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Damir Ismagulov vs Grant Dawson 7/1/2023 Game Analysis, Picks and Previews

Damir Ismagulov vs Grant Dawson 7/1/2023 Game Analysis, Picks and Previews

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, at UFC Vegas 76, Grant Dawson and Damir Ismagulov will square off. Ismagulov is listed at -138 in the odds, while Dawson is at +110.

Damir “Qazaq” Ismagulov has a 24-2-0 record. The 32-year-old weighs 155 pounds and is 5’10” tall when they get on the scale. The conventional fighter can now reach 74.” 5’10”, Grant “KGD” Dawson weighs 155 lbs. on the scale. The switch fighter aims to improve on his 19-1-1 career record. By adding 72, the 29-year-old increases his reach. Grant Dawson is landing 3.12 significant strikes per minute, while Damir Ismagulov is landing 3.78 significant strikes per minute. 

Ismagulov connects on 42% of his significant strikes, compared to Dawson’s 51%. Regarding significant strikes per minute, “Qazaq” and “KGD” take 2.51 significant strikes. Additionally, Dawson blocks 45% of the bullets fired, and Ismagulov thwarts 62% of the big hits his opponents try.

Damir Ismagulov’s grappling opponents are taken down 1.17 times every three rounds, making him a less successful wrestler. Ismagulov completes 28% of his takedown attempts while blocking 75% of all attempts against him. In 34% of his takedown attempts, Dawson puts his opponents on the ground, while in 40% of those against him, he fails. Ismagulov is the less proficient fighter in going for the sub, attempting 0.8 finishes per 15 minutes, compared to Dawson’s 1.6 attempts.

Damir Ismagulov vs Grant Dawson 7/1/2023 Game Analysis, Picks and Previews

Damir Ismagulov faced Guram Kutateladze in his last match, winning in round three by a split decision. Of the 190 total strikes Kutateladze released, 80 were successful. After the evening, Ismagulov had connected on 83 of his 197 total strikes. Kutateladze landed 78 out of 187 essential strikes, giving him a 41% rate. He ultimately scored 29 of 129 critical hits to the head. Ismagulov, on the other hand, connected on 79 out of 192 significant blows, accounting for 41% of his total. He connected on 63 of 173 of those critical hits to the head. 82% of Kutateladze’s big hits and 96% of Ismagulov’s significant hits were recorded at a distance.

Grant Dawson faced Mark Madsen in his last match, which he ultimately won via rear naked choke in round three. In the end, Dawson connected on 75% of his big blows from a distance, whereas Madsen connected on 73% of his attempts. Dawson made 33 of 49 of his major blows, hitting on 67% of them. Of the 31 big head-directed blows he made, 17 were successful. In the conflict, Madsen scored 15 out of the 30 significant hits. He ultimately connected on 11 of 26 headshots out of those critical blows. Madsen hit on 50 of the total 70 blows he fired in the bout, while Dawson connected on 73 of the 96 strikes he threw.

Damir Ismagulov vs Grant Dawson. This trend may be losing momentum, but it’s simple to imagine Dawson dragging out this contest over the first two rounds before submitting Ismagulov. Ismagulov is the superior attacker and has a strong defense. Therefore, he may take the first two rounds of the match. But it seemed inevitable that Dawson would submit his opponents under pressure in the last seconds once he had worn out his opponents.

Prediction: Dawson wins in round 3

Date: Saturday, July 1, 2023

Venue: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Time:     7:00 PM ET

ODDS: Damir Ismagulov priced at -138

Grant Dawson is coming in at +110


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