how to become a bookie

How to become a bookie

Being a bookie means you know how games are played and have adequate knowledge of its rules and regulations of play. Sports consists most of the wagering events and bookies with first-hand awareness of how games operate have the technical advantage on how to become a bookie. Equipped with the technical advantage of how games…

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sports betting service

Sports Betting Service: Online Bookie Risks

Do you know that sports betting is largely illegal in the United States? Two years ago, a vast network of computers used by a major offshore sportsbook was confiscated by authorities. For several years offshore sportsbooks, used technology and Internet keeping its electronic brain to be hidden beyond the reach of American prosecutors. This entails…

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NBA sports smart betting

NBA Sports Smart Betting with the best PPH company

NBA sports betting has never been exciting since the online betting platform’s introduction. Winning your bets does not require your passion for a team or a player. NBA sports smart betting has to do with the analysis of information provided by the best PPH company that is available in the industry today. The mainstream and…

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best price per head sportsbook

Benefit From The Best Price Per Head Sportsbook for Local Bookies

Local bookies are sometimes not easy to be convinced by new ideas when it comes to sportsbook. They usually don’t  realize how much time got wasted for not taking  their bookie business operation to the next level. In states where technology is almost included in daily living, running a manual operation is  no longer viable….

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Cheap pay per head software

A bookmaker wants his business to prosper using all the help he can get. Having an efficient sports betting software is the key to a successful company in the industry. It is therefore imperative not to settle with a cheap pay per head software to have adequate assistance from the best pay per head software…

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