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Davey Grant vs Daniel Marcos7/22/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

Davey Grant vs Daniel Marcos7/22/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

UFC London Fight Night 224

On July 22, 2023, Davey Grant and Daniel Marcos will square off at UFC London. Grant is at +115 on the opening moneyline, while Marcos is at -140.

Davey “Dangerous” Grant had a 15-6-0 record going into this fight. The 37-year-old is 5’8″ and weighs 135 pounds. The orthodox combatant increases his range to 69.” Daniel “Soncora” Marcos is 135 pounds and 5’7″ tall. The fighter is 14-0-0 in orthodox combat. The 30-year-old possesses a 69-inch wingspan. Davey Grant scores 4.78 significant strikes per minute, while Daniel Marcos scores 6.01 critical strikes per minute. Grant makes significant contact on 44% of his tries, compared to Marcos’ 53%. Regarding self-defense, “Dangerous” allows 3.89 significant strikes every minute, while “Soncora” takes 3.05. Additionally, Grant thwarts 54% of the big hits attempted by his adversaries, and Marcos blocks 71% of the shots fired in his direction.

An Exhilarating Match Preview with Davey Grant

Coming into this match, Grant is riding a two-fight winning streak. His most recent victory came in March this year when he submitted Raphael Assuncao with an inverted triangle choke in the third round. He has a 15-win record in fights, with four knockouts, nine submissions, and two decisions. Four of his six defeats have been by submission, while seven of his 15 triumphs have come in the first round.

“Dangerous” has a 44 percent hitting accuracy and a 43 percent takedown accuracy. Grant deals out 4.78 meaningful blows per minute while receiving 3.89. This ratio is reliable and demonstrates a minimal gap between the two averages. He has a 63 percent takedown defense and 55 percent protection against significant strikes. Per 15 minutes of fighting, he also scores 1.41 takedowns and 0.24 submissions on average.

Davey Grant is the more effective wrestler in terms of productivity since he can achieve a takedown 1.41 times per 15 minutes. On 42% of his tries, Grant puts his opponents on the ground and successfully thwarts 62% of his opponents’ attempted takedowns. Marcos succeeds on 15% of his takedown attempts and defeats 88% of attempts made against him. Grant is less likely than Marcos to go for the finish, aiming for 0.2 finishes every 15 minutes, while Grant aims for 0.5 finishes per three rounds.

Davey Grant defeated Raphael Assuncao in his previous match with an inverted triangle from bottom-side control in round three. Assuncao connected on 67 of the 85 total blows in that fight. Grant prevailed in this battle, connecting on 80 out of 154 blows. Assuncao ultimately connected on 42 of 58 significant strikes, suitable for a percentage of 72%. With 16 of 29 crucial headshots, he finished the battle. According to the opponent’s statistics, Grant landed 65 out of 138 essential strikes or 47% of his attempts. He connected with 91 severe blows, landing 28 on the skull. 90% of the significant strikes that Assuncao connected on and 90% of those that Grant landed were thrown from a distance.

Davey Grant vs Daniel Marcos7/22/2023 Expert Picks, Tips and Odds

Daniel Marcos fought Saimon Oliveira in his final Octagon debut, defeating Oliveira in round two with knees to the body. Oliveira landed 86% of the big strikes he attempted from a distance, while Marcos only managed to land 67% of those same significant strikes. 53 out of 78 of Marcos’ critical strikes were successful, or 67% of his attempts. Ultimately, he landed 31 of the 52 significant blows aimed at the head. 23 of the 70 significant hits in that fight were made by Oliveira. He connected on 7 47 of those significant hits aimed at the head. Oliveira landed 25 of the 73 total strikes he allowed to be thrown in that fight, while Marcos connected on 59 of the 84 total attempts.

A Spellbinding Fighting Preview with Daniel Marcos

Marcos has won all 14 of his fights without a loss. In January of the current year, he defeated Saimon Oliveira via knockout in the second round. He has 14 victories in his pro-fighting career, including eight knockouts and six decisions. His 14 triumphs include three first-round finishes.

“Soncora” has a 54 percent hitting accuracy but zero takedown accuracy. He engages 3.05 opponents with 6.01 significant strikes per minute. This ratio is decent, but can he maintain it? His takedown defense is 89%, and his defense against significant strikes is 72%. He needs to find out how many takedowns or submissions he typically gets each fifteen minutes of fighting. 

Davey Grant vs. Daniel Marcos. Grant has more than ten years of quality experience in the UFC and has a record of 6-5 since 2013. Despite his excellent growth, he still needs to be made a better selection. Marcos has only competed in two UFC fights but is prepared for more challenging opponents. This battle will be a good test because they will remain at war. 

Prediction: Daniel Marcos to win -142

Location: O2 Arena in Greater London, England

Date: Saturday, July 22, 2023

Main Card: 3:00 PM ET

Prelims: 12:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+


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