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With its unpredictable pattern, the crisis continues to take its toll on society and have severe negative impacts on the global economy. In an effort to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, the world has been forced to come to a standstill. The hysteria around coronavirus made people lose their jobs, streets empty, prohibit mass gatherings, and temporary closure several businesses. The sports betting industry is no exception. Several sports betting companies reported huge losses as nearly all major sporting events canceled. This is where IDSca’s Pay Per Head Software offers the solution. Bookies will get help from the best bookie software provider in the market.

But the crisis did not stop there. Sales are expected to fall short causing ripple through effects amongst newbies and even professional bookmakers. Though major league events have resumed in July and August, bookmakers and their betting platforms are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. 

How The Betting Industry is Affected

Because of the greater sense of urgency,  priority measures proposed solutions to get the economy back to its feet. Plans are underway to help countries slowly reopen business and rescue the gambling economy from the rifts that just happened. However, the virus presence will continue to dramatically affect the sports betting industry.

Without live sports, limited events for enthusiasts will be available. Though horse betting at race tracks is ongoing, it is still not enough to bring the business its expected profit margin. Avid gamblers are switching to online casinos to fill the daily void.

With the conclusion of the NBA and MLB seasons, the sports betting industry is starting to bolster confidence.  Bookmakers and punters are eagerly waiting for the opening of the NHL season, with hopes of earning a huge profit to make up for the major losses they incurred. With weeks into the competition, the NFL and Collegiate Footbalare is continuously attracting viewers and rapidly increasing new players in wagering platforms.

The impact of the current pandemic is clearly transparent to anyone in the sports betting industry. No one is an exception as it even affects the biggest commercial online sportsbooks. Every day, bookmakers face the challenge to make necessary decisions and adjustments to adapt to the new norm. Not until the pandemic ultimately ends, things will never go back to the way they were.

Best Bookie Software Provider

IDSca’s Best Bookie Software Provider Business Response Plan

There is hope that after long periods of despair that the difficult situation will come to an end. IDSca’s pay per head software will be your guiding light with a solution to end the months of declining profits.  

Don’t keep looking at the wrong place; choose the premier pay per head software offered by IDSCa. With more than 20 years of experience in the highly competitive betting industry, IDSca prepared a well-thought-out plan to handle every situation. As everyone continues to wage war against the pandemic, IDSca aims to decrease the unnecessary bulk to your current stressors. Amidst the pandemic, our company relentlessly continues to exhaust efforts to deliver only the best services to our bookmakers. Our pay per head software has an assortment of management tools that stands out amongst competitors in the market. Get the best bargain with a pay per software that does not compromise its quality at a cost-effective price. Avail of our service and get your online bookie business back to its feet fast.

  • IDSCA Give Free Service to Customers

We understand that everyone suffered significant financial losses during these struggling times. To provide some kind of financial relief to bookmakers, IDSca, the best bookie software provider, is giving free service to its customers when you decide to become an agent of our company.

  • Enjoy Daily & Weekly Events

Even if it’s free, new bookmakers will avail of the quality service it delivers. Current bookies can continue to enjoy the action from daily and weekly events from racebooks and online digital casinos. 

The bottom line is that IDSca knows what it takes to run and manage a successful bookie business under the best conditions. We understand your needs and we have the track record of over two decades in the online betting business to prove that we are capable of pulling your sportsbook through the pandemic.

IDSca’s commitment to helping bookies become the toptier betting platform is the primary driving force on why we never settle for less. Our company continuously finds ways to further improve our services to cater to the needs of the masses. Spare yourself the trouble and let our top-rated pay per head service do its job. Expect an influx of new players and increase profit margins with our effective response plan.

IDSca will see your Online Betting Business Through

Maintain a sustainable and profitable business with IDSca’s premier pay per head service. Learn how to survive in this pandemic as we provide you with alternative options to earn revenue and increase profit margins. Strategic measures involving taking one of your biggest operating costs off the table and implementing operational business efficiencies are just part of the overall recovery plan. Our company will be looking after your welfare to survive this condition the betting industry is facing.

Take the first step that will completely change your life. Reach us through phone, email, text, or even online chat to find out how you can sign up for your business response program. IDSca is available 24/7/365 to help you manage your online betting business.

The impact of the coronavirus will not only depend on its severity or duration but also on whether the public will change their behaviors. Visit us at and learn how IDSca can help you through the pandemic crisis. Call us now at 1-886-225-5437.

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