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IDSca made a name as one of the best price per head services there is today. Our company achieved this status because we deliver the best and the most enhanced betting engine. This made the services much more appealing than the other mediocre services offered by other companies. This resulted in the company staying on top of the pedestal of an outstanding pph software business that brings the best betting experience.

People want to get the best out of something, and it’s in their nature to satisfy their needs. The technology used by IDSca aims to give players what they want and when they want it. Studies confirm that if a person is happy with a service that is given to them, they tend to want to experience it again. The satisfaction brought about by the best betting experience means more retention of clients in a certain business. 

Bookies Using An Outstanding PPH Software Provided by IDSca

IDSca can assure their customers that their software is the best state of the art tool that will hasten any work done by a mere human. This tool can process data and manage millions of transactions in a single minute. This software is in charge of the betting interface, the call center network, the casino, or the ever-popular live betting platform.

The best feature that bookies are after in a betting platform is the management of all channels in a simple facility. IDSca makes use of various channels to please its bookmakers and the players alike. Since these entities are working separately, it is difficult to merge the system. Pay per head companies have a difficult time giving the best services with this matter afoot. 

IDSca has the solution to this dilemma since they have an in-house development team at their disposal. The problem of the integration of all of these entities is resolved by putting them all into one backend to give their agents the best view of the operation by using only a single account. 

Outstanding PPH Software

Access To All The Products

The system results in a faster and better operation where the work is cut by a third of what is usually done. For the benefit of the players, they have access to all the products on the interface that allows them to access the following services. 

  • betting lines
  • wagering
  • track pending bets
  • balance check
  • receive updates from agents
  • The ability to make wagers anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection available. This is the best feature of all where the easy accessibility will make punters bet non-stop.

The powerful engine that does the work is very essential for the success of the company but it is being underestimated by some. The tool is what makes an already good service into an even better one with the added value it gives to customers. It is important to give comfort to its users. IDSca has a policy where they put the customer first above all and give the best results because their tool has the solution for everything.

Turn your betting experience up a notch with full customizations while IDSca will give you everything you need to start your bettings business.

All in One Software

IDSca is the best pay per head service that has an all-in-one service every bookie needs to start their own business. New and old bookies alike can bring in more clients with the use of IDSca’s software. IDSca’s services are cost-effective but will provide you with the best for the right price. They will give the best online betting experience to both the bookie and the players. 

Bookies associated with IDSca will pay a weekly fee depending on how many clients they have. The fee is worth every penny since they will have access to a lot of features on the betting platform. The odds master will create his website and customize it as he pleases. IDSca can offer online casinos and racebooks to their clients’ sites. This will result in an increase in income for bookies, since the bettors will have more games to choose from. 

IDSca’s software can make real-time reports to help the bookie follow up their day-to-day operations. This will help the bookie monitor everything happening in his online business with reports on all the bets, winners, losers, and the like. The reports can also pinpoint where the business is losing the most and where they are earning the best. The players also have the ability to bet anytime they want without having to go through an agent. This will save precious time and help the business flourish. 

Bookmakers choose IDSca’s outstanding pph software because it is the best way to help them keep up with the competition in the online betting industry. 

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