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Danny Roberts vs Jonny Parsons 7/22/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

Danny Roberts vs Jonny Parsons 7/22/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

UFC London Fight Night 224

On July 22, 2023, Danny Roberts will face Jonny Parsons in the Octagon at UFC London. Roberts is listed at -105 in the opening odds, while Parsons is at -115.

A Mesmerizing Skill Set Preview with Danny Roberts

Danny “Hot Chocolate” Roberts enters the ring with a record of 18-7-0. The 36-year-old weighs 170 pounds and is 6’1″ tall. The fighter’s reach measures 74″. Jonny “The Juggernaut” Parsons weighs 170 pounds and stands 5’9″. The fighter’s professional record is 8-2-0. The 31-year-old has a 69-inch arm span. Jonny Parsons connects on 3.53 significant strikes per minute, compared to Danny Roberts’ 3.08 significant strikes per minute. Parsons is landing 38% of Roberts’ significant strikes, while Roberts connects on 40% of them. Regarding significant strikes per minute, “Hot Chocolate” permits 3.50, while “The Sluggernaut” allows 5.20. In addition, Parsons can block 55% of the significant strikes his opponents direct at him, compared to 51% for Roberts.

Roberts is renowned for his powerful punching abilities. He averages 3.08 meaningful strikes per minute with 40% accuracy and frequently connects to score punches or points. The strikes put much pressure on opponents and may result in knockouts or points on the judges’ scorecards. Roberts may not be impregnable, but his 51% protection demonstrates his talents to escape or block attacks from attacking strikes or blocking attacks from opponents. However, Roberts should still be aware of Jonny Parsons, as his defense absorbs 3.50 strikes every minute from Roberts.

Roberts has shown flashes of his grappling abilities. His 57% takedown defense percentage demonstrates that his wrestling skills can successfully block opponents’ attempts to take him down despite not relying extensively on wrestling methods. Additionally, Roberts has an average submit rate of 0.3 every 15 minutes, suggesting that should the occasion arise, he may have the technical skill to end confrontations on the ground.

Danny Roberts is less proficient as a grappler than other wrestlers because he only puts his opponents on the mat 0.26 times every 15 minutes. Roberts successfully avoids 57% of his opponent’s attempted takedowns, while just 10% of his attempts result in his opponent being forced to the ground. With 15% of his takedown attempts successful, Parsons is blocking 50% of all takedown attempts made by his adversaries. Roberts is the more proficient technician for going for the sub, attempting 0.3 submissions per 3 minutes compared to Parsons’ 0.1 submissions every 15 minutes.

Danny Roberts faced Jack Della Maddalena in his most recent match but lost due to a head punch in the first round. Of the 68 strikes he released for this fight, Maddalena ultimately connected on 41 of them—five of Roberts’ 33 total strikes, which he used to finish the bout, connected. Maddalena managed to land 33 of 60 critical blows, giving him a rate of 55%. He won the battle after landing 23 of his 41 big headshots. On the contrary,

Roberts ultimately connected on 5 of his 33 attempts, landing 15% of his essential blows. He connected on 2 of 29 of those pointed at the head strikes out of those critical blows. Roberts connected 80% of the key strikes at a distance, whereas Maddalena connected 81%.

Danny Roberts vs Jonny Parsons 7/22/2023 Analysis, Game Tips and Picks

A Riveting Fighting Review with Johnny Parsons

Jonny Parsons faced Solomon Renfro in his final Octagon match, which he won in round three by a split decision. Parsons connected on 98% of the significant strikes he attempted from a distance, while Renfro ultimately connected on 74% of the significant strikes he took. 53 of the 136 essential strikes Parsons tried were successful, or 38%. He ultimately succeeded on 30 of the 104 significant headshots. Renfro ultimately connected on 78 of his 174 essential blows in that bout. He ended up connecting on 48 of 134 of the significant head punches. When comparing the number of strikes thrown in this fight, Renfro scored 88 of 188, while Parsons scored 59 of 142.

Jonny “The Slingernaut” Parsons enters this welterweight contest with an 8-2-0 record and a noteworthy victory against Renfro. As a result of his aggressive fighting style, Parsons frequently tries to control the tempo of the bout by exchanging blows.

An average of 3.53 critical strikes are hit per minute, demonstrating Parsons’ outstanding striking prowess. Although Parsons’ striking accuracy is lower than Roberts’, at 38%, he makes up for it with durability. He can take abuse and still retain a 55% defense rating because of his capacity to endure 5.20 significant strikes per minute.

Roberts is an anomaly, having never attempted a takedown in his entire career. On the other hand, Parsons has a staggering 50% takedown defense rate, demonstrating his ability to thwart takedown attempts and avoid submission attempts altogether. No reported submission attempts indicate that Parsons likes to fight on the ground, outmuscling opponents and imposing his will on them with his striking skills.

Danny Roberts vs. Jonny Parsons. According to our study of each fighter’s offense, defense, and previous matches, Danny Roberts will prevail in this welterweight matchup. With his respectable defense and increased ability to land decisive blows, Roberts should be successful in his clashes with Jonny Parsons. In addition, Roberts has a further advantage in the grappling category due to his previous expertise and greater takedown defense rate.

Prediction: Take Danny Roberts +100

Location: O2 Arena in Greater London, England

Date: Saturday, July 22, 2023

Main Card: 3:00 PM ET

Prelims: 12:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+



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