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Evan Elder vs Genaro Valdez 7/15/2023 Odds, Expert Picks and Tips

Evan Elder vs Genaro Valdez 7/15/2023 Odds, Expert Picks and Tips

At UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Silva on July 15, 2023, two accomplished mixed martial artists, Evan Elder, and Genaro Valdez, are scheduled to square off. This battle is exciting to watch since each participant brings unique abilities and tenacity to the octagon.

Evan Elder, also called “The Phenom,” has a 7-2 record in his professional career. Elder, who is 5’10” and weighs 155 pounds, has a remarkable reach of 72 inches. He is renowned for his ability to alter his posture throughout battles, making it challenging for his adversaries to anticipate his blows. Elder displays his technical mastery in the stand-up game with a striking accuracy of 48% and a significant strike defense of 43%. In terms of grappling, Elder maintains a 0.59 takedown frequency and a 12% takedown accuracy. With a 28% takedown defense, he can resist being taken down by his opponents. Elder mainly uses his punching and takedown defense skills to overpower his opponents because he doesn’t try mediocre submissions.

Evan Elder is the less adept wrestler since he only scores a takedown 0.59 times per 15 minutes. On 12% of his attempts, Elder puts his opponents on the ground, while on 28%, Elder successfully resists the takedown. Valdez stuffs 40% of all takedown attempts made against him while taking his opponents down on 44% of his attempted takedowns. Elder is the least competent of the two fighters when trying for the sub, attempting 0.3 reserves per three rounds compared to Valdez’s 0.6.

Evan Elder faced Nazim Sadykhov in his last match but was ultimately defeated by TKO after a round three medical stoppage. Sadykhov ultimately connected on 71 of the 141 blows he launched in this battle. Elder prevailed in this battle, connecting on 84 out of 158 blows. Considering significant strikes, Sadykhov made 64 of 132, giving him a 48% rate. Of the 103 critical head-directed blows he made, 38 were successful. On the other side of the cage, Elder stuck 70 of 142, landing 49% of his significant blows. He was 25 of 87 targeted at the head, which was an accurate percentage for the big blows. Elder and Sadykhov made strong blows from a distance, connecting 85% of them.

Evan Elder vs Genaro Valdez 7/15/2023 Odds, Expert Picks and Tips

Genaro “Rayadito” Valdez weighs 155 lbs. and has a height of 5’9″. The orthodox boxer enters the ring with a 10-2-0 record. Evan Elder connects on 3.78 critical strikes per minute, while Genaro Valdez scores 3.96 significant strikes per minute. Valdez makes 32% of his considerable strikes land, whereas Elder lands 48%. The Octagon defenses of “The Phenom” and “Rayadito” allow 5.42 and 7.63 significant strikes per minute, respectively. In addition, Elder deflects 43% of the big blows aimed at him, while Valdez deflects 47% of the projectiles fired in his direction. 

Valdez has an orthodox stance with a reach of 72 inches. Valdez exhibits an aggressive approach, connecting with opponents at a rate of 3.96 strikes per minute. Valdez shows his capacity to connect on shots and avoid his opponents’ attacks with a striking accuracy of 32% and a high strike defense of 47%. With an average of 2.50 takedowns landed every 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 44%, Valdez’s grappling abilities are awe-inspiring. His 40% takedown defense demonstrates his capacity to fend off opponents’ attempts to bring him down. Valdez has a dangerous ground game and tries 0.6 submissions on average per 15 minutes.

The 31-year-old Valdez faced Natan Levy in his final fight, and in round three, he was declared the loser by unanimous decision. Valdez hit 83% of the important blows he attempted from a distance, whereas Levy ultimately connected on 98% of his significant attempts. Valdez made 49 out of 158 critical strikes, or 31% of his attempts. He hit the head with 121 powerful blows, 26 of which were successful. Levy ultimately scored 67 of the contest’s 135 key hits. He hit the head on 22 out of 79 essential hits, which is an accurate rate. Levy scored 69 of the 137 total hits in that bout, while Valdez scored 62 of the 173 total hits.

Evan Elder and Genaro Valdez had successful and unsuccessful past battles against challenging opponents. At UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Blanchfield, Nazim Sadykhov was the opponent Elder most recently lost to by unanimous decision. Valdez’s most recent defeat came in a unanimous decision against Natan Levy at UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Holland. Elder and Valdez are anticipated to deliver a tough and challenging bout to the octagon with their skill sets and tenacity. Fans won’t want to miss the battle between Evan Elder and Genaro Valdez.

Evan Elder vs Genaro Valdez. According to statistical research and both fighters’ prior performances, Genaro Valdez is expected to prevail in the bout between Evan Elder and him. Valdez holds the advantage in this battle despite Elder’s strong track record and shown hitting prowess. The fact that Valdez dominates in the hitting accuracy, takedown average, and submission average categories show that he can control the fight on the ground and with his feet. So Genaro Valdez (Moneyline) would be the choice for this battle.

Prediction: Genaro Valdez +240

Location: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Saturday, July 15, 2023

Main Card: 10:00 PM ET

Prelims: 6:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+

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