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In the highly competitive online gambling industry, gambling behaviors are changing. Players are more careful in placing bets and carefully analyze each event for their advantage. The struggle for every bookie is in finding a way to outwit the smart bettors. Without perfect knowledge of betting patterns, a skillful bettor can easily manipulate a bookie. IDSca understands this daily challenge of starting bookies. Our company is readily available to assist every bookie in dealing with smart bettors and be ahead in your top online betting business.

From medical innovations to advancements in transportation technology, humans have limitless potential. With imbued knowledge, humans strategically change their behavior to adapt to situations. 

In What Ways is Your Pay Per Head Software Helping You?

If you look up various sites for tips on how to outsmart online bookmakers, endless articles give unsolicited advice and so-called know-hows. The good thing is that they are all baseless information and pose no real threat to your online bookie business. They are mostly false articles giving clichéd and generic advice on how to win at sports betting.

However, there are links to actual odd calculating software designed to analyze betting lines and predict the outcome of an event. There are also links to reliable sports pick services that are successful in helping bettors to be always at an advantage.

This type of software became immensely popular in Europe, which caused some bookmakers to go out of business. The cunning bettors then turned to offshore sportsbooks located outside of Europe.

America also became vulnerable to the unscrupulous methods of cunning software packages. It caught many bookmakers by surprise that resulted in burdensome financial losses. Working in the online gambling industry is no easy feat and is an everyday struggle with these smart bettors.

Top Online Betting Business: Bookmaker’s Right Hand

A pay per head service is a bookmaker’s, right-hand entity. They work in tandem towards achieving the same goal for the online betting business. A top-tier pay per head software elevates the quality of any wagering platform to stand out amongst other competitors. Also, it should assist bookmakers in effectively handling situations involving smart bettors. Unfortunately, a standard pay per head software can barely do an excellent job in counteracting the strategic tactics of skillful bettors. They do not have enough experience and have difficulty in detecting malicious actions. Unfortunately, a standard pay per head software can barely do an excellent job in counteracting the strategic tactics of skillful bettors. 

A mediocre pay per head gives slower responses and is barely capable of informing about potential threats. It necessitates the assistance of a reliable software provider with years of expertise to do the job of protecting your business.

Top Online Betting Business

IDSCA: Leading Pay Per Head Software Provider

IDSca’s pay per head software is at your rescue. As one of the leading software providers, our company guarantees the provision of excellent bookie services made available at a cost-effective price. Trusted by bookmakers worldwide, IDSca has skilled professionals trained in risk management to detect unusual behavior and malicious attempts from new and existing players.

A bettor who knows more than the bookie creates an interesting dilemma for both parties. Each side will crowdsource reliable information about the expected results of an event. Players are getting smarter every day by exploring different strategies. Strategies to ultimately master the art of finding value in lines and spotting poorly managed lines.

Therefore, you should only work with reliable pay per head companies like IDSca. Our loyal customers only have positive feedback with regards to providing solutions to problems a bookmaker may face. We are known for our software’s security and functionality to protect against any malicious attack.  The staff can only do so much with informing about the potential threat or unusual betting patterns and players who seem to have significantly improved their winning percentages overnight. The final decision is solely up to the bookmaker. He could choose to close the account or impose a limit on the bettor’s credit.

A bookmaker who wants the best for his wagering platform should not settle for inaccuracies in data and slow responses from the risk management team. For any bookie, they deserve the best level of service that only IDSca can offer.

The Smart Money: How Sports Bettors outsmart Bookmakers

“Smart money” is large wagers placed by professional gamblers. These gamblers have profound knowledge in analyzing predictive outcomes to earn bigger bankrolls. They know what they are doing and can turn an event to their advantage. On the other hand, “public money” refers to the amount of money or side where the majority of casual bettors heavily invest on.

How it’s Reflected in a Sportsbook

IDSca’s Pay Per Head software offers real-time operation monitoring. It also offers an extensive module on account management tools suited for your style. Be updated with your players’ performance standings, wagers they placed, and any unusual behavior. When sharp players start to bet, we waste no time to counteract any of their malicious attempts. Avoid being a victim of underhand schemes and eliminate the culprit by acquiring the best system powered by our pay per head software.

Visit us at to know what is in store for you when you opt for our pay per head software. Call now at (886) 225-5437.

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