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Cheap Pay Per Head Services

Bookmakers want a good deal in choosing a sports betting company with reasonable pay per head rates. But is it really worth the price you bargained for with the services it offer? Sports betting companies offer cheap pay per head services for the purpose of luring bookies to their sites. The action could be a risk to both the service providers and their customers.

What You Get From Cheap Pay Per Head Services

Save Precious Online Betting Business Funds

Sure, you get monetary savings when you got cheap pay per head services. Some companies charge to as low as $3 pay per head service rate per week for every player that avails of your bookie website. Some sports book entities would charge as much as $15 per week for the same. A lot of savings with this price difference. But do you get what you pay for?

Pay per Head Business Management Tools

A bookie can get the business tools he needs for the pay per head business. It will help the odds master with the adjustments to stay in the black over his financial concerns. Bet Alerts are available to warn the bookie if some wagers are leaning heavily on one side of the placements. Bookmakers will be able to track players’ activities of his group that will help him scale up the potential of his bettors.

A Sports Betting Site

Online sports betting companies will provide a sportsbook to the bookmakers free of charge where bettors can place their wagers for their fun and leisure. The sportsbook will offer a limited array of sports with betting options from local and international events across the globe.

Call Center Reception

A cheap pay per head services provider could support you with limited call center agents that will handle customers from your group. Your betting platform could work with the agents accommodating queries and assisting customers involving betting concerns.


Cheap Pay Per Head Services: Boon or Bane?

Cheap pay per head services may not be always a good deal. Choosing a cheap pph company could either make or break your online wagering venture. Quality will come at the cost of spending more for your business. Some services could be absent from what bookmakers used to pay for before they switched to a cheaper one. There are some drawbacks when joining a cheap pay per head service provider.

Cheap Pay Per Head Services

Lousy Software

You could experience software inferiority with cheap pay per head services. With the low revenues these companies are getting from cheap pay per head rates, expect a software that does little for what you pay for. As part of their sportsbook company’s overhead expense, some features could be shut down to save the entity on direct cost. Shortage of funds will affect the software performance. The amount collected will not be sufficient to provide an efficient betting platform that includes its maintenance and upkeep.

Cost cutting will be the priority of the pph service providers against the cheap fees they are collecting from the bookies. Services of programmers and developers will suffer equating to poor maintenance leading to system failures and crashes. Small budget for software development will result to errors on programs that could lose the business money.

Quality of Hardware

Following the cost cutting implementation, betting companies will resort to cheap hardware to work with the inferior software of the site. What would you expect with low quality hardware components? – Network failures could occur. More downtime and loss of opportunities where time is of the essence to create money. With the regular occurrence of problems regarding software and hardware issues, Gamblers will be leaving your group to look for a more stable betting site. You loss money and your business in the process.

Lower Salaries for the Sports Betting Company Employees

Expect the staff to have a lower salary scale with the funds they are getting on a cheap pay per head service rate. Low morale of employees will slowly eat the core of their workforce which will result to bad customer service. Another punch that will see your customers out of your site. Discouraged employees could cause harm to your business and will be a continuous risk to go on with their employment.

Delay in Payouts

Players will experience delays in payments of winning bets. A tendency to roll the funds could happen with the shortage of cash ensuing with the small rates collected at the front end. Another risk that could pull your business down.

Pass on Mobile Market Opportunities

Neglect of developing your betting platform will happen with funds short in supply. Bookmakers expect that their online business will have a chance to grow and earn more upon employing a pph service provider. But not on a cheap pay per head service provider. Your website will be cheapened by the services you offer as well because that is all the sports betting company can provide. Besides the growth and expansion you hope for, the software and hardware upgrade could suffer neglect too.

The Mobile Market

The mobile market should be the focus for the new niche of online bettors that could add more revenues to your sportsbook business. Instead of drawing the millennials to be part of your team, the unupgraded system will fall short of developing a program that will attract the mobile devices to access your betting platform. To develop an app for your betting platform will cost agt a range of $35,000 to $40,000. If you only collect this much at $3 per head, your business will have a hard time putting on a budget when the company is falling short of funds.

Your put up the online betting business to make money. A cheap deal may be good at the first few weeks of your operation but will suffer more in the long run with the problems you will encounter, especially with the funds running short. To have good quality of services from the Sportsbook companies, a bookmaker needs to invest on a reliable and trustworthy entity that can deliver the goods for growth and profit. A sacrifice has to happen if you want to receive better quality and efficient services. Pay what is due, that investment will return a thousand fold to your pay per head bookie website.

A company like IDSca will reasonably charge you with the pay per head services with all the amenities you will receive in generating funds that will increase your profit and revenues. Visit our website at and see how this is possible by availing of our free trial. You can call us at (866) 255-5437.

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