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Everyone is busy. Between our work, our families, our social lives, it’s hard to find any time to relax. Being busy can be a very good thing, but sometimes it can feel like it’s holding us back from enjoying life as much as we could. It can be a very delicate balance: working a job that can provide for a life that also affords you enough time to enjoy it. That’s one of the many reasons that people have been turning to our bookie software: it’s a job you can do from everywhere. Many of our bookies use our site for supplemental income, so that they can make that extra money to help them get what they want out of life. In this blog, we’ll go over how our software can help make you some money as well as why you should turn to IDSCA.

Our Bookie Software

Our pay per head site is built to be “mobile optimized.” That’s one of those phrases you hear thrown around a lot, often without a clear definition of what that means. When we say our site is fully mobile optimized, it’s not hyperbole. It’s not something we’re saying because it sounds important; we’re saying it because it’s an accurate description of our site. When you open IDSCA, it will open and work properly on any mobile device. That’s what we built it to do, and it’s an extraordinary advantage over so many other kinds of pay per head sites out there.

Mobile Optimization = Freedom

With our mobile optimization, you can run your sportsbook from anywhere. Think about how freeing that is, in terms of just where the bookie industry used to be. For decades, essentially the only places you could be a bookie was at a bar or near the sporting event itself. You had to constantly have your own book and be near a phone. Obviously, cell phones made that a bit easier but not by much. You were essentially tethered to those locations, which made working another job difficult if not flat out impossible.

With our mobile optimization though, that flips around. Now, you can run your online sportsbook from your office computer. You can run it from home. But, you certainly aren’t limited to running your sportsbook from any kind of desktop location. You can also run it from your smart phone, laptop or tablet, too. Now, you can work on your sportsbook whenever and wherever you want. It can be something you do during your lunch break. You can do it at night while you’re watching television (either your favorite shows or the games themselves) in the background. The possibilities are endless.

You can work on your sportsbook while you’re out on a trip, while you’re hiking, camping, or basically anywhere else that has internet access. Instead of having your life be taken over by the demands of running a sportsbook, you can run your sportsbook on your terms. You can fit it into your life. That’s part of what makes mobile optimization so great: it allows you to build your own schedule how you want to build your own schedule. Here at IDSCA, we think of our bookies as business partners. That’s how we treat them, too.


Mobile Optimization for the Players

Of course, the mobile optimization is great for the players, too. Now, they can follow along with the games easier as they’re betting on them. They can bet on the game on their phone or tablet while watching the game with the other hand. In fact, with better WiFi in stadiums all across the world, many of our players are at the games themselves when they lay down a bet. This way, more players can play than ever before. This is good for the players, but it’s even better for our bookies.

With this mobile optimization, more people who would never have thought about betting on sports before have an opportunity to get a bet down. In a way, it’s very similar to an “impulse buy” at the super market, a thing a person does when they’re caught up in the moment. For example, imagine a casual fan of a sports team. They’re playing in a big game, so the fan decides to go watch it at a party with friends. Everyone’s cheering, yelling, on the edge of their seat – having a great time. Maybe some of the other fans are betting on the game. The fan, despite never having bet before, could get so into it, that they’d be looking for someone to bet.

So, this is where our mobile optimized site comes in. There are a lot of sites online where you can get a bet down on a game. However, the ones that last are the ones that players can trust. If the site isn’t working properly, or takes too long to load, then the odds of that casual fan at the party sticking around to bet on the game there are impossibly low. Instead, they’re going to click over to another site, presumably one that loads quickly and works like it should on any device. When you have a sportsbook through IDSCA, you’ll have that advice.

Advantages Going Forward

This is where a site like ours can really help our bookies. Win or lose, that casual fan who bet on that game is likely to remember how well the site loaded for them. in turn, they’ll mention it to their friends, who’ll mention it to their friends… you could have an entirely new revenue stream and all you did was get your site set up. That’s the real power of an online sportsbook: it can bring in players all of the time. Maybe this casual fan won’t be the person who bets on every game every day, but they will be someone who, when thinking of somewhere to get a bet down, will remember your site.

That’s why we built IDSCA to offer as many games as possible to as wide a range of people as possible. At our site, you can get all of the biggest football, basketball, baseball and hockey games. You can get the pros and college. Of course, we offer so much more than just the biggest games, too. In fact, to use a current example, with March Madness coming up, we’ll have some of the conference championship games. Many of these are the games that will decide who goes where in the tournament. This can bring in all kinds of new players: the ones that follow these teams closely as well as those just getting into the spirit of March Madness.

That being said, while we called it an online sportsbook, sports isn’t all that our site can do. Additionally, we have a full casino and racetrack, too. The casino has all of your favorite table games. Of course, just like everything else at our site, it’s fully mobile optimized: so, instead of having to get dressed, go through the traffic to sit at the casino, your players can do that while they’re resting comfortably at home, too. That convenience is such a great selling point with our service: mobile optimization gives your players their freedom, too.

Getting started with IDSCA as a bookie is easy. It’s a three step process that we clearly lay out on the upper right corner of our site. Just follow those three steps and you’ll be right on your way. You can get started as a bookie today. In our modern era of the “gig economy,” where everyone is looking for a side hustle, we have one of the best right here. It fits into any work schedule and we help you set everything up. For our free trial, give us a call at (888) 369-4407 or head to our website.

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