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FIFA World Cup: Americans to bet $1.8 Billion In It

The American Gaming Operation recently conducted an inaugural survey on FIFA World Cup betting. The survey revealed that a total of 20.5 million (8%) adult Americans will place their combined bets of $1.8 billion on the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The survey also found out that the majority of World Cup punters (72%) will place traditional bets either online, with a bookie, or at a physical sportsbook.

Anticipated Breakdown of Betting Avenues For FIFA World Cup by Punters

The Survey also finds that around 9.8 million ( 48% ) of FIFA World Cup Bettors will place their wagers online in the event. Six million bettors ( 29% )  plan to place their bets with a friend and 4.7 million punters ( 23% ) will put their stakes via a physical casino or sportsbook while 4.1 million, 20%, plan to up their stakes through a bookie.

In addition, 3.5 million (17%) plan to put their stakes as part of a paid pool or fantasy contest. World Cup punters declare that they prefer to place their bets on legitimate betting venues than risk their wagers on the black market. They said it is important to have their bets on legal betting structures.

AGA Senior Vice president for Casey Clark said as the FIFA World Cup has a worldwide availability of legal sports betting, the Tournament will surely be the most soccer event with an open market bettors will place their wagers on. Clark added that 50% of American adults in the US have access to legal betting avenues in the local market. Legitimate sports betting will further dig deep into American fan indulgence in the most-viewed sporting event in the globe.

More Survey Results Unveiled

According to a survey, three in 10 or 29% of American adults who are going to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup will want to put their stakes on their favorite team in the tournament.

Gen Z  or 11% and Millennials 14% of this fan base are more interested in betting on the FIFA World Cup than Gen X (8%) and Baby Boomers (2%).

Most adult Americans would wager If given $50 to bet on the United States (24%) to win the World Cup, followed by Brazil at 19%, Argentina at 17%, and Germany at 10%

The world gambling community suggests that bettors should have a plan of action for smart betting in the FIFA World Cup. That means that only spare what you can afford in this game of chance. But with sufficient knowledge sports sites offer to gamblers, aficionados can bet smartly and enjoy the thrill their wagers can bring. A smart gambler can even win over sportsbooks on betting decisions based on what he knows about the teams. is a site gamblers should visit for more FIFA World Cup information. 

Another Survey for the Betting Public’s Information

An online survey was conducted by Morning Consult for AGA between November 3 to 5 2022, on a national survey sample of 2,213 American adults. The data was gathered to determine the target samples of adults based on age, ethnicity, race, educational attainment, gender, and region.

The survey shows that the margin of error on bet placement is +/-2 percent and is even greater in subgroups. Included in this survey are punters who prefer to post their bets online, with a bookie, with a casino sportsbook, in a pool or squares competition, or in casual wagering with friends.

The conduct of this field of the survey comes as 31 States and Washington D.C. presently have live features. Lega; betting markets, and with five additional legal markets ready to launch. 

In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, only 10 million have access to betting in the prestigious event in three States only that featured live betting and legal markets.. In the 2022 Tournament, legal sports betting is presently available to 132 million American adults in their local States. 

As for the United States Men’s Soccer National Team, analysts expect the US team to get out of Group B into the knockout stage, but oddsmakers don’t expect them to go much further. The Americans could advance to the knockout stage but they aren’t the top team in Group B.

There are plenty of American players to watch in the World Cup that will help the team propel to higher levels of competition in this tournament.. Christian Pulisic undoubtedly leads the way, and that’s reflected in this prop bet for which player will lead the USMNT in goals scored. Following Pulisic is Josh Sargent with Jesus Pereira.

Sportsbooks’ Call on the US Team’s Bid in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Sportsbooks have offered their betting odds and predicted at what level the USMNT head for the lockers. A Sportsbook offered the US exit in the Group Stage level at -118. The odds for the US team to exit at the round of 16 is +225. The quarterfinal is +900, and the semi-final rounds at +1800. The odds for the US team up to the finals is +5000. Winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup is +15,000.

Visit www, bow for more tips on how to place your bets on the FIFA World Cup.

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