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Finest Pay Per Head Sites: What Players Need to Know

Each year, hundreds of betting sites come on the scene which makes it confusing for players to choose the best pay per head sites. If you’re a novice to the online gambling realm, it’s understandable if you get confused. Instead of thinking about how credible a site is and its bookie software, you might be asking what are the finest pay per head sites you can place your bets on.

What Make the Finest Pay Per Head Sites?

Players should take into consideration a few things before they start joining or placing bets on a particular betting site. As a bettor as well, you need to make a thorough research before choosing the finest pay per head sites of your choice. 

The best pay head sites must be able to provide its players with an exceptional gaming and betting experience. Bettors must have access to the following aspects that make pay per head sites the best.

Higher Wagering Odds on All Markets

A majority of bettors may consider that it’s enough when a bookie provides a 96% to 97% just on the Win-Draw-Win (WDW) market. That should not be the case, because the best pay per head sites usually offer competitive odds. It also delivers a very favorable payout in nearly every market and not in particular. 

International Data Solutions or IDSCA is one of the best pay per head sites in the sports betting industry. Since 1997, it has been providing services to land-based sportsbooks. Through the years, they have become one of the most credible pay per head service around the globe.  

Speedy Live Betting Along with Live Streaming

Many consider that the present and future of sports betting is live betting. There could be choosy players and can’t make a deal with just competitive odds even if it’s compelling to have a payment of 94% or more.  As a bookie, you need to explore more particular features to be offered.

Live streaming is a necessary tool not only for the bettors, while a couple of live sports events being offered varies between bookies. Quickbet is essential for placing bets right on the spot without any setbacks. Multiview, on the other hand, should allow you to view at least 4 events all at the same time. Acceptance of bet ranges from 5 seconds or less. 

finest pay per head sites

Cash-Out with High Payout

For several years, cash-out became the outright tool for bettors and its development has been expansive along with the classic, automatic, and partial cash out. If the best pay per head sites offer all of these, it would be a big advantage for both bookies and players.  

If you’re a sophisticated bettor, it’s a must that you check the payout of the cash-out of the best pay per head sites. This is usually between 91% and 95% which depends on the market. If this is the case, you can expect a bigger return. Likewise, it’s imperative that the feature is handy until the last phases of the game which also applies to single and multiple bets.  

Promising and Better Campaign

A “Welcome Bonus” could be enticing. However, it’s the everyday offers and the constancy of custom-built promos are the ones that provide extra points. Enhanced odds and free bets are some of the things that you shouldn’t miss.  The best pay per head sites with better offers mean more profitable for bettors. What’s even great if there’s a loyalty program where bookies reward players. 

Wide Selection of Leagues and Markets

 The best pay per head sites provides thousands of pre-match every month, daily live matches, extra markets, and sports events. Quantity matters that’s why they need to offer more and diverse markets and sports to their players. Not all players have the same favorite games or athletes. Likewise, not all of them place the same type of bet and have different preferences. 

Easy to Use Mobile Site and Apps

Most bettors are busy with their work and would prefer to place their bets while on the go. The use of mobile sites and apps from the finest pay per head sites makes it possible and more convenient for players. They are not tied to their computers and are able to place their bets whenever and wherever they are. 

Take note that the app must not exceed 35 to 40 MB because the bigger it is, the longer the loading time it will take. In case there is no app available yet from the best pay per head sites, there should be at least a betting site that can be accessed.   

Extra Features Enhancing Player’s Betting Experience

Aside from giving emphasis on the site’s web design such as color and structure, you must also check the extra features being offered. You should not have difficulty searching for the team or match you want to place your bet on. Additionally, you should be able to combine different wagers from a single match. There’s also a feature that allows you to change your bet freely and at any time.

Exceptional Day and Night Customer Service

Best pay per head sites that offer 24/7 customer service is not available. What is the use of the round the clock customer service if they cannot resolve the matter in a timely manner? The customer representatives must be able to acknowledge the concern and should provide answers immediately. 

It would be even great if the best pay per head sites could provide more than one channel of communication such as live chat and emails aside from phone calls. Also, it’s important that the representatives are multilingual since players of different races will be placing their bets from around the world, to prevent the language barrier.  

Payment System

The usual standard payment among the best pay per head sites includes the use of cards and international e-wallets to name a few. If players have more choices, the easier it will be for them to deposit and withdraw from their accounts. Likewise, the acknowledged withdrawal times for each type must not exceed 24 hours in e-Wallets and up to three days for bank wires and cards.

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