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Bookie Services: Pay Per Head

Bookie Services: Pay Per Head

Bookies of old used to have a pen, a notepad, and a newspaper to get his business going. The betting system limits the potential of the opportunities of punters and limits the betting options as well. The information about teams and athletes do not reach the awareness of the bettors thereby restrict their choices on whom to bet.

Despite the limitations bookmakers services have in the past, bookie services managed to flourish and are even more at an advantage with the onset of the latest computer programs technology has to offer. The internet highway made it convenient and more accessible for bookie services delivered to bookies and the clients.


Electronic and Cyber Bookie Services

The use of modern technology is an edge for bookie services to get ahead of the competitors in the industry like:

Phone Betting – Some gamblers still use the landline to place their bets on their favorite team or athlete. Some players prefer the ever-reliable ole telephone device to bet. They are those who have little or no trust in online sports betting. Sports bookmakers in the UK like Paddy Power and William Hill still offer these services. Power’s phone line betting services are open to all legal ages and are free in UK and Ireland.

Mobile Betting – The entry of mobile phone into the world of the bookie service made life more comfortable for the punters and the bookmakers. The convenience of having to place your bets anywhere and get updates thru mobile connectivity made more entry of bets to betting sportsbooks boosting profits for the business. Betting promos and offers are now available on mobile phones. It is one of the bookie’s services that odds makers use. You will see the full range of information and forms of betting offered on your mobile phone, something that revolutionized the sports betting world.

Live Betting – This betting facility on modern sportsbook management software is available to establish betting programs as it costs substantial investment to acquire one. This bookie service gives bookmakers an even higher edge against those sportsbook betting business whose betting software who do not have this feature in their punting tools.

There are plenty of sites available for live betting televised and updated. Online sites that also deliver updates of the different sporting events worldwide. All you need to do to participate in the live online betting is to deposit some money to the betting site of a sportsbook software and use the facilities to place your bets.

Choosing the right sportsbook betting software is a consideration for the bookie service to deliver the live streaming efficiently. Check out the clarity of the videos and images broadcasted to your monitors. It won’t be exciting with poor display received by your viewing screens if resolutions are blurry and dull.  Consider these features that IDSca provides to bookies and its bettors:

Concerning the technical quality of the live betting facility, IDSca qualifies with authorized and certified personnel available 24/7 the whole year round to assist and answer your queries regarding live betting and other issues related to bookie service and other betting concerns.


IDSca has high-end Dell servers hosting, redundancy, and data storage.

• Bandwidth is over 200MB to accommodate traffic and balance the operation.

• The sports booking software has over 1 million transactions with over 1000 websites.

• It has VOIP and land-based phones.

• The site is secure with multiple firewalls as one of its security features.

• The site has an innovative satellite uplink.

• The website takes caution against DOS cyberattacks.

• The program has a mirroring security measure to recover/save data.

• It even has two back-ups office in case of emergency.

• 24/7/365 video and security surveillance available.

• A software Engineering Team is available for maintenance and customizing software for bookie services is available.

In-play betting is similar to live to bet and is also a part of bookie services. Players who bet during a game love the thrill of predicting the direction of a game. They place their bets while the game is on-play. Stan James, William Hill, Betway, and Ladbrokes are very active on this side of the betting.

Bookie services should deliver the Social Media Concept to sports punters. Paddy Powers designed his FB account to entertain his followers on the site. It is also one way to provide updates and answer issues that your bettors seek on their gambling escapades.

Sportsbook management software like that of IDSca has these facilities to cover the upgrade on bookie services for the betting clientele.

sports betting service

Enhancing bookie services through the right PPH sportsbook software

Sports booking software should satisfy bettors with the features they have and even fill the needs of bookies even more. Opting for the right sports betting software is essential for a bookmaker especially when it provides excellent service to the gambling patrons.

The demand of bettors should be satisfied, and you will need efficient bookie services to please and maintain your clients in your sportsbook roster. Bookie services are the most critical factor to increase the number of your punters much more retain them. Poor bookie services will have your punters leave your business and go somewhere else where they will have the treatment the way they want in their betting activities.

Bookmakers are now aware that they should enhance their bookie services and must continuously satisfy the needs of their gambling enthusiasts with the right PPH betting software. One of the bookie’s functions that you must do is to treat every customer with utmost importance, old and new, personal attention and care. That is the treatment most of your customers want.

Agents who do not do this and still practice the old ways are the ones that will be at a loss concerning customer retention and recruitment. Words of the bookie services and who does an excellent job in hiring and maintaining customer loyalty will have the sights of gamblers to do business with you. The chain of events will increase your customers and further enhance the efficiency of your business.

Bookmakers using a top PPH software will develop his services with the betting public.Updated information and schedule of events are essential bookie services you can offer and please your clients. Betting software with features that deliver excellent bookie services to punters generate reports that gamblers would like to have so they can make smart betting based on the information they have. Report generation is what a bookie needs in his business operations so that he’ll be aware of the direction his business is trodding.

Bettors want their bookies to have a state of the art betting program that will secure their bets and personal data. Active sports betting software like IDSca can assure that no personal data and leak in operations will occur. IDSca is very keen on customer confidentiality and maintains the old tradition of protecting the clients.

Bookies are also happy with the secrecy of the customer’s betting activities and maintain the policy to stay that way. Customers will also be glad of the confidentiality matters as they will be dealing directly to the bookie.

Once a bookie establishes his credibility and trustworthiness in the arena of sports betting, customer increase will follow and probably end up in your turf with best PPH software and bookie services efficiency.

Contact the Best PPH Software in the Market

IDSca has the software to support the needs of the bookie services to deliver it to its bettors. With IDSca supporting Bookies in their business by providing a robust platform for their gamblers to put their bets, It will be easy for bookies to operate his business.

The level of customer service is essential to the sports betting public. More and more bookies and bettors like what IDSca is offering on their sites. Bookie services deliver satisfaction to its betting audience, and that is what bettors want.

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