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Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush 6/10/2023 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush 6/10/2023 Predictions, Picks and Odds

On June 10 at Rogers Arena, the UFC will make its return to Vancouver, Canada. At UFC 289, Charles Oliveira will square off against lightweight Beneil Dariush, who is rated No. 4. The main event of the program will feature Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana for the bantamweight title.

Beneil Dariush, the betting favorite according to all US online bookmakers, with odds of -135 on the board. In this instance, the negative sign denotes a favorite. If you stake $135 on Dariush and he wins, you will also get your original wager back plus $100 in profit. The implied victory probability for Dariush over Oliveira is at 57.45%.

Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush Fight Preview

After 11 fights, Charles Oliveira had suffered his first defeat going into this one. With a record of 33 victories, 9 defeats, and 1 no-contest, he is highly experienced. Oliveira weighs 155 pounds, measures 5 feet 10 inches tall, and has an average bout time of 6 minutes and 57 seconds.

Oliveira’s striking game is strong, and he has a reach of 74 inches. He lands an average of 3.48 important strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 53%. On average, he takes 3.20 strikes per minute, yet his striking defense is only at 51%.

Oliveira excels in the grappling department. With a takedown accuracy of 40%, he has an excellent rate of 2.37 takedowns every 15 minutes. He has a 55% takedown defense. Oliveira averages 2.8 submissions per 15 minutes, but his submission game is where he really excels.

Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush 6/10/2023 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Beneil Dariush, meantime, is on an eight-fight winning run as he works his way up the 155-pound category. He is an expert fighter with a record of 22 wins, 4 defeats, and 1 draw. Dariush fights last, on average, 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

Dariush brings a unique striking approach to the octagon with a southpaw stance and a reach of 72 inches. He averages 3.81 important strikes per minute with a 49% strike accuracy rate. Dariush has a strong 58% defensive percentage against strikes, which is impressive.

Dariush’s remarkable takedown defense of 80% makes it difficult for his adversaries to take him down. His 15-minute takedown average is 1.95, and his takedown success rate is 34%. Dariush, however, has a lower submission average, at 0.9.

Dariush’s most recent triumph came over Gamrot, while Oliveira defeated Islam Makhachev. Both fighters have a lot to gain and lose in this match, especially Dariush, who, if he loses, is unlikely ever to receive another championship opportunity.

Between Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje, Oliveira took a beating in the opening round, fell to the floor, but rose up and won. Gaethje and Poirier surrendered their backs for submission as Chandler ran out of steam. Although Dariush won’t be as simple, the optimal course of action still involves a bull rush.

Even if Oliveira uses jiu-jitsu in extremely inventive ways, Dariush is a highly skilled grappler, so there’s a good possibility he’ll get into trouble. The Brazilian thrives under pressure, therefore it’s okay if he steps up early and breaks Dariush (or breaks himself and ends up on the ground). Oliveira transforms into a huge white shark and the carpet turns into an ocean.

Oliveira’s attacks may not cause any harm to Dariush thanks to his strong striking defense. On the other hand, Oliveira could have an advantage in the striking exchanges due to his higher strike volume per minute. Dariush’s takedown defense and Oliveira’s grappling prowess should be closely compared, as well as their recent performances and striking prowess.

Both outcomes are possible for this match. In one instance, Dariush and Oliveira tumble around the mat for fifteen minutes as they each attempt to gain an advantage in the grappling match. While Dariush is as adaptable and evasive as they come at evading submissions, Oliveira enjoys taking the back. Oliveira has a bigger edge the longer this fight is on the ground.

In a different scenario, these two frail people would rise and fight. That fashion seems to suit Dariush. He fights with less frenzied energy than Oliveira and is stronger on his feet. In his final fight at UFC 280 against Mateusz Gamrot, “Benny” remain cool under pressure before getting to his feet and banging away with kicks and punches. Dariush will triumph if this battle resembles a slow dance rather than a mosh pit.

Oliveira has been the opposite of Dariush, who recently fought for some decision victories. Charles has won 18 of his previous 19 fights by decision. 18 of 19! Whether Dariush wants to dance, Oliveira will bring the pressure, ensuring an early halt. That is a mind-boggling finish rate. Unfortunately, I believe Dariush will triumph.

UFC 289 Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush Pick: Dariush wins inside the distance (TBD); UNDER 2.5 rounds (TBD). UFC 289 odds favor Beneil Dariush -135 over former light heavyweight champion Charles Oliveira +110.

Date/Time: June 10, 7 p.m. ET

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Arena: Rogers Arena

Where to Watch: ESPN+, PPV


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