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Local bookmakers who are using online bookie software are living a different life. They operate on their own. What’s great about an online bookie program is that they do not need to spend hours each day to take bets, keep records and organize and take care of payouts. 

Bookie Software

Those local bookmakers who are not yet using an online bookie program are missing out a lot. As they run their business in an old-fashioned way, they miss bets frequently. 

They also need to track down their clients while taking their bets. Each time they miss out on bets, they are losing not just money but also clients. 

But with an online bookie, you can avoid missing bets. You can fully focus on building your business. And because it is online, you can avoid any paper trail in case your hub gets raided. 

Most successful sports bookies now utilize pay per head services of IDSCA. Our PPH services will take care of mundane tasks so you can concentrate on building and growing your business. 

The services we offer will keep track of the people who placed bets, keep records and manage payouts. 

As you sign up with our services, you will have a lot of free time to focus on those essential things, such as fostering relationships with your clients or bringing in new clients. 

Because everything is automated, you can provide various options to your clients. They are no longer limited to sports betting. 

Rather, you can offer them casino games and other things to bet. In fact, they can bet on some events and happenings, like award shows, Olympics, etc. 

Bet at Any Time

With modern bookmaking, clients can place their bet at any time, anywhere. They can also use whatever device they have, be it a desktop or mobile device. 

To help you start your online bookmaking business, you just need to fill out the online form. It takes less than a minute to complete it. 

From there, you must choose your website and log in. And you are ready to open your business to your clients. 

Once you have signed up, your sportsbook business is ready to accept any bets from your clients. The bookie software we offer here at IDSCA is optimized for land-based bookies, sports books and per head shops. 

Our product is a licensed live betting cloud solution that will be integrated with your suite. In that case, you can use your own brand. 

We also provide real-time wagering solution. Once you have signed up for it, you can access to more than 6,000 events every month. 

Since 1997, our company, International Data Solutions, has been providing services to any land-based sports advisors. From there, we have been the trusted PPH service worldwide. 

Our clients continue to use our services because of our reliable network and overall quality service. They have proven that our bookie software can help them in growing their business. Call us today to inquire about a free trial or demo (866) 225-5437

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