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Honest PPH Software Review That You Need To Know

Since the online sports betting is considered as one of the fastest growing industry, many traditional bookmakers are striving to adapt to the industry’s “new normal.” Traditional way of bookmaking operation involves more personal interaction, phone calls, and ledger usage. However, the new normal for the sports betting industry involves the use of online features that makes the bookmaking operation faster and easier. Choosing the right pay per head service provider makes or breaks a bookmaking business. Therefore, traditional bookmakers are encouraged to research for a reliable pph software review before making a final decision. 

The first agenda in finding the right service provider is knowing your business needs. There are a lot of pay per head sportsbook software to choose from, but knowing what works for you and your client can help save a lot of time and effort. Available pph software review that you can check online provides the relevant information that you need. The review states the unique features, services offered, and the overall performance of the pph software. 

If you are looking for an honest and reliable pph software review, you are definitely on the right page. This article is written to enlighten aspiring and thriving bookmakers in choosing the right pay per head service provider. Read more and find out the pay per head software that you are looking for. 

PPH Software Review: What Makes IDSCA The Right Choice?

IDSCA stands for International Data Solution. It is a pioneer of the sports betting industry as it started to be in service since 1997. The company’s website started to be available online since 2002. Since then, IDSCA is committed in providing quality and trusted pay per head service with a concrete platform in sports betting. Furthermore, it exists to help expand bookmaking operations worldwide. 

Through a careful inspection for pph software review, IDSA offers a variety of sports betting options, such as online casino games, racebook, sportsbook, e-sports, and live betting. IDSCA ensures that the gambling options are improved and up-to-date. It has a group of experienced and professional multilingual customer service support available 24/7. IDSCA also included to its package a private, user-friendly website accessible for both bookmakers and clients. Moreover, the network is proven to be excellent and the security is well-protected and secure. Aside from the fair pricing IDSCA offers, it generously grants one week trial to bookmakers who aspire to inspect and test the software.  

pph software review


The look and feel of IDSCA’s website is indeed cutting edge. It is well-designed, functional, and efficient. The tabs and menus are readily accessible, which makes it easier to operate. This is indeed a good idea as clients come from different ages, so it is not going to cause confusion and difficulty once they access the website. Moreover, the most important part is, it is responsive. It does not take a lot of time to load once you click a certain option. You will automatically be led to your desired location. This is a crucial aspect to be considered as clients prefer to bet in a quick manner. Meeting and exceeding the clients’ expectation can surely help you build great relationship with your clients. Always put in mind that when clients are happy, they stay. Therefore, choose the right pay head service provider that can help you achieve this goal. 


The quality of IDSCA’s pay per head software is very impressive. It helped bookmakers to easily manage players. Moreover, their sportsbook software management has a lot of options to choose from. This is important to gain more clients as it captures a wider range of market. The live betting platform of IDSCA garnered a lot of positive feedback and it is considered to be one of the major highlights of this software. Since IDSCA has a comprehensive menu for the services offered, clients can easily find out what is there to check about. The pay per head software can be accessible to different platforms, such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Thus, there is no reason for clients to miss anything since it is designed to be available for clients any time of the day 24/7 and regardless of the location. 


The reporting system of a pay per head software is also an important part that needs to be taken into consideration. Through the reports, the bookmaker can monitor and track the overall operation of the bookmaking business. It can also determine what needs to be improved and changed. IDSCA offers a refined reporting tool to provide relevant data about the players, including cash flow transactions and wagering history. Bookmakers need to oversee the entire operation, despite having chosen the right pay per head service provider, because a great businessman cares about the status of the business and strives to make it the work. The trusted pay per head service provider, like IDSCA, can help you assist during operation and make it easier for you to achieve your goals for your bookmaking business.


Remember that by choosing the right pay per head service provider, you can maximize what you have. You can also increase your profit, widen your connections, and establish a successful bookmaking business. This pph software review is created to help you put an end to your worries since IDSCA, the best and trusted pay per head service provider since 1997, is indeed the right and only choice. Contact us at (866) 225-5437 and let’s get the ball rolling.

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