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At the end of the day, bookie software is about trust. Bookies have to be able to trust that their online service provider will be able to give them everything they need. By that same token, players have to trust that the site will be fair, and have all of the options that they might want. Here at IDSCA, we’ve been one of the most trusted names in the industry for more than twenty years. In that time, we’ve seen technology and sports improve quite a bit. By continually upgrading our service, we’ve given our bookies (as well as their players) a better platform for their online bookmaking.

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Online Bookie Software

There are many ways that an online sportsbook can break trust. One of the most common is that the site isn’t online when its players need it to be. That could be that the site is down during the time of the big game, but it might also mean that the site is down hours before the game. “Only being up most of the time” isn’t good enough for us at IDSCA.

We realize that in the modern, fast-paced world, players aren’t going to put their bets down all at the same time. Sure, many of them will do it right before the game starts, but that shouldn’t be the only time that players can get a bet down. Many people do on an impulse, late at night or early in the morning. That’s why, when you come to IDSCA, our site is “up” more than 99% of the time.

That may not sound like much, but it’s critically important to running an effective online bookmaking site. If a site is down or otherwise unreachable, then the players aren’t going to trust it. Moreover, they’re unlikely to give it a second chance. And why should they? After all, even the best, most dynamic, comprehensive and fun online bookie site isn’t going to be able to draw in players if it isn’t up. Really, having a site that’s up when it should be is a major part of the process.

So, we make sure that your site is up at basically all times. That way, your players can come to your site at any time. Maybe someone stays up all night researching the game so that they can get a bet down they feel good about. Perhaps someone gets up in the morning, sees an ad for the game while they’re working out, and then decides to bet before they go to work. Additionally, maybe someone works the graveyard shift, and during their lunch break, they think “why not” and put a bet down at 4 AM.

A site that isn’t up 99% of the time or more isn’t going to be able to bring those players in. Instead, it will lose them to some other site that is up. By making sure that our site is up almost all of the time, it ensures that you can bring in as many players as possible. Not only will this help once, but it will also help quite a bit with word of mouth, too. Once players bet on games a few times at your site, they’re going to want to mention it to their friends. If they trust (there’s that word again) that your site will be up, they’re far more likely to recommend it to people that they know.

In the online marketplace, your online bookie site is essentially your storefront, your showroom. It’s where people go to see what you have to offer and decide whether or not to give you their money. Like any other store, it has to be open for someone to actually spend money there. If it’s never open, people are going to get frustrated and probably take their business elsewhere. Here at IDSCA, we can make sure that your store is always open, that the light is always on, and that your players will feel welcome to put a bet down. Use our bookie software to make sure customers are seeing the best of it.

Trust and Mobile Optimization

To continue the analogy of the storefront, it’s not just enough for the store to be open: people have to be able to get into it, too. Imagine a store that sold very high priced, valued items. Now, imagine that the door was crooked, and didn’t let everyone in. Or, people had to crawl to enter the store. Perhaps the store only opens from 10:24 AM to 2:11 PM or some other random span of time. These may all sound like exaggerated, ridiculous analogies, but they’re very similar to an online bookmaking site that doesn’t have mobile optimization.

When your site lacks mobile optimization, then people can’t always get into it when they want. Moreover, they won’t be able to access it completely on all of their mobile devices. Maybe it opens proper and functional on a laptop or desktop computer, but looks distorted and is inoperable on a phone or tablet. Just as with the site that isn’t up when people want to get a bet down, a lack of mobile optimization can chase players away from your site. When your site won’t load on someone’s phone, they’ll look around to find another site that will.

Beyond functionality, having a mobile-optimized site greatly expands the reach of people that you can draw to your sportsbook. The stereotype of the person who bets online might still be the person hunched over their desktop at home, but that stereotype is changing. Today, the person who bets on the games includes many folks at home on their computers, sure – but it also includes the person scanning through the odds while on their phone at work. It includes someone standing in line to get on an airplane, reading up on tonight’s games so that they can get down a bet they like.

With more and more people being interested in betting online, you have to be able to offer them a platform. After all, if you’re like so many of our other bookies, you’re doing this so that you can make more money so that you can bring in more players. Why then would you want to shut the door on players? Keep it open for them with our mobile optimization. Then, you can get the bet of the person who’s been thinking about this game all week as well as the person jogging through the park who heard about it on the radio a moment ago. Mobile optimization offers freedom to our bookies through bookie software, as well as their players.

Best Free Trial

Our online sportsbook is a powerful tool. There is so much in there. For some folks, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. We’ve made everything as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but if you’ve never been an online bookie before (or you’ve been away from the game for a while) it can all be a bit much without our bookie software. That’s why we’re always glad to talk to our bookies, to see how we can help. On top of that, we have our best in the industry free trial, too. This free trial has everything. That’s not a typo, an exaggeration or a boast: it’s a statement of fact. Our free trial really does have everything.

That means that you’ll have access to everything that we offer with our free trial. You’ll be able to use everything, just to see how it works. Moreover, you’ll be able to do that for an entire week. So, whether your first day is perfect or not so hot, you can figure out how to make this online sportsbook work in your life. If you were to take a car for a test drive, you’d want to check out all of the features. Start with us today by calling (866) 225-5437.

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