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Bookies software: Fueling the online betting Industry

Bookies software: Fueling the online betting Industry

Sportsbook companies are continuously looking for innovations to expand their betting business. One of the most effective ways to widen the reach of a wagering company is to operate it online. Online betting is now the fad of gamblers who wish to do their betting activities from the comforts of their homes. The sportsbook companies offered the online bookies software to further enhance the growth and expansion of their sportsbooks betting ventures.  


A Sportsbook betting company provides the bookies’ software to its bookmakers that choose the wagering entity. Upon registering with the sportsbook, the betting company will provide all the services it can to support the odds master’s business. All available business tools at the company’s disposal are for the bookmaker to utilize and use in the growth of his business.  


Professional bookmakers do not just pick bookies software at random. Bookies have to formulate a selection process on how to choose the right program for the business. Bookmakers want the top bookies’ software for the venture and what is best for his online players.


How to choose the right bookies software


■ Choose a pay per head bookies software that has access to the hundreds of sporting events across the globe. The sporting events include the NFL (professional and collegiate), NBA, MLB, NHL, NSL, Tennis (major and grand slam tournaments), Golf, Boxing, MMA, among other sports.

■ The best pay per head bookies software allows bookmakers to choose from plenty of betting types offered in the program. The following are some of the betting types for a game of basketball:


•Head to the head is the betting on the outcome of a match, win or lose. This applies to betting on the overall result of a game or on a per quarter wager and halftime results.

• The money lines decide on the outcome of the match. To make the bets spicier, money line odds go with the team you are rooting for in the game.


• One of the widely used betting types is the spread betting. The wagering type has the plus and minus sign attached to a figure offered as score spreads. Usually, the minus sign labeled on the favorite indicates that you have to win by a margin of points over than the minus sign attached to a number. For example, if the Houston Rockets has a point spread indicating a (-4), a bettor would expect that the Rockets should have a five-point advantage at the end of the match to win his wager.


• The over/under betting type is an exciting wager that you can bet on in every quarter, halftime, and on the results at the end of the game. The pay per head bookies software will offer a number for the over and under betting type for each quarter, at halftime, or for the whole game. The deciding factor is the total score for both teams reaches over or falls below under the total score offered by the pay per head bookies software.

An example of this betting type is if the price per head bookies software offers a betting type of over/under for total score of 207 points for the entire match. Bettors placing their wagers over the offered total score of both teams win the bets.

However, if the total score of both teams falls below the offered odd of 207, the punters lose their wagers.


• Odds or Evens on total scores. Punters are made to choose if the game outcome of the team total scores is odd or even. A money line is placed before the odd or even column. Bettors place their bets on their choices between odd or even. Odds and Evens betting types are for halftime and endgame result wager offers by the pay per head bookies software.


• There is also the most scoring quarter of the game bets. Each quarter has a money line attached to it. Bettors are to place their wagers on the quarter that has the most number of points made.

• Halftime and fulltime regulations betting types are for gamblers to choose from the odds proposed by the price per head bookies software. However, for a punter to win his wagers, he should predict the winning teams at the halftime and fulltime regulation.


• The winning margin betting type is the wagering odd that predicts the winners by the number of points ahead of an opponent. Margins have money lines attached to them and it is for the punters to place their bet on which winning margin they choose.


These are some of the betting types offered in the game of basketball. Similar lines are also in other sporting events and apply the same principle to wagering in the online betting industry.  


■ A top price per head bookies software secures the customer information. If the personal data of a client falls into the wrong hands, the customer will be prone to hacking and the information used in illegal activities, identity theft, and fraudulent transactions. Personal information security is the priority concerns of sportsbook companies. The price per head bookies software sees to it that the client personal records are in a safe place away from cybercriminals.


■ In opting for a pay per head bookies software, consider the length of operation the program is in business. The longer the pph bookies software in the trade the better it is for the bookmakers and the punters. The length of service it has in the industry tells us that despite competition in the market, the business managed to survive and developed into a state of the art betting platform. The longevity tells the bookmakers and online players that this sportsbook cares for its bookies and gamblers. The wagering entity understands the plight of bookmakers and gamblers that it wants to give superior service to its agents so the bookies can serve his group of gamblers better.


There are other sources in choosing the right pay per head bookies software for your business. Get to know the bookmaking solutions by availing of the product demo. This is essential in your decision making to choose a program according to your operating style and management.


A pay per head bookie software product demo is an excellent source of information for the bookmaker’s decision in the selection process of the program. It is great to have the best data management solution working on your side. The setup will be a great benefit for the bookie software business to rake in more profits and revenues.

Sportsbook Software Strategies

The IDSca Sportsbook data solutions qualify for what a bookmaker is looking for at a price per head bookie software. He has to have all the help the betting company has to give to be successful in the business.    


What to look for during a bookies software product demo


■ A sport per head bookie software must be easy to use and navigate. The sportsbook would be useless if it gives the bookmaker and the punters a hard time to try to figure out how an operating system of a bookie software work. Gamblers go to your website to have fun and enjoy and not to get confused about the complexities of the system.

■ The bookmaker reports are important business tools needed by the odds master. With the reports generated by the program, bookies will be able to run their business smoothly basing on the data that appears in the documents provided by the sportsbook pay per head bookie software. The reports will also be the basis how betting business tools implementation to the venture.


Some of the important reports needed by the bookmakers


■ The management report allows agents to keep track of the different players, how often they log in to the business site, how much money they bet, and their wagering preferences.

■ The day sheet report is where the odds master checks on the house figures. The document will show if the pay per head bookies software business is making or losing money.

■ Line and Exposure reports show bookmakers the live betting lines for punters to bet. It will tell bookies how much is the financial exposure of your sportsbook operation on each game.

■ The report on open bets tells the bookmaker what bets are available in the game.

■ The real-time betting report allows the bookie to monitor the live betting action and the wagers involved in it.

■ The product demo should be free and no commitment attached to it. There will be no payment for the duration of the demo.

■ The demo should also have trials for the casino operations. If there is no casino demo in the bookie’s software request for one. Your punters will love to have the online casino tables as one of the features in your pph bookies software.


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