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Arman Tsarukyan vs Joaquim Silva 6/17/2023 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Arman Tsarukyan vs Joaquim Silva 6/17/2023 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Joaquim Silva and Arman Tsarukyan will square off in the Octagon at UFC Vegas 75 on June 17, 2023. Tsarukyan is listed at -1000 on the moneyline, while Silva is listed at +650.

Russian boxer Tsarukyan, 26, works out at the American Top Team in Florida. You can anticipate this young fighter to keep growing better every time he enters the octagon given his access to one of the top training facilities in the world. He has two finishes and a 6-2 record in the UFC. The only two opponents Tsarukyan has lost to in the promotion are Gamrot, rated No. 7, and Makhachev, the reigning champion.

Tsarukyan possesses a lengthy 72″ reach despite having a shorter 5’7″ body, which greatly aids his grappling skills. He deals out 3.56 important blows on average every minute while taking only 1.93 in return. Tsarukyan averages 3.30 takedowns landed every 15 minutes inside the cage to go along with the superior striking.

Arman “Ahalkalakets” Tsarukyan will want to improve on his 19-3-0 career record. The 26-year-old is 155 pounds on average. Joaquim “Netto BJJ” Silva is 155 lbs. and has a height of 5’8″. The Southpaw boxer has a 12-4-0 record going into this battle. The 34-year-old possesses a 69-inch arm span. Joaquim Silva scores 4.08 major strikes per minute, compared to Arman Tsarukyan’s 3.56 significant strikes per minute. Silva scores 39% of the important blows he attempts, compared to 46% for Tsarukyan. In the Octagon, “Ahalkalakets” can deflect 1.93 major strikes per minute whereas “Netto BJJ” deflects 4.58. Silva can block 55% of the shots sent at him, whilst Tsarukyan can deflect 54% of the big blows his opponents deliver to him.

Arman Tsarukyan is the more effective grappler, taking down his opponent 3.30 times every 15 minutes. Tsarukyan successfully forces his opponent to the ground 33% of the time and successfully thwarts 75% of takedown attempts. Silva successfully completes 50% of his takedown attempts and stuffs 65% of those made against him. Tsarukyan, less competent than Silva, attempts 0.3 submissions every three rounds, whereas Silva aims for 0.6 submissions every three rounds.

Arman Tsarukyan defeated Damir Ismagulov in his last fight, winning the night’s unanimous decision in round three. 51 of the 106 total blows Ismagulov tried in that match were successful. Tsarukyan finished the night with 50 blows connected out of 105 total. Ismagulov managed to land 36 out of 86 major blows, giving him a proportion of 41%. Out of 60 major headshots, he connected with 18 of them. On the other side of the octagon, Tsarukyan ultimately connected on 34 of 81 important blows or 41% of his total attempts. He made 14 of 57 of those major hits that were intended for the head. Ismagulov connected on 72% and Tsarukyan on 91% of important hits when thrown from a distance.

Arman Tsarukyan vs Joaquim Silva 6/17/2023 Predictions, Picks and Odds

Joaquim Silva faced up against Jesse Ronson in his final Octagon appearance, and he prevailed by way of a flying knee to the head in round two. Silva hit 84% of the important blows he attempted at a distance, whereas Ronson ultimately connected on all 100 of his significant attempts. Silva made 45 of 90 successful big blows or 50% of his attempts. He hit the head with 26 of his 67 major strikes. On 83 key swings in that match, Ronson connected on 39. He made 22 out of 55 headshots that were considered to be notable. Ronson managed to land 39 of the 83 total blows he tried in the bout, whereas Silva managed to hit 51 of the 96 total strikes he attempted.

Despite being seven times less experienced than his opponent in professional MMA, Silva is the elder guy going into this weekend at 34. He has a record of 12-3, 10 knockouts, and two losses, thus he seldom ever engages in dull contests.

On Saturday night, the Brazilian fighter will be in a challenging southpaw position and rely entirely on his respectable 65% takedown defense. Silva absorbs more major blows on average (4.58 SApM) than are actually delivered.

Joaquim Silva vs Arman Tsarukyan On Saturday night, Tsarukyan is expected to be the one to raise his hand. He will need to make this fight as dull as possible to win. Maintain a fast tempo while avoiding Silva’s powerful left hand while simultaneously level-changing and securing takedowns.

This weekend, betting on the Silva ML as an underdog would be justified. Injury, one-punch knockouts, and bizarre submissions happen in MMA practically every week, thus the opportunity to bet on a winning UFC fighter at +700 is too fantastic to pass up.

Arman Tsarukyan vs Joaquim Silva

Location of the fight: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV

Date and Time: Saturday, June 17. 10:00 PM ET



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