? You can do that, too. You control how you want to bet. It’s all part of our process. You bet on the games you want, you pick the ones you want, and then you name how you want to pay, how you want to deal, pay the fee, etc.

Your Money, Your Betting

Moreover, you can do so from any kind of mobile device, too. It’s our fervent belief that you should have the ability to do that, to bet on the games you want to your heart’s content. Any transactions, any deposits, and the like can be made with a kind of payment of your choose. We don’t do this because we’re chasing trends; we do it because we genuinely believe you should be able to deposit (as well as make withdrawals) in the right manner for your exact, specific needs. Those are just some of the reasons we get the results.

Pay Per Head Advantages

As we’ve established, there are no real “prices” to pay per head, beyond what you’re going to pay for having many different bettors on your site (indeed, if you’re like the bookies we already have, you won’t mind. That’s a major reason we stand out across so many markets.)

Many Ways to Bet, Many Ways to Win

Another reason that so many bookies (as well as gamblers) choose us because we offer a wide option range of winnings. We’re always running many different kinds of promotions. Each of these offers some kind of bonus (or even bonuses) to players who win big matchups. These players will be able to bet on the lines, the prop bets, and so much more through our site. As a bookie using our software, one of the biggest advantages you’ll have is what we can help you to offer through betting.

Bets to Be Made With Our Software

On just about all of the sports played in North America, your players will be able to bet on the point spread. They can bet on the money line (the odds) and so forth. They’ll be able to bet in all of those ways. They can pick winners, they can pick the teams that are going to win at the end of the game, sure. But, we also want to be able to offer them the kinds of bets that can help them to win throughout the game as well.

Types of Pay Per Head Bets

As a pay per head bookie, your players will be able to bet on prop bets, too. These are bets where the outcome isn’t determined by the end of the game, so to speak, who won or who lost, but rather, if a certain action took place. If it’s the Super Bowl, for example, maybe one quarterback threw for X amount of touchdowns, perhaps there was a prop bet on the coin toss, that kind of thing. These prop bets have become more popular over the years.


These bets are what they sound like: your players are betting on the future of a league, of an event. Perhaps they’re betting on which team is going to win the division, win the conference, win the championship, and so forth.


With this bet, your players are betting not on which team is going to win the game, but rather, if the combined score of both teams is going to exceed (or come in below) a certain amount.

In-Game Betting

One of our most popular newer options, bettors can bet even after the game has started. These bets follow as the game goes on, giving bettors the opportunity to win throughout the game.

Betting On the Ending of a Period of Time Within a Game

Bettors bet on who’s going to be ahead at the end of the first quarter, the first period, the 2nd inning, and so forth. With this, bettors can win during times other than the end of a game.

Setting Up a Pay Per Head Account

No matter if you’ve run a sportsbook for many years or you’re just getting started, it’s easier to start a pay per head site than you might think. Yes, reading this blog can help, but in addition to that, you’re also going to want to take advantage of our demo, too. With this demo, you’ll be able to use every function that our site has. You’ll be able to do this for one week. During that time, you’ll be able to use everything that we have.

Start a Pay Per Head Site Today

It’s never been easier to start a bookie business, to be able to have an additional revenue stream. Here at our site, so many people just like you have parlayed (see what we did there) their love of sports into a dream career (or, alternatively, an extra way to make money). We encourage you to, even if you’re just thinking about it, to give our demo a chance. Good luck!

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