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Growing Your Business with the Best pph Service Provider 2018

Working with the best pph Service Provider 2018 will help your online betting business grow. An expanding bookie website means more profits for the bookmaker and the pph program supplier as well. Bookies want their group of online players to have a fun and exciting experience whenever they connect with the betting platform the odds master brought them to play. Punters will sport the pay per head betting site when there is customer satisfaction with the services provided.


The Best pph Service Provider 2018 Delivers Customer Satisfaction to Bookies


The best pph provider 2018 understands that for the online betting business to thrive, its customers must have customer satisfaction. Bookmakers will benefit from the satisfied customers of the pph wagering platform when the punters brought into the group are happy in their gambling experience and usage of the program.


Satisfied online players will patronize the best pph service provider 2018 and will eventually increase their bets when they trust the betting platform. Contented clients will soon be spreading the word of an efficient and trustworthy pph solutions in the market. More customers coming to your betting business will increase the profits exponentially.

Growing Your Business with the Best pph Service Provider 2018


Significant Features of the Best pph Service Provider 2018


A Wide Array of Sporting Events

The best pph service provider 2018 provides its customers with a wide selection of local and international sporting events. The list of sports includes NCAA Basketball, Football (NFL), NBA, MLB, NCAA Football, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, Auto Races, Cricket, The Olympics, MMA among other Global Competitions.


Live In-Games

Live betting is the latest and most sought-after sports betting feature bookies and punters love to put their wagers. The technology immerses the online players in thrill and excitement as the games unfold before their eyes. The players have the option to bet even after the games started already.


Sports Betting Options

The best pph service provider 2018 has betting options for the online gamblers. The wagering options are straight bets with a money line, parlays, teasers, straight bets with point a point spread and other betting options for the gambler’s delight. There are more odds provided by the best pph service provider 2018 that are available on its website.


Player and Game Management


Bet Alerts

One of the ways you can have control of your players and manage your online betting business is to have the bet alerts from the best pph service provider 2018. Bookmakers will receive real-time bet alerts through their smartphones. Bookies can, therefore, manage their business through their mobile devices.


Settle Alerts

The best pph service provider 2018 gives their odds masters a settle alert tool that can increase profits and revenues. A settle alert notifies the bookie when he needs to pay or collect from a player before the settle limit reaches its deadline. This instrument makes an effective way to manage your online business.


Player Weekly Balance Tracker

This tool is one of the most significant features that the best pph service provider can give to the bookmakers. The betting site business tool provides the weekly balances report of the bookie’s online players. As a bookmaker, the tool allows you to view each gambler’s gambling activity over the week. The app allows you to see if your business is earning or losing money. By your player analysis, you can adjust the strategy to maintain the business profitability.


Hold Percentages

Hold percentages are the determining factor that indicates the win/loss status of every player under each agent. The tool allows a bookmaker to calculate the financial status of the online betting business. Generation of reports is very important to your online wagering operations. The best pph service provider 2018 delivers the data to its bookmakers so they can calculate the hold percentages and make any adjustments as required for the business to stay profitable.


Online Casinos


The betting platform has an option to have an online casino in their betting platform. Punters want online casinos to have various table games in its offers. Games like online blackjack, baccarat, roulette, Pai Gow poker, Sic Bo, Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas hold’em poker, Red Dog Poker, Craps and other table games.   


Horse Track Racing


The best pph service provider 2018 has the capability to equip its betting platform with a horse track racing software. Important horse track races in the US are the Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes at the Pimlico Race Tracks in Baltimore, Maryland 2 weeks after the Derby. After three weeks of the Baltimore races, comes the Belmont Stakes in Belmont Park, Long Island. These are the three lucrative horse races in the US that start every May 18 of the year.


The best pph service provider 2018 gives a free customizable betting website to its bookmakers. The free site allows bookmakers to set its design according to how they will run the operation. The website’s image is attractive at first glance for new players to use the betting platform.


At IDSca, there are more tools available for the odds masters to help their businesses earn higher profits. The best pph service provider 2018 also delivers real-time watch report of players enjoying its services. The report generates essential data for the bookmakers that makes monitoring of their players easy. Bookies can manage their online business on the dashboard


What Punters Want in a Betting Platform


The best pph service provider 2018 fully supports its odds masters so they can do what they ought to be doing in the first place. The bookie should focus on how to attract more players to his gambling site. The potential punters will be looking for significant features that could sway them to register in your online betting site.


Here are some important attributes punters will be looking for in the best pph service provider 2018:


Mobile Ready

The betting platform given by the sportsbook has to be mobile ready if it comes from one of the best pph service provider 2018. The pph software is downloadable to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices with adequate internet services. The setup will allow players to bet anytime and from anywhere across the globe. The mobile ready platform increased the number of gamblers with this new niche joining the gambling industry. The feature will grow your bookie online business boosting revenues.


Live Betting

Punters love to bet for their favorite teams with the game happening as it is on a play. The feature allows players to place their bets even after the game already started.


Sports Betting

The best pph service provider 2018 offers a sportsbook betting platform where punters can have a wide selection of scheduled sporting events around the world. The wagering platform should have reliable sportsbooks that deliver accurate information regarding player injury alerts, live odds, odds alerts, TV listings, and other betting options.


Payment Option Facilities

The best pph service provider 2018 should have payout and money transfer options. Poor payout system can cause player abandonment from our website. Punters want their winnings released as soon as they won their bets. The betting platform should have a 24-hour cashier.


Perks and Bonus

A pay per head software service provider offers perks and bonuses to attract more players to its bookie website. Take advantage of these offers, they will help you in your initial trial of the wagering site. Other perks include free tickets to events, vacation spree,

dinner for two among other bonuses for new players of the betting platform.


IDSca can deliver the needs of every bookmaker and punter using the sportsbooks, online casinos, and horse track racing punters using their pph software. Visit our website at and take our sportsbook for a spin. Experience the smooth operations of IDSca and start making money for your bookie website.


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