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Alexandr Romanov vs Blagoy Ivanov 7/1/2023 Game Analysis, Picks and Previews

Alexandr Romanov vs Blagoy Ivanov 7/1/2023 Game Analysis, Picks and Previews

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, at UFC Vegas 76, Blagoy Ivanov and Alexandr Romanov will face off in the Octagon. Romanov is slated to open at -125, while Ivanov is listed at -105.

Unleashing the Beast: King Kong’s Formidable Fighting Chances

Alexandr “King Kong” Romanov has a record of 16-2-0. The 32-year-old weighs 262 pounds and stands 6’2″. The fighter’s reach is 75″ for a southpaw. Having a height of 5′ 11″ and a weight of 250 lbs, Blagoy “Baga” Ivanov. The Southpaw athlete enters the Octagon with a 19-5-0 (1 NC) record. The 36-year-old possesses a 73-inch wingspan. Alexandr Romanov scores 3.62 important strikes per minute, while Blagoy Ivanov has 3.29 significant strikes per minute. Ivanov hits on 40% of his considerable blows, compared to Romanov’s 50%. “King Kong” can withstand two big hits every minute in the Octagon, while “Baga” can only take four. Additionally, Ivanov can block 54% of the shots at him, whereas Romanov can only stop 46% of the important blows.

Alexandr Romanov is the more proficient grappler in takedowns, scoring 4.96 times every three rounds. Romanov succeeds in 52% of his takedown attempts, and in 20% of his opponent’s takedown attempts, he fails. Ivanov completes 40% of the takedowns he attempts, while he successfully blocks 70% of the takedowns his opponents have tried. Romanov is the better fighter when trying for the finish, aiming for 1.1 finishes per three rounds, compared to Ivanov, who strives for 0.1.

Romanov’s previous two losses came against competent opponents in the division. His most recent loss came in March of this year when Alexander Volkov TKO’d him in the first round. His fighting resume lists 16 victories, including nine submissions, six knockouts, and one decision. 11 of his 16 wins have come in the opening round. He has also suffered losses in a knockout and a decision.

“King Kong” has a 51 percent strike accuracy and a 53 percent takedown accuracy. He deals out 3.62 serious blows per minute while receiving 2.0. This ratio is pleasing to see since the two averages are nicely separated. His defense against damaging impacts is 46%, while his takedown defense is 20%. In addition, he submits 1.10 opponents every 15 minutes of fighting, averaging 4.96 takedowns.

Alexandr Romanov lost against Alexander Volkov in his final outing in the Octagon after taking a hit to the head while on the ground in round 1. In the end, Volkov was successful, with 27 out of the total 35 blows he tried. Romanov finished the evening with zero strikes connected. Volkov made 12 of 15 big strikes for an 80 percent success rate. He completed the fight by connecting on eight of the eleven crucial headshots. According to the opponent’s statistics, Romanov stuck none of his important strikes, landing 0%. According to the substantial strike accuracy, the skull was the only target he connected to. Volkov made 33% of the important hits that he connected, while Romanov made 0% of them.

Alexandr Romanov vs Blagoy Ivanov 7/1/2023 Game Analysis, Picks and Previews

Baga: Releasing Fury and Strategy: A Gripping Fighting Preview

The past three of Blagoy Ivanov’s four fights have ended in defeat. In February of this year, he was defeated by Marvin Tybura in a unanimous decision. He has 19 victories in his professional fighting career, including six knockouts, six submissions, and seven decisions. Four of his five defeats have come by decision, while eight of his 19 triumphs have ended in first-round finishes.

“Baga” is 40% accurate at hitting and 40% at taking down. He deals out 4.01 important strikes per minute while receiving 3.29. He could go into problems in this fight because of this ratio, which is bad. His defense against heavy blows is 55%, while his takedown defense is 70%. Per 15 minutes of fighting, he also scores 0.78 takedowns and 0.13 submissions on average.

Blagoy Ivanov faced Marcin Tybura in his last match, and in round three, he was declared the loser by a unanimous decision. Ivanov successfully connected with all his large distance blows, while Tybura ultimately connected with 97% of his attempts. Ivanov scored 34 out of 113 big hits, or 30% of his attempts. He ultimately connected on 24 of 98 important headshots. In the bout, Tybura ultimately connected on 40 of 103 major punches. He hit 12 of the 70 blows intended for the head out of all the important strikes he threw. Tybura finished this match by landing 61 of 133 total strikes, while Ivanov finished by landing 34 of 113.

Alexandr Romanov vs. Blagoy Ivanov. While Romanov has outstanding striking and can force the fight to the ground with his aggressive five takedowns per bout, Ivanov has a big negative strike ratio and no presence on the floor. Expect Romanov to finish the match quickly, probably after the opening round. 

Prediction: Take Alexander Romanov to Win at -125

Location: UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: Saturday, July 01, 2023

Main Card: 7:00 PM ET

Prelims: 3:00 PM ET

Watch on: ESPN and ESPN+


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