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How to detect PPH Scammers and avoid spurious sites from ripping you off

Cyber and PPH scammers are prevalent all over the Internet Information Avenue. It is important to be aware of their mode of operations so we can keep our hard earned money from being taken away from us. The same goes with online betting through PPH sites that entice enthusiasts to use their services for their superb features and benefits. Individuals, hoping to place a secured bet and will be comfortable in their chances of winning them through the PPH sites, will try the offer that promises tempting results. To spot these scheming sites from cheating unknowing players, here are some things that bettors should consider.


Things to consider when Scouting for a Genuine PPH site

PPH Site Scams will require you to buy irrelevant software or any item from other companies

If the PPH site requires you to purchase software or any equipment for your startup involvement, it is a scheming website. An official PPH site does not oblige you in buying. It even provides you the software for free to help you in your betting options for the game in play. When this approach crosses your path, you might want to drop the invitation immediately as it is not worth it. An example of this is a requirement to buy a medical billing software. Why buy for something that you may not be able to use or cannot return if it does not serve your purpose? Shy away from this PPH site scammers as soon as you can.


Enticing you to start immediately before setting the mode of payment

A PPH scam site will lure you to start immediately even before establishing the forms of payment. Coaxing lines like ” You may start now, we will talk about payment terms later,” sound familiar? A dialogue of a seasoned PPH scammer goes like this with promises of everlasting monetary benefits. A PPH scammers will do a force selling method just to get you to enroll in their site. Do not allow the sweet talk and pressured dialogue to win over you. You might want to take another path when the selling ensues. A responsible bettor will design his bets concerning his income. Don’t allow the site to walk over your betting options by sacrificing your income bracket.


Improper Use of language when communicating with potential clients

Be wary of PPH sites that use text lingo in their proposals in luring you to register in their online business. A PPH site representative that emails you the details of a betting opportunity in text and abbreviated language is a bad sign of a PPH scam site. Here is what could happen when such language enters your email:

• A tendency for misunderstood messages like abbreviations such as LOL, WTF, and other forms of shortcuts is possible.

• Text language in your email could send the wrong tone to the reader

• Text language is bad when delivering negative news

• It is also improper to reset scheduled meetings and venues through text language

• Be careful with voice-to-text messaging.

Unprofessional use for formal communications is a bad omen of a scheming site proposing to acquire its services. Be alert to this PPH Scam site when you read transmission proposals via texting or emails that contain text language.


PPH site scams do not deliver a clear response to their deals and products

When a PPH site has no clear overview of what it offers and has no personality of their business, better think twice before entering the transaction, it is a scam. A PPH site that does not have a clear mailing or office address, no phone numbers, or accurate information about their company and business, it is a definite sign of a devious scammer. Responses from the wily PPH site will sound crafty and indefinite when you start asking questions about their products, online betting options, and company profile. Questions like “who’s financing the company?”, “Do the bookies have sufficient experience for the job”?. If the items are not acceptable, then part ways with them. You need a company that you are comfortable with its system.


  • PPH Site Scams that promise significant returns for your online bets


Illegal PHH sites lure their victims by the assurance of great rewards in online betting. They glamorize in what you will get when you register on their site and receive rewards by winning the winning formula they gave to you. Genuine PPH sites understand the odds of betting and do not assure bettors of winning the prize involved in online betting.  Legitimate PPH sites know that betting online ensures no one of winning their bets. The agencies that are true to their trade understand this and do not provide winning formulas as a form of enticement to online bettors.


  • Volunteered betting options from the PPH site


When betting options come into your email without your solicitation, consider from betting into these volunteered winning combinations. It is a bit suspicious why they are forcing you to believe that you can win. Remember that there is no definite assurance of a winning combination or option in hitting the pot. Stay away from this approach and try to look for a PPH site that you can place your bet reasonably. Volunteered winning combination is a sign of a PPH website scam and could take away your cash in a jiffy.


  • PPH site scams send their inappropriate email communications through questionable representation


Emails from illegal PPH site scams usually come in with no return email addresses, no official logo on the transmission document, without a phone and no return address. The PPH site scammer will offer a ton of excuses from site renovation to the scam site experiencing spam problems making the site in an under repair mode. You will also observe that the PHH site scam representative is using his email under the Yahoo or Gmail suffixes. Other reasons for indefinite site representation is the site’s server failure, or it is undergoing major repairs.


  • Pressure selling from the PPH site representative


A PPH site scam representative will do a rush calling technique to a potential victim for an immediate trial of the online betting feature. The scammers will promise the benefits to tempt you to register in their site and avail of their services. The pressure selling method is a tempting proposition taking advantage of individuals to make poor investment decisions. Real PPH sites help the player make the wise judgment to avoid the real mistakes on the game they will be playing. Once a bettor makes the rushed decision, he will be in a trap wherein the site scammers take advantage of him.


  • Confidential Information is a requirement by a PPH site scammer


A PPH website scam will require the victim the confidential information that they will be using in their illegal trade. The site will even ask you money in advance for services and products you don’t have yet. To make sure that they are legit, check the web address bar if it is https://, and not HTTP://.


  • Your inner conscience will tip you if it is a PPH site scam


Believe in your gut instinct as it tells you that your intuition is right most of the time. Check on legal forums or make a background check about the company that you are getting involved. Pay attention to the PPH site’s responses. Be systematic in your information gathering concerning the legitimacy of the site. Don’t be in a hurry to comply with the requirement the site is asking. Don’t be overly excited about your involvement with these agencies.

Now that you can spot the red flags that warn of a PPH site scam, you can either take the risk and proceed to bet online on this site or stay safe and continue your search for the winning formula in a new arena.

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