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Ariane Lipski vs JJ Aldrich 3/11/2023 Picks, Predictions and Previews

Ariane Lipski vs JJ Aldrich 3/11/2023 Picks, Predictions and Previews

On Saturday, March 11, 2023, the UFC Las Vegas card featured a flyweight clash between the “Queen of Violence” Ariane Lipski and JJ Aldrich. Lipski, who has a professional record of 14-8-0, will enter the Octagon as the underdog, with opening odds of +280 compared to Aldrich’s -375.

Lipski, who stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125 lbs, will be looking to improve her striking game as she averages 3.34 significant strikes per minute with a success rate of 36%. Aldrich, who is slightly smaller at 5 ‘5″, has a record of 11-5-0 and lands 4.05 significant strikes per minute with a success rate of 45%. In her most recent appearance in the Octagon, Ariane Lipski suffered a defeat at the hands of Priscila Cachoeira, who landed a decisive punch to the head in the first round. Cachoeira was dominant throughout the fight, landing 20 of 35 total strikes attempted, while Lipski managed to connect with only 4 of her 15 attempted strikes.

Cachoeira was particularly successful in the significant strikes category, landing 20 of 35 for a success rate of 57%. Her accuracy was especially noteworthy in strikes aimed at the head, where she connected with 15 of 27 attempts. Lipski, in contrast, landed only 26% of her significant strikes, with 4 of 15 finding their target. Of her 12 significant strikes aimed at the head, she managed to connect with only 3.

When it comes to distance, Cachoeira landed 30% of her significant strikes from a distance, while Lipski’s only successful significant strikes were also achieved from a distance. Despite the disappointing result, Lipski will be looking to bounce back and prove herself in her upcoming fight.

When it comes to defense, Lipski allows 4.10 significant strikes per minute while Aldrich absorbs 4.54. Lipski is able to defend against 51% of the significant strikes her opponents throw at her, while Aldrich has a slightly better defense, deflecting 60% of the strikes thrown her way.

Ariane Lipski vs JJ Aldrich 3/11/2023 Picks, Predictions and Previews

In terms of wrestling, Ariane Lipski is not as effective as she only takes her opponents to the mat 0.18 times per 3 rounds and is successful on 20% of her attempts. Aldrich, on the other hand, is able to bring her opponents down 37% of the time and stuffs 75% of takedowns attempted on her.

Finally, when it comes to submissions, Lipski is the more proficient fighter, attempting 0.4 finishes per 3 rounds, while Aldrich looks to get 0.2 finishes per 3 rounds. Fans can expect an exciting and competitive fight between these two talented flyweights.

JJ Aldrich suffered a defeat in her most recent outing in the Octagon against Erin Blanchfield, who secured a guillotine choke victory in the second round. Blanchfield was impressive in her striking accuracy, landing 95% of her significant strikes from distance. In contrast, Aldrich had a success rate of 96% for the significant strikes she attempted at a distance.

Aldrich connected with 32 of 71 significant strikes, resulting in a success rate of 45%. Of her 66 significant strikes aimed at the head, she managed to land 29. Blanchfield, meanwhile, connected with 48 of 100 significant strikes attempted, including 29 of 76 aimed at the head. In terms of overall strikes, Blanchfield was successful with 68 of 121 attempts, while Aldrich connected with 38 of 77 strikes.

Ariane Lipski vs JJ Aldrich. Take into account the prediction for Ariane Lipsky vs J.J. Aldrich that both girls work confidently in the rack. Yes, the Brazilian in the last match flew off by TKO in the second minute, but she will surely draw conclusions about that failure. Aldrich is considered the favorite of the upcoming meeting, but there is no need to talk about any knockout power from the American. Recall that the last time JJ won ahead of schedule was in 2016. Given Lipsky’s Thai boxing skills, we are counting on an equal fight that can last all 3 rounds.

Ariane Lipski vs JJ Aldrich

UFC Las Vegas

The Theater at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Prediction: Take Ariane Lipski (+280)

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