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Best Pay per Head Betting Software: “Increasing Revenue”

The best pay per head betting software has a program designed to help bookmakers make the most of their online wagering business. To state it directly, having the pph system in the bookie website will level up the online venture thereby increasing its profits and revenue. 

The introduction of the pay per head betting software transformed the betting arena into a field wherein punters can place their bets with varying amenities. 17 years ago, the lowly bookmaker had to make ends meet to survive the industry of gambling.The pph betting platform changed all that. Due to the huge influx of online gamblers, a betting innovation was born that allowed struggling bookies to participate in the bandwagon that leveled the playing field with established wagering companies that dominated the online betting business.

The pay per head came into the picture and the online gambling landscape was never the same again. Bookmakers availed of the most modern software infrastructure at par with big name companies and competed squarely with their new found tool provided by the best betting firms in the online gambling market. Bookies have the best tools to manage their wagering business that helped their business grow with increased revenue.

Overriding the Credit Limit  

Setting credit limits is a protection for bookmakers and players on their gambling enthusiasm to place their bets. Certain events take place in the gambling arena where punters wait for the last minute for games to start before pouring their wagers on the table. At this point, it is wise to inform your group of bettors if you wish to set their credit limits higher than the limit you sat for them. This way, the players may know if they have the liberty to place their bets to the credit you just overrode for them.

Bookmakers set credit limits to protect the online betting business and also to punters who will have a tendency to overexpose their credits for their bet placements. On the other hand, odds masters can reset the credit limits a few hours before game time. The action can pay off big time and encourage more wagering action from punters. But choose those gamblers that can pay off their credits. Huge credit lines can be a headache especially when it is time to collect. The credit amount could imbalance the bookie website of its fund management protocol.

Maximum Limit on Bets

Limiting bets will help you manage your funds in real time. Maximum limits are put in place especially where prop bets have an offering. An example of a prop bet is to place a wager on whether a national anthem will exceed a set period of time. A bookie could set limits in this sort of special bet offered in the betting site. A considerable amount can slip through and wipeout a betting platform in some form of silly prop bet, losing you money in the process.

Hold Percentage Reporting

Bookmakers should know how to use the hold percentage. If a bookie misses this tool, his business is in jeopardy of losing money. After settling all bets placed on your bookie website, the cash you keep is called your “hold”. Compute your hold by dividing the gross amount won by the gross amount of bets you took in. 

Keeping the hold above 5% of your revenue will determine if your business is losing or earning money. Overtime, your computations will make or break your betting site. The goal is to reach 10% of the hold computation that falls from 5% to 10% on most hold percentage. If the calculations fall below 5% from all the wagers accommodated, move on to the next tool that will help you make a profit for your online venture.

best pay per head betting software

Mass Editing

Another management tool provided by your chosen betting company is the mass editing facility that allows an online odds master to conveniently manage his group of punters so he can do other significant chores for his online betting business. With a click of a button, a bookmaker has the option to deliver the live betting feature in the dashboard of his website. 

Games that attract more punters will have more betting activities with the live wagering activated on a bookie site. The mass editing facility will be a convenient tool to activate the live betting feature and draw more bets from the players.  Vice versa, bookies can also deactivate live betting and set limits to players who are in the red. The tool comes with the installment of your pay per head betting software for increasing your revenue.

Report on Winning Punters

There will be moments that you will find in one of your reports that a punter keeps on winning on your site. It is easy to spot this threats when you are handling ten players on your bookie website. But as your players grow in volume, you may lose control of what is happening to your online betting business.

The pay per head betting software has the facility to generate reports on who’s winning frequently on your site. Certain players who cause this scenario can decrease revenues off your online business and you will have the power to get rid of this bettor before he causes more damage to your wagering venture. The winning player report will identify this punter in disguise that hides from your scrutiny until he bleeds you dry. Review your daily, weekly, and monthly reports to quickly identify these gamblers.

History of Players on Your Group

In addition to reviewing winning players out to suck the air out of your business, also monitor your punters and check their gambling history. Don’t make raw decisions by kicking them out as soon as you see a frequent winner on his wagers; they might be straight players who are just having a lucky streak. If you decide on them prematurely, you could lose a straight player that could bring in large amount of money to your betting site. By not looking at their history, you might miss out on a supposedly 7-parlay team bet they won, which is very hard to hit. A rash decision to get rid of them would tantamount to losing more money.

A pay per head betting software supplier like IDSca provides all these tools to keep up with the betting capabilities of online punters. Our company is constantly updating its system to bring out the best for bookmakers and their online betting business. Our pay per head betting software will increase your revenues.

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