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Guram Kutateladze vs Elves Brener 7/1/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

Guram Kutateladze vs Elves Brener 7/1/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, Guram Kutateladze and Elves Brener will face off in the Octagon at UFC Vegas 76. Brener sits at +350 on the line, while Kutateladze is at -500.

The Georgian Bulldozer: Guram Kutateladze’s Unstoppable Fighting Preview

Guram “Georgian Viking” Kutateladze aims to improve his 12-3-0 career record. The 31-year-old is 5’11” in height and weighs 155 pounds. Arm span for the orthodox boxer is 72 inches. Elves Brener weighs 155 pounds and stands 5’10”. The orthodox boxer enters this match with a 14-3-0 record. The 25-year-old grows to be 72. Guram Kutateladze connects at a rate of 3.83 important strikes per minute, whereas Elves Brener scores 4.60 significant strikes per minute. Brener connects on 43% of his important blows, while Kutateladze lands 42%. “Georgian Viking” permits 4.37 major strikes per minute, whereas Brener allows 4.67 in the fighter’s defense. Brener blocks 58% of the bullets sent to him, whereas Kutateladze blocks 58% of the important blows delivered at him.

Guram Kutateladze is the more skilled grappler, taking down opponents 0.50 times per 15 minutes on average. When he attempts a takedown, Kutateladze succeeds 12% of the time while preventing 77% of his opponents’ attempts. Brener finishes takedown attempts on 15% of them and thwarts 85% of all shots against him. When it comes to going for the takedown, Kutateladze is the better of the two fighters, trying 0.7 takedowns every three rounds to Brener’s 0.3.

Guram Kutateladze faced Damir Ismagulov in his last match but was ultimately defeated by a split decision in round three. Of the 197 total blows made during that battle, Ismagulov ultimately connected 83. Kutateladze won this bout by landing 80 of 190 attempted blows. Ismagulov made 79 of 192 important strikes or 41% of all significant strikes. Of the 173 serious hits aimed at the head, 63 were successful. According to statistics, Kutateladze connected on 78 out of 187 major blows, or 41% of his total. He hit on 29 of the 129 blows aimed at the head out of all the important strikes he threw. Ismagulov connected on 96% of the key hits, whereas Kutateladze connected on 82%.

In June last year, Kutateladze lost against Damir Ismagulov in a split decision. The loss ended his prior nine-fight winning run, active since 2015. His fighting history shows 12 victories, including seven knockouts, one submission, and four decisions. His 12 wins have included four first-round finishes. Additionally, he has lost by a decision in two of his three games.

“Georgian Viking” is 42% accurate at hitting and 13% accurate at taking down. He deals 4.37 important blows per minute but only lands 3.83 of them. This conflict may be affected by the ratio, which is somewhat negative. His defensive percentage against damaging impacts is 59 percent, while his takedown defense is 77 percent. Additionally, he scores 0.50 takedowns every fifteen minutes of fighting. 

Guram Kutateladze vs Elves Brener 7/1/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

Dancing with Precision: Elves Brener’s Electrifying Fighting Preview

In the last bout for Elves Brener, he battled Zubaira Tukhugov and won by split decision in round 3. Tukhugov landed 97% of his significant strikes at a distance, and Brener connected on 95% of the significant strikes he attempted from a distance. Brener connected on 43% of the significant strikes he tried, connecting on 69 of 157. He ended up landing 30 of 101 significant strikes directed at the head. Tukhugov connected on 70 of the 169 significant strikes in that contest. Of those significant strikes, he connected on 64 of 160 to the head. Regarding the total strikes attempted in that contest, Tukhugov landed 73 of 172, and Brener ended up connecting on 82 of 170 of all the strikes he threw.

Brener is currently on a three-fight winning streak heading into this event. His most recent victory was a split decision against Zubaira Tukhugov in February of this year. His fighting resume shows that he has 14 wins: one knockout, 11 submissions, and two decisions. Eight of his 14 victories have resulted in first-round finishes, and all three losses have come by decision.

He has a striking accuracy of 44 percent but still needs to be for takedown accuracy. He lands 4.60 significant strikes a minute while taking on 4.67. This ratio is slightly negative but better than his current opponent’s. His defense against significant strikes is 59 percent, with a takedown defense of 100 percent. He has no averages for takedowns or submissions per 15 minutes of fight time.

Guram Kutateladze vs. Elves Brener. Brener, who frequently ends fights by submission, might be problematic because of the number of takedowns he scores every bout. Due to his outstanding takedown defense, Kutateladze should be able to maintain his position throughout the whole contest. Expect Kutateladze to triumph, maybe by decision.

Prediction: Take Guram Kutateladze to Win at -500

Location: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Saturday, July 01, 2023

Main Card: 7:00 PM ET

Prelims: 3:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+


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