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Emotional Gambling – A Dangerous Game

Yes, it is natural to be proud of winning, it is also normal to be afraid to lose. However, if you could not control these emotions, they might get out of hand. If they get out of hand, they would control you. And yes, emotional gambling is a dangerous game.

Just like in business, intelligent gambling relies on your ability to handle the situation. As you do not possess the ability to control how the boxer in a match does or what cards will come out in a poker game, you must consider what you can control.

Controlling the Bankroll: Emotional Gambling

For one, controlling your bankroll is very crucial to limiting big losses. You must only play with money that you could afford to lose. Putting your mortgage repayment on the Cavaliers to beat the Bucks because you blew your savings is not a wise way to do things.

Anyone who acts this way is giving in to their emotions. The hurt pride of losing the bet, the fear of losing that money, and the anxiety of explaining to their partner why they lost can lead to this type of behavior. 

Emotional gambling is quite a dangerous game for a lot of reasons. Gambling can be devastating if not treated with respect.

After all, the food blender is a pretty harmful household item. It only becomes dangerous when you choose to put your hand in to see how quick those blades can turn.

Emotional Gambling

Gambling and Emotion

Whether you like it or not, emotions and gambling are linked. Ever heard of the phrase “Poker Face” in a business aspect? The context here is that business and emotion do not work well together. Allowing your emotions to affect anything involving money is a big no; and this could also apply to gambling.

A lot of casual gamblers take to sports betting sites for emotional causes.  For example, if your team made it to the SuperBowl for the first time in your life, you would be driven by the urge to see them win.

Placing a huge wager on your favorite players to earn their first rings could even make it feel as though you are part of the success. But if they lose, and you lose your money on that bet, the emotional response to it could be a bitter one.

You would see emotional bets when it comes to tournaments such as the Rugby World Cup in or the FIFA World Cup. After all, what gets national pride more fired up than playing rivals from neighboring countries?

A Weird Relationship – Gambling and Emotion

If you are going to a busy casino for the first time, it would be like taking the first sip of an emotional cocktail. First of all, the loud sounds and bright lights stirred up an initial sense of joy and excitement. Once the response to all of it set in, the anticipation that comes with placing your first wager on the roulette table took over. This, in turn, changed to the sense of accomplishment and excitement that arrived with winning $900 on number 23.

But this did not last long. By the time you had drinks and gambled that span of betting options away, your bankroll ran back  into the ground. The feeling of having lost more money than you hoped to set in, leaving you the feeling of stupidity for yearning more when you were ahead..

The next day, you thought about what happened and promised yourself to not make the same mistakes.  Losing like that again, would not be because of emotional responses. A lesson learned but one that was more valuable than the money lost that night. A lot more valuable. Learn from these mistakes.

Avoiding Emotions when Gambling

Detecting an emotional gambler is not as easy as you might think. Observe some gamblers jumping for joy, losing their cool, or making weird hand gestures in front of slots. Then again, some are experienced at hiding their emotions. You would not notice if they are winning or losing by the way they disguise how they feel. Just because they maintain silence does not always mean that they are not screaming on the inside. 

As anyone with even the least experience of playing poker can tell you, it could be difficult to detect emotion in many people. Then again, others genuinely look “zoned out” because they are so shocked in what is going on.

More often, you would see slots players and video poker enthusiasts who look completely appalled in their betting activity. Some of these players enjoy the feeling of, well, not feeling anything at all.

In a state of mind where problems or life’s daily challenges are pushed to the back of their minds, these gamblers are in a different world and far from their worries. They are escaping these concerns by locking themselves in.

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