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Pay Per Head Services: Best Features

Before starting a bookie business, here are the things you should look for before signing up for a pay per head service. Enlisted below are the top 14 features of what the best pay per head services offer.


Free trial Sign up in a pay per head service which offers a 6 – week trial (either you are a bookie agent or a sports bettor). There is nothing more enjoyable than trying a new platform for free. This is to see if the platform caters a bookie agent’s specific needs.

Agent – friendly dashboard Look for pay per head services with a bookie agent – friendly dashboard.

Easy funding options What is the use of online sports betting if funding is difficult to process? Look for pay per head services that provides easy funding options. Plus, a 24/7 online cashier.

Live chat Look for a pay per head service which has a live chat feature. After all, interacting with sports bettors and players across the globe is fun.

VIP live sports betting suite A live sport betting is one of the most popular feature, and a great way to grow your sports sheet. A pay per head service must feature a VIP live sports betting for all major leagues and sports tournaments. With just a small extra charge, players can get a full access to the VIP live sports betting suite! In addition to VIP sports betting, another VIP accesses include casino, wagering, and horses.

Live in-games The best pay per head services have live in – games. Live in – games include casino, wagering, and horses.

Live casino dealers The best pay per head service features live casino dealers. This means that players and bettors can interact with live casino dealers on site. Just include this popular add – on to the package and you’re good to go.

Mobile-friendly sports betting interface Did you know that about 2/3 of sports players and bettors across the globe use their mobile phones to bet? With that being said, choose a pay per head service that provides skins and features are optimized and compatible for computers, cellular phones, tablets, agent reports, and the like. Mobile-friendly sports betting interface goes for both the benefit of the bookie agent and the sports bettor.

Bookie agent – friendly report For new bookie agents, look for pay per head services which provides a wide selection of agent – friendly reports.

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Realtime player watch report On the other hand, signup in pay per head services with real – time player watch report. This is an exclusive report which makes bettors and activities attentive so that a bookie agent can monitor the sheet easily. A player watch report makes monitoring a sportsheets swinger easier. It also checks who the winners will be. Furthermore, look for PPH services where in just a click of a button, a bookie can pull out the daily, weekly, and monthly player watch report. This is to make compiling much more easier for bookies to do.

Realtime bet ticker Watch real time movement of sports bet numbers going up (or down) with the real – time bet ticker.

Sports bet alert Look for pay per head services that feature sports bet alert and internal messaging system.

Moves and money lines Look for a pay per head service that has a move lines feature. This allows bettors and players to manage and create move and money lines (or let the bookie agent do it for you).

Adjustable sports betting limits Isn’t it great if you can adjust your sports betting limits? Go for pay per head services where you can adjust betting limits for the day/s, week/s, month/s, and so on and so forth.

Go for a PPH service that accords agent bookies the capability to disable and enable a bet whenever they feel like it.

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Things to look for in pay per head services features

In the world of sports betting, sign up for a PPH service that will benefit not only the bookies but the bettors (you) as well. With that being said, here are the things to look for in pay per head services features.


Pay per head features that attract players

A pay per head software must feature a sheet that attracts players, a network with a tracking device, includes bookie agent reports, and VIP live sports betting platform. Pay per head services that are optimized and compatible on all devices (such as cellular phones and tablets).

One thing to look for in a pay per head service is there will be account specialists. Account specialists are the people behind the software who will help newly registered bookie agents manage their sheet. This is also the type of model used by banks and professional enclose funds where customer service is vital.

Majority of pay per head services, you are just a plain account number who signed up and that is it. Do not use a pay per head service like that.


Worry – free pay per head service package integrity

A pay her head service must have 100% trust and discretion to their users. Go for a PPH service where sports bettors can contact customer support anytime of the day. All they have to do is to provide their player ID and password.

Go for a pay per head service where customer support do not require players to give their name, email address, and other personal information. Plus, customer support will not bother to call out unsolicited players, invade privacy, allow sub – bookie agents to lure people to sign up to their PPH provider immediately.

Go for a pay per head service where you do not have to worry about your package integrity anymore.


Manageable web designs

Look for a pay per head service feature which allows you to choose a wide selection of up – to – date mobile – friendly backgrounds. Plus, you can also request for a customize design to suit your taste.

As for players who already have a login page, go for a pay per head service which features a team of software engineers who can tailor your site to cater your needs.


Good customer service reputation

Who does not want to be assisted with excellent customer service? Look for pay per head services with an excellent customer service reputation. Also, go for a 24/7 customer support.

Whatever a bookie agent need to manage his bookmaking business, go for a PPH service that can do it for you. Go for a service that features a full in – board control of everything happening on the sports betting board.

Just contact the customer support team and they will do the job for you.


Ability to suspend suspicious sports betting transactions

Look for pay per head services that have the ability to suspend “fishy betting transactions without prior notice. This feature is very important since it prevents your site from being penalized.

After all, maintaining a reputable sports betting platform is vital to bookie agents (bookmaking business).


Transparent and competitive pricing

Look for a pay per head service that has a pricing which depends on what is in a user’s package. The pay per head service package features add – on features like live stream casino, and sports player count.


No hidden charges

Before signing up for a pay per head service provider, do a research if it has hidden charges. Go for a PPH service who have no hidden fees, late charges, overages, baits, gimmicks, and switches.


Pay per Head Services has Advanced DDoS protection

Look for pay per head services with advanced distributed denial of service (DDoS) site protection. DDoS is a form of cyber attack in which multiple compromise computers attack a computer server, website, and many other network resources.

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