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The bookie betting system

Bookmakers who want to expand their betting business can grow without investing millions of dollars to compete with large online wagering companies. The bookie betting system is an online wagering innovation designed for oddsmakers registered in the betting sites.   


The “Book” of old  and traditional betting companies


In traditional betting sites of old, the wagering company maintains the list of transactions which they call “The book”. It is a ledger that lists all deals and business transactions of the betting company. The “book” records all the names of the bettors, the betting types, and wagers according to the type of bets the wagering entity receives. This is how the bookie betting system was born.


The bookie booking system is a method where bookies could trace all the transactions entered into by the punters and the bookmakers. The past traditional betting sites have the “book” to refer to for their deposits and payouts among bettors. The modern bookie booking system takes advantage of modern technology to efficiently operate their bookmaking business. The betting programs automate the operations resulting to the business to expand and increase the number of online players for the wagering solutions company.  


Online Sportsbook Companies need the bookmakers for their business


Bookmaking Solutions entities constantly update their betting sites to attract bookmakers and punters in the wagering arena. Competition is tough and it is an all-out war for the best wagering site to lure bookies and gamblers to their fold. Each of the competitors equips their betting sites with the most features that are too convenient to ignore.


The most effective and attractive betting company will win the hearts of the bookies and their punters. Bookmaking solution entities are competing against each other to woe productive and hardworking bookmakers. Betting companies with the best offer and effective features that will help bookies expand their business will most likely have the nods of these oddsmakers.


The bookie betting system plays a major role in the selection of these wagering site providers. Bookmakers will be meticulously looking closer for the best wagering entity that has the best offer and the most workable among the proposals.


What bookmakers are looking for in an efficient sportsbook company


Bookies will be opting for sportsbook solutions that will lighten up their workload in the betting business and its operation. Bookmakers will be looking for the following services that a bookmaking provider has to offer:


■ A customized website that will work for them. The best bookmaking companies provide customized websites for free. These websites are at par with the top competitors in the industry.


The betting website must have the following features:


• It should be user-friendly to the bookie and his online players. The operating menus should be simple and easy to navigate. Time is of the essence and bookies and bettors would not want to spend their precious time in figuring out how to work the betting site.

• To have the bookie betting system work efficiently, the wagering site should deliver prompt and helpful services to the oddsmakers and their punters. The top betting companies should have dedicated and professional call center agents to do the task. It is imperative that the staff receiving the calls handle the transactions effectively so the bookie betting system will serve its purpose of providing income for the bookies and the company.

• The betting site should have promotional offers for the startup wagering activity of the punters. Bonuses are part of the promotions of top betting sites. Top wagering companies have a 100% bonus on the online gamer’s first deposit, the next deposit will have a 50% bonus and 25% to the succeeding transfers to the sports booking site.

• The betting site should accommodate punters who place their bets using mobile devices. Online players using their mobile devices are the new wave of bettors that will boost the number of gamblers to the bookmaking solutions provider. The niche of online bettors will help expand the bookie business thereby generating more profits and revenues for the bookmakers and the betting company.

■ In today’s technological advantage, it is imperative for sportsbook companies to equip the bookie betting system website with the latest betting software technology available in the market. Software that will not bog down when the need arises.. Especially on the peak betting hours before a game starts.

■ The betting site should have a hardware that could compensate the transaction processing capacity of the wagering software; a hardware whose capacity is more than the computing power of the betting site. This will ensure that the bookie betting system processing sustains the operation despite hundreds of thousands of transactions passing through the website.

■ WIth these wagering deals transacted with the sportsbook company, a stable internet provider is a must for the bookie betting system to deliver its function. It is essential to have a reliable internet connection to smoothly process the transactions of betting entities. All the wagers go down the drain when there is a poor online connection. Bettors will be migrating from your bookie website to find a more stable betting entity where they will play their bets.

■ Top websites offer free trials that usually last for a week or for a month at the most. The free demo of the product will reveal the efficiency or the flaws that go with the product. It is also a benchmark if the bookie betting system passes your standard. The option of choosing a betting software will affect your online bettors’ activity if they want to continue playing with the wagering site of your choice.

■ Bookmakers will opt for the bookie betting system that will unload the burden of accounting the transactions that are flowing into the bookie betting system. Administrative functions like the reception of calls that is an additional task for the bookie. This is so laborious for bookmakers when your bettors number to over 100 online players. Hiring office assistants to do this job costs money and will eat up on profits.

■ Other office functions that the sportsbook company will take care of is the accounting, cash flow, and inventory of the bookie betting system. The wagering company sees to it that the entries of the bookie betting system are properly recorded to your files.


With the proper documentation done by the top wagering entities, the bookmakers can now focus on the more important task which is to recruit online gamblers to the bookie website. This will increase profits and revenues for the betting company and the oddsmaker business.


How the Bookie betting System Works


After selecting the sportsbook company to work with, the bookmaker will now focus on the bookie betting system for his business.


Sportsbooks and bookmakers add spice to the matches by offering odds that make it more exciting and challenging to bettors. Betting types like the spreads do not assure that it will show the winning team. Oddsmakers place the spreads to even up their betting limits so they can profit from the bets through the  “vigs”.


For bookies to earn from the business, They invite gamblers equal in number from each side of a team. Bookmakers assurance of an earning when both sides of the bets have the same number of punters because of the commission they will be receiving. The oddsmakers use the money from a winner of one side to pay the winner on the other side. The bookie keeps the commission as profit.


Bookies offer the odds through the bookie betting system, receive the bets, and pay the winners. They already calculated the probability statistics of every game they offer the odds.  The punters need not compute or figure out what the odds, they just have to read the odds and decide where to place their wagers.


The efficiency of the bookie betting system will assure the bookmakers of the sure income of the business. It will expand and rake in more earnings and at the same time will enhance the betting experience of the punters under the group.

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