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Major sports are starting to make a great comeback. This will quench the thirsts of millions of sports fans and bettors worldwide for games they have missed in a four-month hiatus. Bookmakers all over the world are taking this huge opportunity to establish their own sportsbook sites in time for the season. For you to become successful as a bookie, you need to build your pay per head business with the right pay per head software provider.

Debunking Pay per Head Myths

Most people have the notion that building a pay per head business necessitates a huge amount of money as an investment. That is absolutely ridiculous! The truth is, all you need is an agreeable resource. This is to set what kind of limits you’re going put up for your bettors. 

Moreover, a majority of people think that having a “bookie experience” is imperative. Again, that is definitely not true. It’s not required that you have to be a line mover or an oddsmaker. As a matter of fact, bookmakers are once bettors where they gained their expertise. 

Right Pay Per Head Software: How to Find Your Ideal Pay per Head Service

Generally, a bookmaker’s search for the ideal pay per head service is never-ending. It’s because they want to make sure that their money and effort won’t go to waste. Building your pay per head business is not a piece of cake. You’ll require the help of a reputable pay per head company to become successful. Here are some tips on how you can find your ideal pay per head service.

First of all, you need to do some research. There will be too many of them who will claim to be the best. Others will offer less than $10 for each player. Don’t forget that what you pay for is what you’ll get. The ideal pay per head fee for each player is $10 and up depending on the plan that you subscribed to. 

Inclusive of the fee is the sports betting software with awesome features to help you manage your bookie business. Additionally, it will make your life easier as a bookmaker because it does most of the work. On your end, you can expand your business by acquiring more players. 

Don’t be fooled by antics. Be wary of some pay per head services that are full of promises. They talk like sales representatives at your door and sell their merchandise as the best thing you’ll ever purchase in the whole world. They will offer you something irresistible but there will always be a catch.

Read bookmakers’ forums and reviews. This is another good way to find your ideal pay per head service. Most of the discussions you’ll find here are actually from bookmakers and bettors. You’ll read about their different experiences from different pay per head companies and betting sites. There is positive feedback and some are negative comments. 

Moreover, you can join the discussion for more information. You can also ask other bookmakers for tips on how they became successful. What you’ll read will help you find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.  

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More Than Just a Pay per Head Service

IDSCA stands for International Data Solutions and has been providing the best pay per head services for bookie software since 1997. Our betting platform is optimized for sportsbooks, per head shops, and land-based bookies.  

We provide bookie services, price and pay per head websites, and help bookmakers to expand and maximize their business. Our state of the art bookie software provides a full-scale set of products including a call center with knowledgeable and skilled representatives. In addition, we also provide customized websites. This allows bookmakers and players to monitor, address, and check balances.

Why Choose Us?

We provide every bookmaker the precise tools and expertise they need to get the advantage when it comes to casinos, in-play games, and software management pay per head service reviews. All the time, we handle your business as our own, the reason why we offer the right pay per head software. Choosing us means choosing success.

  • Even a small bookmaker can take advantage of sharp monitoring giving them an edge in a sportsbook business.  
  • Bookmakers can have a powerful platform for their pay per head sportsbook, live in-game play, racebook, and casino services. 
  • We have the leading, sharpest, and quickest lines in the whole price and pay per head industry.
  • Bookmakers and bettors can easily access the betting site using their devices. Since the platform is optimized for web-enabled devices, they can use their smartphones or tablets more conveniently.
  • Bettors won’t be able to contain their excitement when they make live as well as real-time in-game betting for all matches and major leagues.
  • You will have complete management over your lines and fixes to your pay per head betting site.
  • Get a 1-week free trial period to prove that our pay per head service definitely works for you. 

Pick up your phone and dial (866) 225-5437 today and check out the amazing services and products we offer. Don’t be left behind. Sign up now and start earning!

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