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In the highly competitive industry of sports betting, it is important to find the best online bookmaking service that will propel your online bookmaking business to the next level. 

For this purpose, IDSca offers the best online bookmaking service that caters to a bookie that juggles multiple customers to help him stay on top of all aspects of his bookmaking business. 

Hinging its business on its reputation as an industry leader for the past two decades, the company has been at the forefront of the online bookie business and continues to innovate and evolve with its growing network of partners all over the world with the help of its best online bookmaking service. 

What do you get by becoming an IDSCa partner? 

Free one week trial. Unlike other per head solutions in the market, IDSca is unafraid to let its platform do the talking. It offers potential partners a one week free trial period which provides full access to the system’s features. This means that bookmakers can explore the platform at their leisure and without cost for the first week to see if the system caters to their needs. 

Suffice to say, some bookies who tried out the system did not even wait for the entire week before signing up as full-fledged partners. Such is the strength that IDSca’s per head solutions offer. 

Easily Navigable System. IDSca’s system was developed with the partners in mind so the system was designed to become easily navigable and quick to use. This means that whether or not you are tech-savvy or a noob to technology, you can operate the system with no problems at all. All of the system’s features are prominently displayed for quick access, giving each user an even playing field. 

Competent Call Center Support. From the time of sign up, each partner receives efficient support from IDSca’s staff who are regularly trained to answer your changing needs. When you become a partner, you immediately get a dedicated account manager to handle all of your concerns, whether it’s a technical problem or whether you need advice on the latest trends. 

These support staffs are your partners in maximizing the system to grow your business. They are proof of IDSca’s commitment to go beyond lip service. 

Real-Time Upgrades and Grading. Because speed is important in the business of online betting, every experienced bookie understands the players’ need to have their bets graded instantly. It is also a key to asserting credibility if lines are kept up to date. This is where IDSca’s database engineers come in. From the backend, they ensure that transactions are always up to date and updates are implemented as soon as they come in. 

Online Bookmaking Service

Highly Customizable Platform. The platform makes hundreds of games, sports leagues, and wager types available but a good bookie knows that he cannot cater to all these markets all at once. This is why IDSca gives you the power to customize which games to open for action and set limits on players’ wages. 

Because you know your business better than anyone, the software will accommodate the settings that you choose. This gives you the freedom to manage your business in your term, raise your profits and limit your risks. Even provide rewards for your players to inspire loyalty. 

Live Player Live Betting. This platform gives your customers the ultimate gaming experience by giving them access to over 1200 games monthly to bet on. They can wager on every crucial shot, swing or kick with hundreds of markets in every game. 

Get all the help you need. With line specialists ready to advise you to determine areas of risk to come up with the right solutions, you can make the most out of your business. They also advise what players are looking for in a local bookmaker which helps you meet the gaps in the market and capitalize on them by providing the best service and put you ahead of the competition. 

A wealth of available resources. When you sign up as a partner, IDSca treats you as such, providing you with the wealth of information and resources that are constantly updated to help you select which games to offer and how to find your picks. 

These resources cover everything from sports statistics, sporting event previews, trends and predictions and even analysis from industry experts. This gives you the edge to make smart choices and increase your profits if you know how to use it. 

Inclusion of Sub Agents. As a partner, you can also enroll an unlimited number of sub-agents to help you cater to more players. However, sub-agents will not have the same access to the services as the main partner. They can access features of the system but you will have full control over the limitations and abilities, making sure that conflicts and confusion are minimized.

You can reach out to a customer care specialist to help you set configurations for your sub-agents, should you need it. 

Safe and Secure System. With cyber crimes threatening many industries and hackers making a living out of stealing important data, rest assured that IDSca has invested heavily in ensuring data protection. 

Over the years, the company has also shelled out millions of dollars to purchase state of the art equipment that ensures the smooth flow of the system, even during the most critical moments where high volumes of action happen during the major league games. 

Best Online Bookie Service

Whether you’re an expert bookie or a beginner in the business, you could make no better choice than become an IDSca partner. 

Apart from providing the most reasonable rate for access to an expansive suite of features, the company has established a reputation as a leader in the business with over 20 years of experience. 

As a company whose main commitment brings results to its partners, the company’s pay per head or pay per player system for bookies has become one of the most popular platforms in the business for good reason. 

Feel free to drop us a line to learn more about how IDSca can make you a hero in the field of online sports betting with their best online bookmaking service.

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