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Buffalo Bills NFL 2023 Season Preview: Striving to Claim the AFC East Title

Buffalo Bills NFL 2023 Season Preview: Striving to Claim the AFC East Title

As anticipation builds for the 2023-24 NFL season, the Buffalo Bills prepare for another shot at winning their division rival’s AFC East title held by them previously. Led by accomplished head coach Sean McDermott and charismatic quarterback Josh Allen, this team has shown its mettle by consistently competing over multiple years; their constant composition gives them an edge each year. This article dives deep into their quarterback, running back, and receiving unit units, as well as some behind-the-radar fantasy football picks that give us a taste of what 2023 may bring them.

Buffalo Bills’ Quarterback Landscape

The Buffalo Bills quarterback unit showcases both consistency and talent. Josh Allen’s precision arm and running abilities are integral to their success as he hits his prime at just 27 years old. Veteran Kyle Allen provides solid backup support, while Matt Barkley adds valuable depth. Together these players strengthen this crucial spot for their team.

Buffalo Bills Running Back Scenario

Since Devin Singletary left via free agency, James Cook has taken on his role as primary running back on the Bills as a rookie runner back. Cook showed immense promise as a rookie while posting notable statistics despite limited opportunities. Joining him are experienced players Damien Harris and Latavius Murray; Harris had an outstanding 2021 campaign with New England, while Murray provides vital depth.

Buffalo Bills’ Receiving Team

Stefon Diggs continues to lead Buffalo Bills receivers, enjoying an outstanding 2022 campaign and earning three Pro Bowl selections since joining the team. Diggs has formed an excellent relationship with quarterback Josh Allen, making him an essential component of their offense. Gabe Davis hopes to play an even larger role, while Trent Sherfield and Deonte Harty add versatility and depth in passing game coverage; tight end Dalton Kincaid completes their ranks for greater flexibility.

Fantasy Football Underdogs

Fantasy footballers looking for sleeper picks should look to the Bills as potential options. Rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid could emerge as an unexpected breakout player when used in two-TE sets; offseason addition Damien Harris may prove useful near goallines in short-yardage situations.

Bills’ 2023 Season Prospects

Though their roster and coaching setup is impressive, the Bills should expect a tough battle in the AFC East, with Aaron Rodgers’ addition to New York Jets roster posing additional difficulties in winning their division championship. Their busy schedule, combined with the rising quality of rival teams, may present further hurdles making victory an uphill task.

Betting Forecasts

This season will put The Bills’ dominance of the AFC East under serious threat; losing ten games or less may put their reign at stake. Given their challenging schedule and ongoing improvement within the AFC East division, competition between their divisional competitors – Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots – is likely to intensify over the course of the 2023 NFL season – bettors should keep tabs on NFL AFC East predictions to anticipate an exhilarating race!

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