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Become a Bookie with Pay Per Head Sportsbook

The pay per head sportsbook service we offer at IDSCA will assist you in running a local bookie operation. We know that operating a local bookmaking service requires a lot of work. That’s why we offer you our PPH service that guarantees you to have a competitive business. 

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No More Mundane Tasks 

With our PPH services, you no longer have to deal with mundane tasks associated with being an online bookie. What is more exciting is that you are improving the overall experience of your players by providing them the convenience they cannot find anywhere else. 

Accessible at Any Time 

One of the many benefits of our PPH services is that your players can access your betting site 24/7. They can check lines or make a bet. As a local bookie, you can offer this convenience the same way the biggest online bookies in the country. 

What About the Agent Costs? 

At IDSCA, you will pay for the PPH services that we provide. The fee will cover the agent costs. The main advantage here is that the fee is not as much as you pay or hire your own agents. 

Plus, there is no paper trail. It is one of the benefits of using our PPH services. Keep in mind that being an online bookie has some risks involved. 

But our PPH services will take those risks away. Since there are no paper trails, there is nothing the authority can track you. You can easily eliminate the paper trail when your business is invaded. 

Despite that, all records of your bookmaking are safe online. You can access the reports from your computer or mobile device.


By using our pay per head sportsbook, you can monitor your site for security vulnerabilities. We have trained staff to ensure that every information is secure from unauthorized access. 

Furthermore, you can set rules to move the line based on the Vegas sportsbooks. That is, you can set a line to move each time there is an extra $500 on one side. It provides you the control that you need to manage your online bookie operation. 

Expanding Your Operation 

Local bookies used to have limited options. In fact, they only had sports as a choice. However, through a pay per head service, you can add casino, poker, and several others. Each action is automated. It also does not need to spend more time running your online bookie. 

As you automate your bookie operation, you do not need 40 hours each week to check figures. Since everything is automated, there is no need to find the final scores manually. You can check and add books automatically and finish it within an hour.     

In addition, our pay per head sportsbook service will allow your players to use any payment options they wish. They are not limited to just one credit card. They can also make a withdrawal using any payment methods. 

If you are ready to begin your local bookie operation, call our pay per head sportsbook experts today using our toll-free number (866) 225-5437.

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